Produce Magic Software

A produce traceability and produce accounting software.

About Produce Magic Software

Produce Magic Software is a tool for the fresh produce and perishables industry. It provides produce traceability, real-time inventory, warehouse/cooler management, shipper control, and processing tools.

Produce Magic Software Features

  • Automation, can be seamlessly streamlined from A-to-Z
  • Bill of Materials for your packing, repacking or others
  • Color Coding for fresh dates, delivery/arrival times, etc.
  • Complete Inventory tracking by pallet, bin, container, etc.
  • Tare wgt. calcs, your P&L by lbs., bins, cartons, per each, etc.
  • Computer Systems/Software/hardware consulting/collaboration
  • E-commerce Solutions, EDI solutions, iTrade Network
  • Email, Fax, Print from direct user stations
  • Farm, Crop and Labor accounting and reports, job costing
  • 40 company-defined Cost Fields
  • Full and accurate P&L, feature-rich reports
  • Integration to: QuickBooksPro/Enterprise; SageBusinessWorks, SagePlatinum, Mas90/200; MS Dynamics (Great Plains), etc.
  • All A/R is generated and in Produce Magic Software
  • All produce-related A/P is generated in system, with the integrated acctg. package being your G/L and check-writer
  • Separate Profit Centers, Separate G/L accounts, all inter- linked as needed for reporting, etc.
  • Labeling/Automatic Pricing Systems
  • Multi Currency, Multi Language
  • Chronological notes, problem reports, scanning, digital pics
  • On time, real time recalcs
  • Permanent information and complete 100% legal audit trail on purchase and sales lines data
  • RFID Solutions, Bar Codes, Scanners, Tablets, GPS
  • Pack, Repack (tracking to original Lot), FreshCut, Processing features
  • Tracking inventory whether warehouse(s), rolling, or virtual
  • Remote access, VPN
  • Online training or onsite at your business
  • Very flexible features (over 750,000 features)
  • Do business YOUR way, we adapt to YOU
  • Over 100,000 hours of R&D, doing business for over 20 years!
  • Take ‘baby steps’ into technology or upgrade to higher aspects of technology
  • Making Produce More Profitable

Accounts Payable

A separate Accounts Payable item is automatically created for each purchase order line item (inventory lot) and also for each of the products that are purchased directly in sales order line items.

Produce Magic Software provides 40 user defined Cost / Revenue types, which provide outstanding cost accounting information. Each Site and Department / Warehouse combination has a separate General Ledger Account Number for revenue and for cost, for each of the 40 cost / revenue types that are used by the company.

Since all 40 cost types are stored for each of the three levels (memo, header and lines), it allows reports to be designed to include any pertinent cost / revenue information.

Certain grower contracts might include or exclude specific costs, so storing all 120 of the cost type totals separately in each record makes it very easy to get the information that is needed. Accounts payable items can be added to any of the five levels, memo, purchase order header, purchase order line items, sales order header and sales order line items.

After ‘payables’ are finalized and approved, they are individually, or in batch mode, sent over (integrated) to the standardized accounting package of customer’s choice, such as: Sage BusinessWorks, SagePlatinum, SageMas90/200, MS Dynamics (Great Plains), Quick Books Pro/Enterprise, etc. and the check-writer prints the check. The only accounting modules needed for Produce Magic Software is the G/L (checkwriter), A/P and their Systems Manager. The A/R is completely accomplished in Produce Magic Software. All reporting is done in Produce Magic Software.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable / Credit Summary and Credit History A/R aging reports can be printed by the week with up to eight weekly columns. You create your own dates on the buckets however you wish it to be. The A/R is completely accomplished in Produce Magic Software. All reporting is done in Produce Magic Software.

A/R aging reports can be printed for user defined columns, so the same information can be printed in different formats for different purposes. A/R aging reports can be printed for any date in the past. This is very helpful when the bank needs an A/R aging for a specific date. Customer payments are input very rapidly.

Customer payments may be entered in batches by multiple users and each batch can be balanced separately. The daily deposit register can be printed by batch or for the entire day’s deposit and attached to the bank slip. Credits are easily applied to specific open invoices.

Statements can be printed for specified customers. Doubtful invoices can be written off and ýresurrectedý if the situation changes. The invoice is automatically printed with the sale for cash sales. Cash sales and cash payments are simple to process.

Contact Relationship Management

Contact Relationship Management Advanced open architecture. Dynamic, table driven design for rapid lookups, and maximum date integrity. Unlimited tracking capabilities through the use of user-defined fields/forms, activity types, business rules/processes, and scripts. Multi-tier, client/server partitioning for optimal system performance. On-the fly database re-indexing for instantaneous incremental searching from virtually any field. Mass marketing tools for automated email, fax, direct mail, and telemarketing campaigns.

Extensive file management capabilities for data import/export, and duplicate record checking/merging. Enterprise activity assignments with conflict detection, and ýpop-upý notifications. Graphical daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly calendar for quick reference scheduling. Innovative virtual desktop feature for staged user training, or controlling system access.

Crop Management and Crop Accounting

Accounts payable costs can be allocated to any number of crop inventory lots. Overhead costs are allocated to crop inventory lots based on each lot’s percentage of the total weight for that division.

For audit trail purposes, each cost allocation is assigned its own transaction number that links it to its separate allocations. Action / activity records are tracked and stored for each crop inventory lot. Chemical, fertilizer and water applications (etc.) are tracked along with all required information.

