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A full ERP system designed by emGovPower for government & public administration and utilities companies.

About emGovPower Software

emGovPower is a fully integrated family of software applications, made for use by local municipalities and utilities. This product is available under license, and requires you to buy only the modules you need. This product is built around the Microsoft family of visual tools and databases; allowing you to take advantage of systems you are already using; and enabling constant improvement of emGovPower.

Accounts Payable

emGovPower’s Accounts Payable system completely manages the payment of vendors for services and products. This product can support both manual payments; as well as automate recurring payments. This product also features an automated check printing feature; that prints checks for authorized invoices. Additionally, partial payments are supported and flagged for organization. All additions or payments made within the accounts payable module are automatically posted on the general ledger. Furthermore, additions to accounts payable are automated with integration of the Purchasing Module. Finally, this module allows you to perform complete vendor inquiries with drill-down capabilities; allowing you to see every detail of every payable account.

Accounts Receivable

The emGovPower Accounts Receivable Module supports and manages all invoices not normally handled by other emGovPower applications, such as Utility Billing, Business License or Tax Billing. This product can completely manage all invoices to customers, with support of onetime or regular invoices. With the purchase and integration of the Accounts Payable Module you will be able to keep error-proof records for accounting purposes. If you are doing onetime invoicing, emGovPower will provide your vendors with all the information they could want, due to the extensive descriptions provided within the invoice. This product can interface with word, allowing you to print and attach accompanying letters.

Budget Preparation

The emGovPower Budget Preparation module manages the preparation of your budget, and furthermore, the entire budgeting process for your organization. This module interfaces with the Accounting, HR, and Payroll modules to import information vital to budgeting. With this module you will be able to perform a distributed entry of budgets by departmental personnel. To ensure that your budget is always accurate, you can update it with current information as needed. You can easily test different scenarios by running multiple budget models, thereby making sure you don’t commit your resources in a less-than-optimal way. This module can also perform salary modeling to facilitate faster and more accurate scenario testing. The program budgeting feature within the Budget Preparation module allows you to perform accounting for performance, if you so desire. Finally, this module provides you with security by managing which users are allowed access to which information.

Business License

The emGovPower Business License module is capable of managing the issuance of business and occupational licenses by your local municipality. Depending on the yearly cycle, this module will invoice existing licenses, allow you to perform revenue based billing, and allow you to issue licenses to new businesses. Within the system you can set up an unlimited number of billing categories and bill by flat amount, revenue, or a billing table.

Additionally, each account can have unlimited categories. You can search for accounts by searching account numbers or account names. This module interfaces directly to the general ledger assuring proper accounting of receipts. To provide you with unparalleled flexibility you can compute license categories using any method of your choice.


The Cashiering module allows for the recording of revenue collections. This module permits the collection of multi-jurisdictional amounts, with a single or multiple payments). Cashiering is interfaced to a cash register for receipting, check validation, and cash drawer management. This module also allows you to set up an unlimited number of transaction types, giving your customers a single point of payment for all of their bills. Since all pending invoices are shown for a payee you can improve your collection rate; and check validation services assure you won’t have to deal with bounced checks.

Fixed Assets

The emGovPower Asset Management module organizes the physical assets of your municipality or utilities organization. This system will completely automate your depreciation, disposal and transfer calculations. All depreciations performed are automatically posted to the general ledger. To provide you with complete management access, you can perform an unlimited number of user-defined queries. The Fixed Assets module will be able to organize all of your attached assets, support multiple funding sources, and provide you with a fund activity report meeting GFOA standards.

Additionally, this module will keep a history of all financial transactions of an asset; as well as store information on custody, location and asset tag ID. The fact that this module will automatically transfer items from expense accounts, will enable the future year budgeting process. This module is a must-have product if you need to keep accurate records of your fixed assets, for accounting purposes.

General Ledger

Since every other module interfaces with The General Ledger module, this is the most important and probably the centerpiece of emGovPower. This module allows you to perform complete multi-year fund accounting, budget entry, monitoring and control. This product directly interfaces with the query function of Microsoft Access, to provide you with focused outputs, satisfying your specific needs.

