4-Gov Fund Accounting

A software system designed by Aptean.

About 4-Gov Fund Accounting

Unlike generic accounting software, which has been altered to meet the requirements of governments and government agencies, 4-Gov was built from the ground up as a true fund accounting solution. Their financial management processes work the way you need them to, the first time and every time. Their comprehensive financial management solution fully conforms to GASB and FASB standards, so you can track multiple ledgers and produce reports and audit trails without the hassle of software customizations.

4-Gov is SaaS-based, quick to implement and cost-efficient with a low fixed monthly subscription fee. SaaS deployment, also referred to as The Cloud, grants you access to financial information from anywhere, at anytime, whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the road. Even during and after man-made or natural disasters, your mission critical information is secure and accessible when you need it most. With 4-Gov fund accounting, you can:

  • Establish spending and revenue collection plans in a centralized general ledger
  • Generate dynamic reports for higher-level status and summary reports
  • Manage a complex payroll system with detailed employee history and flexible reporting tools
  • Centralize billing and collections with one-time entry that integrates with the Financial Suite
  • Provide online bill pay with secure payment processing

Accounts Payable

With 4-Gov Accounts Payable and Purchasing, senior officials and department heads can establish spending plans and correct any deviations long before annual budgets are exceeded. 4-Gov automatically checks and warns you if a purchase order exceeds budgetary funds with the option to override if necessary. The system uses an integrated general ledger and subsidiary ledger chart of accounts, and classifies transactions by object and sub-object. These accounts are used for the appropriate funds by all organization levels from department to group.

Stay organized with a three way match of purchase orders, receiving report, and approved vendor invoice to properly pay vendors. Easily attach documents to the purchase order using iTachments, which is great for attaching detailed product specifications, vendor invoices, packing lists, pictures, excel spreadsheets, comments, and word documents to the purchase order. Keep extensive vendor information organized including historical data–useful in the bidding and selection process.


  • Vendor Historical Information
  • iTachments
  • Drill-down or Drill-around from Vendor to PO
  • 3 Way Match of POs
  • Automatic Generation of Warrants/Checks
  • Blanket POs
  • Account Distribution
  • Budgetary Checking and Warnings
  • Customizable Checks and POs


Control Data

Automatically generate a complete audit trail when information is changed so users are confident that their accounts payable information is always accurate and up-to-date.

Save Time

Purchase Orders are generated based upon approved requisitions and encumbering funds without additional input.

Protect Against Fraud

Positive Pay bank data created for eliminating fraudulent checks.

Accounts Receivable

4-Gov Accounts Receivable maintains complete and accurate records of money owed to a government entity by an individual or company within categories. Easily access all open and closed invoices plus payment history by using the Central Name and Address database. All of this is under your control for proper security and authorization. When customer inquiries arise, quickly drill down through an individual’s record to display bills, adjustments, payments, and late fees.


  • One-Time Customer Info Setup
  • Security by Billing Category and Function
  • Invoice by Event, Cycle, or Other
  • Standard and Customizable Billing Formats
  • Late Notices with/without Penalties
  • Customer Drill Down Inquiries


Control Finances

Perform the core functions for all billing and collection applications, and can be extended for your own special uses.

Save Time

4-Gov Accounts Receivable is fully interfaced with the 4-Gov Financial Suite to record all financial and cost accounting transactions, in detail or summary format.

Stay Flexible

Bill for unlimited types of receivables–each having their own rules and requirements.

Budget Preparation

4-Gov Budget Preparation lets you create and analyze budgets for the upcoming year while using prior years of information and current fiscal year data. Future year forecasts for multi-year budgets are developed with “layer formulas” for multiple increasing/decreasing factors. Budgets developed and adopted are used for appropriation control, expenditure and revenue monitoring throughout the year.

Statistics and performance measures are also entered in the budget system, with the actual figures tracked in 4-Gov Financial and Management Applications. The Budget Preparation applications allows officials to easily perform “What if…” types of analyses to determine the effect of requested employee raises as well as evaluate the true result of budget cuts. It will support changes to the initial budget, as well as keep an audit trail of changes through the adoption of the final budget.