Hourly and piecework labor costs (minimums and incentives) can be tracked for each growing operation through our PC based time clocks. Input can be through barcode readers or directly through keyboard. Action records may be linked to the project and cost center codes in our time clock programs. Action types can be set up for specific crews, so that employees and wages can be tracked more accurately. Special purchase orders track what is produced by each crop, field, or growing block, or down to each row.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Our powerful, easy to use programs take the work out of EDI. We have written our own translation software, so third party EDI translation software is not normally needed. Product Code translation files allow companies to input trading partner’s product codes and descriptions and each of the in-house products that can be used to supply that product.

Buyer’s product code fills into a Reference field and is printed on documents such as the Invoice, Confirmation of Order and Confirmation of Shipment (Passing). We support PEIB’s coding for Fresh Produce and PMA EDI Standards. PLU Codes are supported for bulk produce. We support ANSI X12 EDI Standard, Uniform Communication Standards and Voluntary Inter-industry Commerce Standards. Can accommodate non-standard formats for a flat rate amount.

We have customers who use the iTrade Network and other EDI applications needed for import Manifests. We already have the translations done and ready to use. We can also cost-efficiently (and quickly) customize any other needs in these areas.

Inventory Control

Inventory totals for each product code and each inventory lot are updated immediately and can be viewed at any time. Product codes have a default/assigned shelf life, but the ýuse byý date can be manually changed at any time so the least fresh product can be moved to the top of the list.

Inventory can be printed or displayed by the ýuse byý date, which greatly reduces product spoilage. Detailed lot tagging systems include pallet tags, box tags and labels. Pallet tags and unit tags can be printed prior to arrival or upon arrival of products. Inventory is tracked from purchase / packout / repack through sales and shipping. Allocation manifests can be printed upon product arrival to allow unloading directly to staging areas or directly to waiting trucks, for orders currently being processed.

Order Processing

Order Processing / Online Information Quick and easy sales order entry while the customer is on the phone. Sales orders and purchase orders can be entered very rapidly with one finger. Simple, intuitive customer, vendor and ship to lookup.

Default customer and vendor shipping information automatically fills into new sales orders and purchase orders.

New customer and vendors can be set-up in sales orders and purchase orders rapidly and with very few keystrokes. New customers and vendors can be looked up in the Red Book and/or Blue Book files, right from the customer/vendor record or from the programs that link to the customer/vendor records. Pressing Enter on the desired company, inserts all the address and credit information for that company into our customer / vendor record and makes creating new records a snap.

All freight vendor information and payables can be input in sales orders and purchase orders. Authorized employees can view customer credit information and credit summary in order entry. Simple intuitive product code look-up. Reminders can be displayed for specified customers and vendors when new orders or po’s are entered.

Product Code and Bill of Materials

Product codes and descriptions are created from the seven sections in the product matrix, which makes them very uniform. Product codes are 26 characters long and are made up of seven or eight sections, which make them very flexible. The product matrix and product codes use a hierarchical format and are always consistent and uniform. The hierarchical format provides excellent reporting by product code or product groups.

When product codes are created or updated, the product code sections are combined to form the entire product code and the description sections are combined to create the entire in-house and customer product descriptions. The product matrix format makes it very easy and quick to change the product codes themselves or the in-house descriptions and/or customer descriptions for entire sections of the product codes, by just changing the description on one product matrix entry. Excellent lookup features and user-defined abbreviations make it so users never type more than a couple of characters to bring up a product code. It’s not unusual for 5% of the product codes to be used 95% of the time, so very short user abbreviations are extremely helpful in these cases.


Very detailed information is captured and stored in the various data files, for instance, 120 separate cost fields are stored in every line item and inventory lot. The storing of detailed information allows reports on almost anything.

Custom reports for specific needs can be created rapidly and very cost effectively.

Custom reports can also be written in crystal reports or similar report writing programs.

Detail and summary information can also be exported to spreadsheets and other programs.

Line items allow detailed profit and loss reports by vendor, contract, salesperson, department, broker, customer, ship to, etc.

The main data files all have over 100 indexes, which provides very fast reports and screen displays. Week end date and month end date fields provide instant displays and reports for a certain week or month. Lot summaries showing all costs and sales can be displayed or printed at any time.

Time Clock and Time Tracking

Employee badges with barcodes are printed in the program, then laminated. Employee badges are swiped through barcode readers connected to time clock PC’s. We have designed many different ways to do crews’ time and incentive programs (and job costing in the fields as well, if needed). We can help you with a ‘best way’ consult to get done what you want quickly and how you require it to be done. Our programmers are very experienced in Produce and all of its perishable variables.

The project / block and crew information can be programmed into each time clock PC so everyone clocking in and out on that PC are automatically assigned to that project / block and crew. Any number of time clock PC’s can be used to assign certain workers to specific projects and or crews. Older, slow DOS PC’s can be used for time clock entry PC’s.

Time clock PC’s can be attached to company networks and update directory to the main time clock files or they can be stand alone PC’s at remote locations and the files can be transferred weekly via modem or on a diskette. Employee messages can be entered to display when the employee swipes their badge.

Differential pay can be added to wages for each shift so night and graveyard shifts can be compensated differently automatically, Lunch hours can be deducted for all employees in certain crews for specified date ranges, so there is no need to log out and back in again for lunch breaks.

Product Overview

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