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Sunflower Assets

A multi-module management system designed by Sunflower Systems.

About Sunflower Assets

Sunflower Enterprise is strategic asset intelligence for your organization. By leveraging a central repository of data, Sunflower Enterprise enables a strategic center for all assets across the enterprise as well as through the supply chain and partner network. The result is a single source of asset truth for initiatives that are critical to top management, while also enabling tactical operations such as day-to-day management, maintenance, inventory and financial tasks.

Sunflower Enterprise Benefits:

  • Single repository of data for strategic purposes including portfolio management, Return on Assets and predictive analysis
  • Ensures administrative compliance with all current and future regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley / A-123 OMB Memo, Basel II, SAS 70, HIPAA and other process-driven rules
  • Adds relevance and context to previously-disjointed processes and systems, enabling total asset visibility and intelligence

Sunflower Assets

Sunflower Assets provides clarity to disjointed asset management processes by supplying a single data repository for all assets across the enterprise as they move from acquisition to disposal, through inventory, maintenance, depreciation, utilization, moves and changes.


  • Better control existing assets and make more informed decisions about new purchases
  • Organize data to ensure existing assets are used to their fullest potential
  • Eliminate issues around penalties and loss of future business
  • Confidently adhere to asset control and accountability requirements

Sunflower Contract Reports

Sunflower Contract Reports extends strategic benefits throughout organizations and partner networks by creating, modifying and archiving NASA or DOD-specific asset financial reports with complete accuracy.

  • Eliminate manual reconciliation of redundant data coming from multiple sources
  • Faster production of required contractual information
  • Substantial decrease in input errors
  • Automatically archive a historical record for audit and future review
  • Automatically upload asset information to newly-mandated DOD UID Registry
  • Mitigates risk during mandated audits
  • Significantly drive down overall costs during the federal contract bidding process
  • Provides tax-payer better value on federal contracts

Sunflower ExcessTrak

Sunflower ExcessTrak improves and simplifies surplus asset tracking and management. It is designed specifically to meet the needs of organizations who rigorously track excess and surplus assets throughout the disposal process.

  • Mobilize the workforce in surplus warehouses and salvage yards
  • Reduce the time required to ready assets for sale
  • Eliminate miscommunication or misdirected assets between responsible parties
  • Group assets in ýlotsý for bulk sales and still track at the individual asset level
  • Trim down resources required to track, manage and dispose of excess / surplus assets

Sunflower MobileTrak

Sunflower MobileTrak improves and simplifies the physical inventory and mobile data capture processes. MobileTrak" meets the needs of enterprises that track and manage assets using various types of data collection methods.

  • Simplified scanning and data verification of assets during physical inventories for optimum audit results
  • Immediate notification of asset status, asset additions, changes or deletions
  • Accurately captures asset movement and updates
  • Transfer multiple assets in one action

Sunflower PackTrak

Sunflower PackTrak expedites bulk tracking of assets through the packing, shipping and receiving process as they are moved from one location to another.

  • Eliminate the need for additional high-volume shipping applications for assets that currently reside in Sunflower Assets
  • Accurately pack, receive and track shipments of assets from a single integrated application suite
  • Quickly and accurately capture critical data elements for use during the shipment process

Sunflower Sentry

Sunflower Sentry helps companies manage short-term transfer of controlled assets to authorized individuals. Leverage the power of the Sunflower Enterprise infrastructure to check-in and check-out assets such as electronic media, documents, parts, specialized tools, office equipment, weapons, and keys -- and anything in-between.

  • Confidently manage the asset loan process
  • Pinpoint where and with whom any sensitive asset is at any point in time
  • Check-out specified assets only to authorized individuals
  • Provide up-to-the-minute information for audit and security purposes

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