A full ERP system designed by Paragon Consulting Services for government & public administration companies.

About municiPAL

ACI’s municiPAL is an integrated system of software modules that work together to provide a total financial management solution. The highly structured software interfaces at the account posting level, eliminating duplication of financial data. All modules are visually appealing, with an impressive variety of screen inquiries and reports suitable for every end user. ACI developed municiPAL® to meet Governmental Accounting, Auditing and Financial Reporting (GAAFR) standards, including the National Council on Governmental Accounting (NCGA) restatements. ACI clients receive caring and professional technical services from conversion, installation and training, to ongoing support and enhancements to meet any future requirements.

Streamlines the functions associated with: Accounting & Financial Reporting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable/Cash Receipts, Activity & Facility Scheduling, Budgeting, Business Tax & Licenses, Fixed Assets, Human Resources/Payroll/Time & Attendance, Inventory, Miscellaneous Billing, Parking Tickets, Project/Grant Accounting, Purchase Order Tracking/Encumbrance, Real Estate/Personal Tax Billing, Requisitions, Service Request, Special Assessments, Utility Billing, and Work Management.

Accounting & Financial Reporting/GL

Based on GAAFR guidelines proposed by the National Committee on Government Accounting including NCGA restatements and provisions for all GAAFR fund types.

The Features Include:

  • Comprehensive editing capability as you enter standard and adjusting journals
  • Vouchers, invoices
  • Cash receipts
  • Recurring transactions
  • Reversing journal entries
  • and more.

Comprehensive security and controls including control over duplicate invoices, budget overruns, full audit trail, and more. Features thorough reporting capability. This module can interface to other applications such as Accounts Payable, Purchasing, and Budgeting.

Accounts Payable

The accounts payable cycle begins with the entry of vouchers and invoices to authorize all payments. Invoices may be linked to purchase orders to minimize keystrokes. The user controls the timing of the check writing cycle and may selectively prevent individual vouchers from being paid. Manual checks can be written and separately identified. An extensive array of displays and reports with the ability to monitor up to 100 years of activity is supported. An imaging component is also available.

Features Include:

  • Database management
  • 1099 processing
  • Invoice processing
  • Check processing/reconciliation

Accounts Receivable/Cash Receipts

A powerful tool that interfaces with all municiPAL® billing modules. Enter all cash received on-line for either non-billed revenue or billed invoices. Automated cash drawers, receipting, validation printers, and externally received ýlock boxý receipts can all be interfaced!

Tracks the receipts by cash drawer, user, and type of transaction on a daily basis and performs subsidiary ledger functions such as journal corrections.

Presents detail and summary invoicing, adjustments, late fee and payment history by customer number or real property ID. Review individual or property invoices online. The period of receivable history is user-defined, up to 100 years!

Features Include:

  • Maintains taxpayer/customer master file where you can review open charges for any customer. Customer records include data such as spouse’s name and address, credit rating, social security number, and phone numbers, both work and home.
  • Interactive entry, on-line balancing of cash receipts with customer and invoice balance validation.
  • Powerful search capabilities including searches by name, address, account/invoice, and property number.
  • Supports multiple bank accounts and/or centralized treasurer’s fund.
  • Ability to manually or pre-define the allocation of receipts to multiple accounts. User override capability provided. Includes user-settable algorithms including priority and percentage methods.
  • Separation of cash, check and bank lock box receipts.
  • Mortgage and tax service mass payments can be processed.
  • Interactive entry, on-line and batch balancing of journal corrections.
  • User-defined revenue codes (e.g. water, permits, etc.)
  • User-defined receivable categories.
  • Calculates late fees and discounts for all scheduled billings.
  • Real Property ýtie-iný to allow on-line review of all charges against a property.
  • Unlimited on-line user comments can be associated with any customer or specific invoice.
  • Multiple cash drawers can be linked to single or multiple input stations. Cashier security provided for each drawer.
  • Provides for multiple collection points and overall location specific and daily reconciliation.
  • Receipt numbers can be system of user assigned.
  • Printing of receipts can be controlled by the system or a per-user basis and can be reprinted if necessary.
  • Posting of all receipts includes summary level interfacing to the General Ledger and Project/Grant modules. Each transaction can post to multiple General Ledger Accounts, depending on user setup.
  • Journal entry correction mode interfacing to the same modules.
  • Acceptance of partial payments and credit balance payments is user controlled.

Activity & Facility Scheduling

This new web-enabled application allows you to manage facility inquiries and reservations in your municipality. This program is a powerful tool for branches like parks and recreation and related departments.

The Activity & Facility Scheduling module can enable the public to:

  • Check the rental availability of ball fields, park facilities, etc.
  • Inquire about usage costs.
  • Reserve a facility.


