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A multi-module management system designed by AuditWare Development Company for educational services and government & public administration companies.

About AuditWare Products

These products may also be used by local governments to produce monthly, year-to-date financial statements for management or their local governing body. Other enhancements include robust tools for producing analytical review reports, lead sheets and many other user-customized reports. All products are updated as needed, but not less than annually, to insure compliance with professional standards. Additionally, all products allow for creation of audit reports in GASB 34 format. You can even switch back and forth between the old and new reporting models for any given client, a feature which, to our knowledge, is not available in any other product on the market!

Audit I.S.D. for Texas School Districts

Audit I.S.D. is dedicated to Texas school audits. It uses the state-mandated chart of accounts and will produce all of the supplemental schedules required by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), in addition to the basic report. It also produces the audit report in the electronic submission formats (PDF file and text file formats) required by the TEA. More than one out of every three school district audit reports in Texas was produced with Audit I.S.D. last year. We have offered this product since 1989, making it our flagship product

AuditWare for California School Districts

AuditWare for California School Districts (CSD) is a product which is uniquely tailored to produce the basic annual audit report along with all the supplemental schedules required by the Controller’s K-12 Audit Guide. It includes two products at no additional cost, one for school districts which have converted to the SACS chart of accounts and another for schools on the non-SACS chart of accounts. We have offered this product since 2000. Currently, about 20% of the State’s audit reports are created with CSD.

AuditWare for Local Governments

AuditWare for Local Governments can be set up for almost any chart of accounts and will produce the basic audit report for any kind of local government in any state. It will not handle not-for-profit entities nor will it automatically produce the special supplemental schedules which may be required by various states, but our automated page numbering system allows for easy insertion of auditor prepared documents. The default notes to the financial statements are set up for a Texas city in regard to pension plans, etc., but may be edited by the user.


A CAFR add-in is available for all Auditware products, at an additional price, which expands the capability of the product in use to produce a full comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR). This includes the 16 required statistical tables and the various documents in the introductory section required by the GASB and GFOA. It also produces all combining statements for GASB 34, whether a full CAFR is being presented or not. The add-in is activated by means of a password which is supplied to those who purchase it.

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