The general ledger features an eight element chart of accounts, and allows for distributed multi-level budget entry. Automatic reporting can be done on a user-defined basis; and the drill down capabilities allow you to see the individual items that make up invoices, purchase orders and checks. This module also provides you with the ability to run multiple concurrent years, and keep an unlimited number of open fiscal periods; fiscal periods that you can define for yourself. Due to the automated and integrated nature of the software, you can assure the accuracy of your general ledger.

Inventory Control

The Inventory Control module of emGovPower is intended to function as an integrated part of the utility construction process. This product can also be combined with the Work Order Management module as an integrated maintenance function. This module will maintain all details for inventory items, and allow for multiple warehouses and costing methods for each item. This product also supports uplift charges; as well as draw, return, receipt, reject, and reserve transactions. Items are entered in a ticket-based method, meaning you can automate the population of company specific fields, that way your staff simply has to enter item numbers. By automating your warehouse management processes you can assure proper accounting controls.


The payroll module of emGovPower allows the flexibility to support the extensive needs in your municipality. This product allows you to use unlimited incomes, deductions, and leaves in your payroll processing. After payroll processing is completed, the results will be posted into the general ledger. Furthermore this product gives you the capability to perform distributed time entry, and set time based parameters. Full W-2 processing and the ability to manually process checks give you more options in processing your payroll. Accounting options in the module, allow you to perform project and program time entry. A complete history of all paychecks is stored, allowing support queries.

Permits - Code Compliance

The emGovPower Permits and Code Compliance module, allows you municipality to better manage construction and the issuance of building permits, within it’s jurisdiction. This product supports the entire process of issuing permits and checking code compliance, while providing extensive history to provide growth analyses. This module interfaces with the general ledger and other modules, to provide and assure accuracy in reporting. This module also captures sub-contractor information and inspection results. With implementation of this module, you will assure your entire staff that all steps are taken at the proper time, and that all contractors are under permit.


The Purchasing module of emGovPower organizes your approved requisitions, and transfers them to purchase orders. Encumbrances are automatically generated and posted into the general ledger for accounting and accuracy purposes. The existence of bid processing supports your purchasing departments vendor interfacing. If you desire to, you can setup an automatic requisition approval process, or have your authorized staff members approve them manually.


The emGovPower Requisitions module is made for your upper management; it supports the automated entry of requisitions into PO’s as well as supporting the implementation of an automated approval process, if you see fit. This module can also provide you and your approved staff access to general ledger balances, employee leaves, distributed time entry, and distributed budget entry. The drill-down capabilities of this module allow you to view budget status details and vendor history details. Requisition routing can also be automated by defining minimal dollar amounts. The distributed time entry, G/L inquiry, and payroll inquiry allow you to respond to problems in a much more efficient manner.

Utility Billing

The Utility Billing module supports any type of utility billing (electric, gas, water, sewer, etc.). Additionally, this module manages the customer service, billing, meter reading, and debt recovery activities. The Utility Billing module stores extensive customer history, allowing you to perform detailed inquiries. The action driver allows you to manage the timing of actions and events; as well as handle the processing of service orders completely. Furthermore, you can discriminate pricing, by utilizing the flexible rates and timetables. This module also allows you to handle customer service over the Internet, providing more ways for your customers to contact you. The action driver allows you to process exceptions, allowing you, as a manager, to reduce your concern with normal operations. With implementation of the Utility Billing module, you will be able to recover your debt, by improving the timeliness of your responsive actions.

Work Orders

The emGovPower Work Order module was developed to manage the routine maintenance functions of your organization. It does this by capturing citizen requests, and monitoring the performance of the required tasks by each department, or each supplier of services. This module will capture time, materials and equipment usage to complete orders, and charge the proper amount. You can charge on a basis of time, materials, and/or equipment at your discretion. The extensive history captured in this module allows you to compare performances to previous periods or years; also allowing you to provide accurate records for accounting purposes. By monitoring performance timetables and response to citizens’ requests; you will be able to assure the citizens in your jurisdiction, that they are receiving superior service. This product fully integrates with Microsoft Word, allowing you to attach letters to work orders.

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