Features Include:

  • Multi-phase multi-year budgets
  • Distribution of workload
  • Budget development flexibility
  • Reporting
  • Alternative budgeting capabilities
  • General Ledger interfacing

Business Tax & Licenses

Features Include:

  • Windows based tool handles both taxes and licenses
  • Maintains comprehensive local business information base.
  • Unlimited number of taxes and licenses can be assigned to a business
  • Maintains historical record of filings and payments
  • Ability to define specific data, penalty and discount calculation by tax or license type
  • Log of transaction detail by payer for inquiry
  • Prints application forms
  • Prints licenses
  • Calculates discount and late fees
  • Automatic billing for incorrect payment
  • Handles overpayment
  • Delinquent filing report
  • User defined letters to tax payers
  • Link with MS Office to produce customized applications, letters and other documents
  • User-defined fields in the tax master database allow for customization by client
  • General Reporting function allows for multiple sorts and selections with the ability to produce reports, labels and a file to download to other applications.

Fixed Assets

Features Include:

  • On-line interactive entry and update, with each record edited for valid fields and codes.
  • Virtually unlimited user-defined comments.
  • User-defined location hierarchy with unlimited tracking of assets moved among locations.
  • Warranties and similar information, including payment schedule and warranty period associated with any asset.
  • Multiple revenue sources can be associated with any asset.
  • Retirement history for assets or split assets can be tracked.
  • An unlimited repair history can be keyed.
  • Automatic and selective computation of depreciation by user selected funds.
  • Generation of depreciation reports for any time period.
  • Multiple depreciation methods.
  • Automatic and selective end-of-year computation of changes in accumulated reserves, net book value, and remaining life, with printed listing of each change by asset (other end-of-year calculations optional).
  • Flexible user-maintainable code tables such as property class, insurance codes, building and site codes.


The municiPAL® Inventory module provides for the entry and maintenance of detailed descriptive data on each inventory item. The system will support full N.I.G.P. commodity coding if needed.

  • Support multiple warehouses
  • Track issues and receipts at stocking locations
  • Define security for receipt and transfer of goods between warehouses
  • Analyze inventory using low and high inventory, slow moving, shortage and activity reports
  • Track vendors for each item, vendor part numbers, lead time, and price history

Miscellaneous Billing

Produce billings for miscellaneous services, fees, etc. collected by your agency. An agency-wide customer database allows you to view all billing information for each customer. Billing history may be retained for as long as 100 years, depending on disk space!

Features Include:

  • Individual or repetitive group invoicing
  • Delinquent processing
  • Cash receipt/receivables integration

Parking Tickets

This system provides for recording parking tickets, assessment of late fees, recording of collections and State Motor Vehicle Bureau reporting of unpaid fines.

Features Include:

  • On-line maintenance of parking ticket records
  • On-line maintenance of delinquent license tag numbers
  • On-line search of license tags for outstanding tickets issued
  • Inquiry on outstanding ticket status
  • Detail on-line payment history for individual tickets
  • On-line maintenance to record court actions with user settable status code
  • Aging report
  • On-line recording of receipts and adjustments
  • Open ticket reports by tag or ticket number
  • Ability to add delinquent changes to open tickets (multiple rates by ticket type)
  • Purge of paid/voided ticket history at user option
  • List or tape file of delinquent license tags for monthly submission to state MVA Bureau


Features Include:

  • Deduction/benefits flexibility
  • Leave administration
  • Time/labor distribution management
  • Time entry options
  • Employee record keeping
  • Cycle/quarterly/annual processing

Project/Grant Accounting

This integrated project and grant accounting system tracks and reports inception-to-date information on complex projects and grants. This module can be thought of as a sub-ledger to track historical information over multiple fiscal years.

This module enables the user to define a ýprojectý as any element of activity that needs to be tracked for a period of time. The time period need not coincide with the fiscal or calendar year. The project can be funded by more than one grant, and a grant can have more than one grantor (such as a Federal/State matching grant) and can also fund more than one project.

Features Include:

  • On-line entry of projects, grants, expenditure categories.
  • Projects can be defined without grant association.
  • Projects can cross funds or departments.
  • Provides ability to link projects into higher level groupings
  • Expenditure categories can be defined for grant billing and can incorporate multiple general ledger accounts.
  • Detailed on-line inquiry provided for all project/grant costs.
  • Cost reports can be segmented by fiscal year.
  • Maintains and displays grant billings and receipts by grantor.
  • Allows budgeting for each fiscal year independently.
  • Month-to-date, year-to-date and project-to-date totals maintained for billing, receipts, expenditures.
  • Unlimited comments can be associated with specific projects/grants.
  • Project cost summary reports
  • Project detail reports.

