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About OpenGov Cloud

OpenGov Cloud is the only modern cloud software designed for local government. OpenGov offers solutions for budgeting, financial management, and citizen services with the market-leading reporting and transparency platform - allowing customers to re-allocate up to 1% of their budgets for more strategic outcomes and save thousands of hours on manual and paper-based processes.

Today, local governments need more than what their traditional ERPs can do alone. Modern financial management requires governments understand their data deeply to identify trends and develop contingency plans, help citizens understand strategic initiatives, and connect their performance to community impact. They must do this while protecting against growing cyber-threats and supporting a younger, more distributed workforce. For all this, you need the OpenGov Cloud.


  • Budgeting and Planning: Streamline and unify your end-to-end budgeting process, tie budget dollars to key initiatives, and draw actionable insights.
  • Financials: Unify and automate the mission-critical fund accounting processes of public administration, now and for the future.
  • Citizen Services: Modernize citizen services with the only multi-tenant cloud suite for permitting, licensing and code enforcement.
  • Procurement: Automate across solicitation and contract development, electronic proposal evaluations, and supplier interactions.

More than 1,000 governments nationwide partner with OpenGov to drive more effective and accountable operations and strengthen public trust. Built exclusively for state and local government, OpenGov’s software, services, and expertise are backed by over 300 years of employee experience in the public sector.

Cloud Beneifts

Modern cloud architecture of OpenGov ensures all of your users have access to the latest features and upgrades while reducing your IT burden, minimizing your cost footprint, and breaking down system and data silos. Thanks to world-class professional services and a roadmap driven by customer feedback, you future-proof your investment for the next generation.

Product Overview

User Reviews of OpenGov Cloud

Submitted on May 11th, 2022 by Amelia Cruver from Minneapolis

When folks from outside the city are looking at the decision we’ve made in the last couple years and our outlook, two things they are looking for are, 1) “how are you going to manage the federal stimulus?” and 2) “how are you projecting your revenues?”

Using OpenGov, we’re able to make a detailed 5 year projection for our revenues and pair that with a 5-year projection for costs. Using that information allows to not only look at the year we’re budgeting for, but also a 5 year window and make really smart decisions with our budget.

Using this budget not just for the annual budget that we are formerly appropriating, but for all of the years in our forecast gives us a much more accurate forecast and a better understanding of the story of our budget.

Much of my career since going to grad school has been in public finance, and I’ve found that when working in public policy, when you get down to the budgets, that’s where the rubber really hits the road.

For each program that we have at the city, we make sure departments are including not only information about what they’re doing, what kind of services they’re providing, but also, how it’s impacting racial equity in the city of Minneapolis and how it connects to the city’s strategic plan around racial equity.

Our departments are looking at data to see, “is that data disaggregated by race?” and “are we really doing the best we can to take a look at how will new investments impact marginalized groups in the city?”

The control that we have over it as non-communications professionals, to be able to say we have an important story to tell about our community development department or our civil rights department.

We are following our own financial policies. We are keeping our reserves where they need to be. And we are managing in a holistic way, making sure that our city is prepared for the future.

Submitted on May 11th, 2022 by Dean Simpson from Cranberry Township

We were given the direction from our leadership that this needed to happen sooner rather than later.

Being able to build [the process] out ourselves prior to going live really helped us understand how the software works, and [how to] make it work for us and automate as much as possible. It has made it quite simple.