A field service management system from FieldAware.

About FieldAware

FieldAware is a made-for-mobile, cloud-based software was designed from the ground up to provide ease-of-use with total flexibility. With FieldAware, you will amaze your customers, make your team more productive and stay ahead of your competition. Your business deserves the most powerful and easy to use field service management system available, including work order management, job scheduling, dispatch, customer data & asset management, accounting integration and more.

Accelerate Cash Flow

  • Compress billing cycles. Generate invoices – instantaneously! Reduce DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) by 15%, time to revenue by 32%.

Right Tech, Right Job, Right Time

  • Automate work flows, streamline scheduling and ensure service level compliance.

  • Increase daily work order completions by 20%. Decrease incomplete orders by 16%.

Understand Your Customers’ Needs

Understand your customers’ needs (before they do)

  • Access customer information (assets, service contracts, anything you can imagine!) instantly from any location. Increase revenue by 17%, decrease customer churn by 22%. Inventory parts across town or around the world

  • Optimize inventory levels on trucks, in the warehouse and at the depot. Automate the reverse logistics process. Reduce repair costs by 17% and tax (asset) liability by 7%. Mobilize the staff

  • Simplify work orders and processes, cut travel times. Increase profitability by 32% and staff retention by 12%. Make the most of your business

  • Leverage business analytics to discover market trends, optimize processes and differentiate services. Increase business efficiency by 27%, increase market share by 5%.

Throw Out the Traditional Time Clock

  • Automate technician time tracking. Reduce overtime hours by 9%, decrease operational expenses by 11%.
Starting Price
$70 /user/month

Product Overview

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User Reviews of FieldAware

Submitted on June 13th, 2019 by Neil Martin

We looked at field service software and at three suppliers in particular. We chose FieldAware to help us achieve these aims. As well as providing what we needed, cost and time to implement were also both critical in our decision-making.

Just three months after implementation we were seeing major advantages. FieldAware is helping to improve both the day to day performance and the scalability of our business. The teams like it because it is so easy to use and we are seeing almost immediate improvements in terms of reduced fi tting time, improved fitter utilization and managed overtime costs.

In addition to the increased visibility and improved management of workflow, a further great benefit was the management tool which now ensures that decisions are based on tangible measures. This has given us the ability to capture factual evidence on performance, taking the subjective out of the discussion.

Most importantly it has given us eff ective, tangible reporting for our customers on both our and their site teams’ performance. This has given Home Decor a real opportunity to work more closely with our customers to drive a continuous improvement philosophy to our joint objectives.