Purchase Order Tracking/Encumbrance

Features Include:

  • On-line interactive entry and validation of each purchase order detail charge
  • Accounts Payable module feature allows ýshort cutý method of entering invoices previously committed through the Purchase Order module subsystem. This feature includes appropriate automatic journal entries when payable amounts differ from the purchase order
  • Correction feature allows user to correct or void purchase orders previously posted. Corrections to all appropriate accounts and controls is automatic.
  • On-line inquiry of any purchase order in the system
  • On-demand reports of open purchase orders listed by vendor, purchase order number or department
  • Monthly and on-demand detail audit trail report by purchase order, giving full detail of all original purchase orders, adjustments, payments, and balances.
  • Monthly and on-demand report of all closed purchase orders
  • On-line inquiry of account balances

Real Estate/Personal Tax Billing

The municiPAL® Tax Modules are designed to assist you in the levy, billing and collection of Real Estate and Personal Property taxes, and can be interfaced directly with assessing agency files. Information is provided for properties and individual taxpayers.

An interface exists between this system and our Cash Receipt Management and Accounts Receivable modules so that all accounts are automatically updated and posted upon collection, eliminating the need for duplicate journal posting. For agencies that collect for other taxing districts, municiPAL® tracks amounts due to those other governments, facilitating remittance.

Features Include:

  • Multi-year history of tax billing & collections
  • Tax levy books may be printed as needed.
  • Complete history of property transfers
  • Prior year delinquent tax books also available.
  • Customized interface to files generated by external assessing agency
  • Interface provided to most major tax services and mortgage companies for billing and collection
  • Ability to enter on-line exonerations, additions, missed billings, etc., and generate adjusted or supplemental bills
  • Automated interface to banks to process mass payments or lock box payment advice
  • User-defined tax classes and tax rates
  • All reports available by tax district
  • Inquiry into payment status for any year
  • Delinquent reports available by year of delinquency and billing
  • On-line search by property number, taxpayer name, physical address, or map location as needed
  • User-defined assessment breakout such as County/State or County/City/Fire District


The municiPAL Requisition Module allows distributed entry of requests for goods and services. These automated requisitions can be routed to the proper person for approval and ultimate purchase, eliminating the time consuming paper trail. The Requisition Module interfaces directly with our purchasing and accounting modules.


  • On-line entry of requests
  • Budget balance checking
  • Restrict requestor to specific accounts, commodities or dollar limit
  • User define multi-tiered on-line approval levels
  • Check status of your request on-line at any time
  • Automatic transfer of approved requisitions to the purchasing department
  • Pull one or more approved requisitions into a purchase order
  • Maintain Requisition history

Service Request

Efficiently monitor the workflow associated with tasks generated by citizen or staff requests with this easy to use Windows-based tool. Monitors requests, service calls, complaints, schedules activities, tracks actions from initiation to completion and routes requests to proper department. Generates Request for Action forms, History of requests and actions taken. Can be web-enabled.

Inform staff and citizens by printing requests and emailing them to proper departments. Compose and send follow-up letters to citizens. Handle citizen complaints (for instance: Animal Control, Parks & Recreation Scheduling, Permit application tracking, Facilities maintenance, Senior Center Activity Scheduling and more!

You will discover many uses! Use the report writer for professionally prepared reports and graphs.

Special Assessment

The Special Assessments module of municiPAL® is useful if your agency periodically bills groups of property owners for long-term principal and interest charges against the property. Entry of information is done by identifying a specific billing group and a real property parcel number. The interfacing receivables module allows you to view the data via the property reference and also via the billing party. This dual database view enables you to review all properties billed to a specific person or all charges against a property.

Time & Attendance

Features Include:

  • Precise data collection and record keeping
  • Automatic polling and posting of time clock activity records
  • Battery backup to store records in case of power or network outages
  • Computes hours and pay rates according to your policies
  • Programmed calculation of grace periods and record rounding

Utility Billing

Supports a wide variety of utility services such as electric, water, sewer, trash removal, facility charges and more.

Features Include:

  • Customer information
  • Meter management
  • Rate schedules
  • Meter reading
  • Billing
  • Reporting
  • Customer service
  • Financial integration

Work Management

Features Include:

  • On-line maintenance of planning classifications, resource use, work activities, etc.
  • ýWhat ifý budgeting - easily construct a budget on-line based on levels of activity. Recalculations based on your programs are immediate.
  • On-line distribution of a monthly workload.
  • On-line inquiry on status of any task.
  • Workload Distribution Plan.
  • Many report functions, including: Planned Work Program Reports, Resource Requirements Reports, Budget Cost Distribution Reports by month, Work Program Budget Tracking Reports (indicating planned/actual hours, expenditures and accomplishments), and Monthly Work Status Reports, tracking planned and actual staff time used per month, noting deviations.

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