Know where your fresh produce comes from.

About trustPRODUCE

trustPRODUCE provides the vehicle for agricultural tracking utilizing patented technology to provide the latitude and longitude positioning of the exact farm and field location that the produce on your table has been harvested from. The software lets your grower and shipper work together to always know where your agricultural products came from and under what conditions they were transported.

Utilizing mobilux patented uniquely serialized tags, product growers can rest assured their produce is not only trackable “seed to fork” but also not counterfeit. The technology utilizes spectral imaging recognition fingerprinting preventing counterfeiting and provides true accountability and traceability.

Features of trustPRODUCE

Ease of use, virtually anyone who can handle a cell phone can use the technology. It is simple to deploy. The cost of the technology compared to the competitors is substantially lower. The technology supports many additional features traditionally not found in food traceability solutions.

Pricing of trustPRODUCE

trustPRODUCE has a one time setup fee of $5,000. There is an added costs for optional additional features, such as tags, equipment, and traceability level features. The software also incurs a price per month, per user, per tag. Discounts are available by volume.

Product Overview

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