  • Online Budgeting for Expenditures, Revenue, Capital Improvements, and Statistical Data
  • Look-up and Transfer Historical Data from General Ledger
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Budget By Individual or By Position
  • Instantly Review Budget Changes
  • Expenditure Spending Definitions


Analyze Data

4-Gov Budget Preparation analyzes the impact of alternative costs at various levels. Fifteen years of history and/or forecasting information can be reviewed.

Monitor Purchases From Start to Finish

Create a smarter, faster, and better purchasing work flow by empowering departments to enter their own purchase requisitions and monitor all steps in the approval process. The Accounts Payable and Purchasing module controls and accounts for all financial obligations, from the moment a purchase order is submitted until the vendor payment is completed.

Prepare Budgets

Take the guesswork out of budget planning with a “What if&” analysis to determine the outcome of a financial decision before it’s made. The Budget Preparation module supports changes to the initial budget and automatically creates an audit trail of changes through the adoption of the final budget.

Save Time

4-Gov Budget Preparation interfaces with the Financial Accounting and Management Accounting modules to transfer adopted budget information based on spending and revenue collection plans.

Improve Accuracy

4-Gov Budget Preparation uses real-time historical information to build budgets.

Cash Receipts

Collect and record payments for any purpose using 4-Gov Cash Receipts. Designed to be used by cashiers and accounting departments who deal directly with the public, this application can be used for a central or departmental collection area.

The Cash Receipts application can process payments made by mail, lock box operations, online bill pay, and even bar coded bills for high-volume processing. It accepts multiple forms of payment, such as cash, check, and credit card, for one or more invoices and creates a complete historical log of all activity and a full audit trail of payments and adjustments made. Processing payments has never been easier.


  • Accepts Multiple Forms of Payment
  • Quick Pay for Bar Coded Bills
  • True Cashiering Format
  • Payment History Log
  • Integration with 4-Gov Applications
  • Built-in Reporting Feature


Keeps You in Balance

4-Gov Cash Receipts operates in a true cashiering format so that cash, payments, and other collections are balanced and approved by a supervisory function before they are released for final updates.

Stay Flexible

4-Gov Cash Receipts accepts multiple forms and types of payment including back office, mail payments, lock box operations, and online bill pay.

Create Dynamic Reports

Run a number of built in reports to know the exact amount of payments that have been processed. Built-in reports include: Entry Lists, Workstation Control Lists for Daily Balancing, Released and Un-released Batches, Monthly Receipt Type Totals, Lock Box Total Verification Summary and Audit Trail Reports.


Anywhere, anytime payment processing is available with 4-Gov ePay. Customers can securely view their current bill statements using their account number and choose to pay one or more bills by eCheck, credit or debit card. ePay’s intuitive screens make it easy for your residents to use and they’ll appreciate the time saving option of paying multiple bills in one transaction.

Customer payments are immediately reflected in their account balance and 4-Gov cash receipts are automatically generated–eliminating the need for manual entry. Payment information is collected on a PCI-compliant third party website and all cash and credit card payments are deposited into the agency bank accounts per your settlement terms.


  • Anywhere Anytime Access
  • Secure Transaction Processing
  • Integration with other 4-Gov Applications
  • Optional Convenience Fees
  • Payment Limits
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • PCI-Compliant


Ensure Accuracy

4-Gov ePay produces transaction information so payments are automatically updated in your computer systems and other 4-Gov applications. There is no re-keying of information between computer systems. This saves staff time and also insures accuracy and timely processing of payments.

Offer Online Payment Options

Anywhere, anytime payment processing empowers citizens and businesses to pay utility bills by eCheck, debit or credit card, over a secure Internet connection. Payment information is automatically processed in other 4-Gov applications to ensure accuracy and control.

Secure Access

Provide complete customer protection with secure access and password encryption. Payment information is collected on a PCI-compliant third party website.

Fixed Assets

Track the acquisition, depreciation, and retirement of capital assets in a government’s inventory using 4-Gov Fixed Assets. Keep assets organized by defining classes such as building, equipment, furniture, and fixtures.

