CRW Ambulance System

A multi-module management system designed by CRW Systems for health care & social services companies.

About CRW Ambulance System

The Ambulance Patient Care (APC) is a full Ambulance Data Collection System. The system includes the Services Data Collection module, Statistical Dial-up Reporting, EMT Licensing System, and a Statistical Reporting System. This system also can be linked to the APC Financials (Full MIS Accounting System). This system has been implemented in the Ambulance Services of Manitoba. The system runs on various mobile devices.


  • EMT’s can record their own calls in a timely manner.
  • Linked with the APC Financials, simplifies Billing and accounting.
  • The system enables a macro view of all calls and call exceptions for statistical Analysis.
  • Assists in the management of EMT Licenses and Skill levels.

Billing Screen

This is the final screen for the recording of the patient trip. All charges that have already been recorded are shown on a grid on the screen and at this point the individual charge item lines could be reviewed and are modifiable.

EMT Licensing System

This system maintains all EMT licensing statuses and skill qualifications and creates an updated printed license upon completion of the requirements. Once a month, the Licensing system scans the Calls Data Base and identified calls made by unqualified EMT’s, EMT’s whose licenses have expired and Advanced skills administered without qualification.

Services Data Collection

Call Data Screen - utilizes drop down selections for drivers, EMT1’s and EMT2’s. As well, times are edited for completeness and accuracy. The loaded kilometers and any other chargeable items are carried forward to the Billing Screen.

Patient Data Screen - enables a lookup of existing patients by initials to simplify the demographics. The next of kin address can be copies if the address is the same. The ‘Responsible for Payment’ includes the ability to select any agency in the customer table or assign payment to the patient.

Assessment /Injuries Screens - These screens include a series of tick boxes and an Injury Diagrams of the front, back and head. This Injury screen can be updated by clicking on the body part(s) and on the injury type. All injuries can be captured.

Vitals Screen - All vitals are captured consistently using a series of tick boxes and text boxes. As many sets of vitals as are needed can be captured.

Advanced Skills - The intubation, pulse, oximetry and IV starts are all captured in this advanced skills screen. Each of these skills require EMT license number recording. Multiple attempts are recorded here.

Procedures and Medication Log - This also relates to advanced skills. A drop down menu is available for procedures and the standard provincial procedures are loaded to the table for selection. As well, the medications are available for recording. The system is capable of recording as many procedures and medications as has been administrated.

Statistical Reporting

Each service has the capability to send their cumulative calls to a host NT server system. This utilizes modems and dial-up communications to send a copy of the calls to a central group for statistical review. The statistical electronic reporting is recommended monthly. All calls once sent to the server are available for global reporting. Such reports are Calls by Driver, by EMT attending, by assessment. Call response times are reported. Intubation and IV success rates are measured and medications by EMT and by call are analyzed.

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