ServMan Software

A multi-module management system designed by CubeSix.

About ServMan Software

Service management software including Dispatching, Order Tracking, Preventive Maintenance Administration, Job Costing, Inventory Control, Flat Rate Pricing, Maintenance Tasking, Production Orders, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Invoicing and Client Information Tracking, hand-held solutions in early 2002.

Major strengths of this integrated software are:

  • Its ability to add unlimited fields to the core database and then use its ýdesign toolsý to customize the look and feel.
  • The Dispatch Screens visual representation for all Work Orders and the technician(s) assigned that order.
  • Easily track both Preventive Maintenance contracts and Job Costing of major projects.
  • Can easily interface with third party software such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, Great Plains and others.

Contract Management

Keeping track of your maintenance agreements can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right tools. ServMan’s contract management module offers power for both residential and commercial agreements. The following are just some of the features of both modules. Check out our on-line Maintenance Tasking Help for more detailed information.

  • Create an unlimited number of contracts per location
  • Link contracts to installed equipment
  • Create custom recurring tasks and patterns for inclusion on work orders
  • Link tasks to inventory items for inclusion on auto-created work orders
  • Link any number of recurring orders to a contract with any combination of occurrence patterns
  • Create custom renewal letters, labels and contracts to be printed from the system
  • View all time, materials and expenses logged to a contract.
  • Create monthly budgets for contracts
  • Quickly view all orders that have been created for a contract
  • Print custom messages on recurring invoices or orders, i.e., January Service
  • Create custom task list for specific installed equipment and link to service agreements
  • Create custom pricing catalogs for specific service contracts that can include… no charge items, billable labor, price breaks or any of our other pricing rules
  • Defer cost or revenue automatically for contract revenues
  • Set contract expiration dates or run until canceled
  • Closing contract will automatically close all recurring events
  • Create custom wizards to automatically create new contracts with a single click of a button

Inventory Management

Say goodbye to your inventory woes as ServMan gives you the tools you need to take control of your company’s inventory requirements. From the largest most diverse company to the smallest owner operated business, ServMan software has the tools you need to track your materials and equipment. Let’s have a look.

  • Potentially track millions of items
  • Link graphics and specification sheets to item records for print out on quotes, price catalogs or display on the internet
  • Track serialized items and view inventory by serial number
  • Post individual notes to a particular serialized item and keep it for ever. (Scratch and dent sales, etc.)
  • Optionally log serial numbers when received and sold or sold only
  • Set cost codes on items in addition to default GL assignments for more specific job costing
  • Track manufacturer’s numbers as well as your own item number
  • Track default vendor for an item as well as an unlimited number of additional vendors and pricing for all items
  • Optionally download vendor pricing catalogs to be included in your item searches
  • Include both short and verbose descriptions for items
  • Track an unlimited number of warehouses and create an unlimited number of warehouse types, i.e., Buildings, Trucks, People, etc.
  • View detailed costing tables for all items on hand.
  • View detailed adjustment logs for items by warehouse
  • Warehouse transfers
  • Set lead times on items
  • Set minimum stocking and reorder levels for items
  • Auto-Create purchase orders based on orders in hand, preferred vendors and lead times on items
  • Substitute items
  • Discontinue items
  • Flat-Rate item type for service businesses
  • Assemblies
  • Templates of items and templates within templates for speeded data entry
  • Use a single price on a template or price items individually
  • Labor items with automated time logging capabilities as well as payroll flags
  • Service items
  • Piece work items for payroll calculations
  • Expense items for billing and tracking expenses to jobs and orders
  • Complete requisition and purchasing system
  • Link Purchase order to a job or order
  • Add custom fields to inventory items
  • LIFO, FIFO, or Average Costing methods
  • Complete audits on all transactions
  • Print Barcodes for items
  • UPC Code and Bar Code reader support
  • Receive from Purchase Order or directly into inventory
  • Custom navigator menus for simplified use

Job Costing

Job costing is high on our list as well. ServMan’s application is client and job centric. What does this mean? From the job screen you can do or see about anything that you could ever think of that involves that job. And remember, if we don’t do it ýout of the boxý you can quickly modify ServMan to meet your more specific needs. Create a job in ServMan and…

  • Link estimates for reporting against bench marks
  • Create monthly budgets for reporting and analysis
  • Batch log time entries against job numbers for simplified data entry
  • Create job or project specific pricing
  • Create and track job site warehouses
  • Track jobs by phase
  • Track inspections on jobs
  • Defer job revenues
  • Create to-do list for jobs with specific assignments and schedules
  • Schedule job events
  • Create recurring events for jobs
  • Perform detailed job revenue/cost analysis
  • Single click view to all Job Orders, Invoices, Labor, Budgets and more
  • Create user defined fields on Jobs
  • Create custom wizards to quickly create new jobs
  • Create templates for complex estimates and proposals

Work Order Management

ServMan Software has the tools you need to manage and run your work order based business. Businesses that center around work order management typically require sophisticated scheduling and open order management tools. ServMan provides both, as well as the ability to quickly view client and equipment service histories. The following are just a few of our work order management features. Remember, if ServMan doesn’t do it out ýout of the boxý, chances are the feature can be quickly added using our integrated development engine.

  • Graphical Scheduling Engine
  • Recurring Order Management
  • Maintenance Tasking Module
  • Order Status Tracking
  • Automated Time Tracking using status codes
  • Wireless Portable Data Terminals for field service personnel
  • Inventory Management
  • Vehicle Based Inventories
  • Employee Profitability Reports
  • Installed Equipment Tracking
  • Service Histories
  • Warranty Programs
  • Service Agreements
  • View and Sort all open orders by status, date, employee or any other user defined criteria
  • GPS Integration
  • Integrated Mapping Solution
  • Batch Invoicing By Order Status and Department
  • Multi-Department/Multi-Company support
  • Track Payments with orders
  • Internet Service Order Module
  • Critical notes on service request
  • Equipment readings on service orders
  • Tech Recommends on service orders
  • Custom task on service orders
  • Backorders
  • Auto Create PO based on orders
  • Call escalation based on guaranteed response codes
  • Templates for simplified data entry
  • Commissions
  • Flat-Rate
  • Custom wizards for automating common tasks
  • Custom Navigation menus for simplified use

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