4-Gov Fixed Assets is fully integrated with other 4-Gov financial applications to reduce manual data entry and the possibility for errors. Transactions are automatically created in the General Ledger application for acquisitions, retirements, and depreciation of assets. Information is maintained and available for inquiry and reports based on asset class, funding sources, function codes, insurer, acquisition code, retirement methods, and valuation methods. When a new asset is purchased and received, through 4-Gov Accounts Payable, this asset is then transferred to 4-Gov Fixed Assets for set-up and tracking.


  • FASB and GASB Compliant
  • Standard Reporting
  • Integration with 4-Gov Applications
  • Mass Maintenance Functionality
  • Depreciation Calculator
  • Secure Audit Trails
  • Web Services


Define Assets

User-defined classes allow you to track assets in your own terms so you can pull information faster when you need it.

Create Dynamic Reports

Standard Fixed Asset Record reports are available on demand and a 4-Gov Fixed Asset Report Writer is included for ad hoc reporting. Standard reports include fixed asset by organization, fund and total entity, detailed equipment listing, acquisitions for a user specified period, and insurance listing by insurer codes and policy number.

Boost Productivity & Reduce Errors

4-Gov Fixed Assets is fully integrated with other 4-Gov financial applications to automate data entry and reduce the possibility of errors.

General Ledger

With 4-Gov General Ledger, senior officials and department heads can establish spending plans and correct any deviations long before annual budgets are exceeded. Reduce errors with predefined transaction codes or journals which permit a single transaction to be recorded simultaneously at all responsibility centers, on all affected ledgers, and in accordance with governmental accounting principles.

4-Gov uses an integrated general ledger and subsidiary ledger chart of accounts, and classifies transactions by object and sub-object. These accounts are used for the appropriate funds by all organization levels from department to group. Role-based access depicts which screens, menus, and choices are available based on the level of security assigned to a user.


  • Appropriation Control
  • Role-based Access
  • Predefined Transaction Codes
  • Automatic Encumbrance Accounting
  • Online Financial Control Reports


Meet Accounting Standards Requirements

4-Gov satisfies prescribed fund accounting requirements and meets the CAFR requirements established by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board.

Generate Dynamic Reports

Detailed reports provide audit trails for the higher-level status and summary reports. Status reports can be used for operating control, and summary reports for top-level review and approval.

Increase Accountability

Maintain appropriation control and provide budgetary control at several levels with 4-Gov General Ledger. Accountability can be established at the fund, department, division, section, and group levels as desired.

Inventory Management

4-Gov Inventory Management allows an organization to automatically issue and receive inventoried goods. Inventory items can be ordered with 4-Gov Requisition and Accounts Payable and Purchasing System for warehouse replenishment or for departmental purchasing requests. Inventory items can be issued at standard costs or other, with calculations made as lots are received. The system uses an integrated general ledger and subsidiary ledger chart of accounts, and classifies transactions by object and sub-object. These accounts are used for the appropriate funds by all organization levels from department to group.


  • Inventory Record Tracking
  • Requisition Tracking
  • Movement of Inventory Authorization
  • Account Transaction Generator
  • Fully Integrated with 4-Gov Requisitions System
  • Reordering Automation


Save Time

4-Gov Inventory Management interfaces with other 4-Gov applications to save precious resources and reduce errors.

Monitor Historical Data

View quantities and dollars issued by month, quarter and year-to-date to keep an accurate record of historical inventory information.

Mini Systems

Local Ordinances mandate the billing and collection of many fees. Some Fees are charged on a usage/occurrence basis such as parking ticket violations, alarm billing violations, ambulance billing or insurance billing for damages to city property. Other fees are periodic and based on licensing requirements such as vehicle and animal licensing. 4-Gov Mini Systems include those special systems–Animal Licensing, Parking Tickets/Violation Tracking, Vehicle Stickers, Police & Fire Alarm Billing.

Streamline your ticketing processes with the Mini System application. Upload data from a hand-held ticket device and track the violation from the original ticket through the conclusion. Citizens and businesses can pay the violation online using 4-Gov ePay with secure transaction processing. Billing and late notices can be sent out with rate calculations based on standard classifications.


  • Integration with other 4-Gov applications
  • Collection Reports
  • Integration with ticketing devices
  • Billing and Late Notice Form Templates


Create Reports

All collection reports are selected and printed by using 4-Gov Accounts Receivable and Billing Menus. This provides a full range of collection activities, reports, and penalty and interest calculations.

Ensure Accuracy

4-Gov Mini Systems is fully integrated to the 4-Gov Financial Suite to save time and ensure accurate data.

Streamline Billing Processes

Track a violation from the original ticket through its conclusion in one system.

Payroll HR Suite

Your employees are the core of your government agency. Keep your employees happy and your HR processes running smoothly with 4-Gov Payroll and HR Suite.

4-Gov Payroll and HR Suite streamlines your HR, time entry and payroll processes, saving you valuable time and money. You can easily make changes in one place at one time and rest assured the information has been updated throughout the entire system.


  • Track Employee Information
  • Track Employment History
  • User-Defined Fields
  • Time Entry
  • Skills Information
  • Payroll Tracking


Keep Track of Employees

Track an individual’s career events, including position or salary changes, training, testing, certifications, security, personnel actions, medical and other user-defined information through an employee’s life cycle. Human Resources is completely integrated with the Payroll and Time Entry modules for single-point data entry.

Eliminate Redundancy

Meet payroll and departmental requirements with a single point of entry, eliminating redundancy and the need for reconciliation. Time Entry supports all your time reporting needs with detailed entry at the employee, day, project, task, and time level, including supervisory review and approval of an employee group.

Process Your Payroll

Eliminate the need to hire expensive outside consultants or vendors for processing your payroll. The Payroll modules provide robust processing features with added functions for position control and labor distribution, as well as interfaces to 4-Gov ledgers. The personnel component complements the employee databases with skills inventory, education, medical, special certification, and job-related history.

Utility Billing

A major function 4-Gov Utility Billing is for servicing citizen inquiries about bills and for prompt and efficient payment processing. Your community can turn a billing and collection function into positive public relations and promotion for the city.

4-Gov Utility Billing creates each bill with its associated charges, and saves the details for each bill with the accounting information, dollar amounts, and meter readings. An unlimited amount of history can be kept on the computer, and retrieved for inquiry, analysis, and reporting.


  • Residential, Business, and Industrial Account Processing
  • Customer Full Account Inquiry
  • Unlimited Customer Notes
  • Meter Reading Processing and Verification
  • Calculation of Bills for Multiple Cycles and Rates
  • e-Billing and ePay Setup
  • Cash Collections


Streamline Billing Operations

Centralize all account history, billing, and collection with the integrated accounting functions of the Financial Suite. Process primary utilities, including water, sewer, fire, and refuse, plus any special billings. Direct links to other 4-Gov applications include posting to the General Ledger and processing of refunds through Accounts Payable. A link to Work Orders provides the integration for scheduling and monitoring Work Orders for one or all departments.

Set Up Automatic Billing

Set up auto billing processing to ensure each account is billed, penalized, and provided notices in a timely manner with little staff intervention ensuring your municipality is collecting efficiently.

Offer Online Payment Options

Anywhere, anytime payment processing through ePay empowers citizens and businesses to pay government bills with a debit to a bank account or with a credit card, over a secure Internet connection. Payment information is automatically processed in other 4-Gov applications to ensure accuracy and control.

Save Time

Print customer bills, late notices, and communications in the form of self-mailers, laser printing of forms and data in a single operation directly from 4-Gov Utility Billing. 4-Gov can also interface with print stream technology for outsourcing billing and mailing functions.

Work Orders

4-Gov Work Orders is used to schedule and track maintenance and inspections, normally scheduled activities, and emergency repairs. Work Orders can be for equipment, vehicles, buildings–anything that might need to be monitored, maintained, or repaired.

4-Gov Work Orders allows you to define and manage maintenance groups and schedules by calendar dates or units. Save time by automatically generating work tickets and easily view maintenance activities that are in progress.


  • Work Tickets
  • Calendar or Unit Tracking
  • Flexible Skip Day Settings
  • User-defined Groups and Schedules


Increase Flexibility

Easily establish an unlimited number of calendar or unit based tickets for each asset.

Ensure Accuracy

Work Orders is fully integrated with 4-Gov Financial and Utility Suite applications.

Maintain Control

Maintenance Tickets can be defined to require approval at a supervisory level prior to work being performed.

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