Finance Software Systems

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A web-based software system designed by QS/1 Governmental Solutions for government & public administration companies.

About Finance Software Systems

Accurately manage government financials with fully-integrated modules for accounting, billing, budgeting and more. The integrated systems allow you to access past, current and future data in real-time. Control inventory and assets including vehicle and equipment maintenance. Even bill for services like utilities and garbage pickup.

Utility Billing Easily navigate the day-to-day intricacies of managing a water, gas or electric utility. The system helps you manage both large and small offices and can even handle sewer, sprinkler systems and dumpsters. The system’s integrated functionality and customer service options make it a powerful single source solution for any utility operation.

General Ledger/Accounts Payable/Budget Maintain fiscal accountability across departments and offices. Keep accounts in balance, control your assets and more with our comprehensive software. The easy-to-use system integrates with other QS/1 solutions including payroll, business license, utility billing and others, providing a complete, yet flexible, accounting solution.

Project Accounting Handle long-term accounting projects with QS/1’s Project Accounting solution. Maintain data for the life of the project, not just a fiscal year.

Accounts Receivable Create new streams of revenue or capture fees for the services you provide with our integrated system. With comprehensive invoicing features, you can set up your own charges, print invoices and bill customers. Detailed records contain information about customers, services and an account history that displays information from years past.

Payroll The tasks of managing a payroll system are made even more challenging by a dizzying array of employee pay types and classifications. That’s why our system has built-in flexibility. The integrated system has the tools to help you quickly manage any size payroll, even storing detailed employee histories with photos.

Personnel Maintaining your employee records is easier with a comprehensive personnel system. Simple, organized navigation makes entering and searching employee slots as easy as a few keystrokes or mouse clicks. For further efficiency, the system integrates with the Payroll solution to share common information.

Business License Keep up with the constant changes in your business community. The system integrates with the general ledger solution to eliminate duplicate entering of information. With fully-customizable documents, forms and rates, the system also alerts you to any past due taxes before renewing a license.

Fixed Assets Do more than just keep track of your assets. QS/1 Governmental Solutions helps you pinpoint their location, manage their depreciation, stay in compliance with GASB 34 reporting requirements and more. Store detailed information about assets, including a picture of the item. Exceptional reporting and documentation features make tracking items easy and accurate.

Permits We have a complete solution for your office’s permitting needs. In addition to computing charges to assigning numbers, the system also maintains inspection records, contractor information and other data for complete record keeping. The system is flexible with permits and charges set up to your specifications.

Municipal Tax QS/1’s Municipal Tax solution provides full accountability with tools for appraisal, taxation, calculation, and record-keeping to ensure compliance with changing tax regulations.

Inventory Manage the fluctuation of your inventory more accurately. Bar code technology provides instant accountability, managing the location of equipment and updating changes in stock totals.

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User Reviews of Finance Software Systems

Submitted on October 20th, 2020 by Carla Suarez

A suite of services aimed at municipal applications

The Good…

The software has performed well for almost 20 years

The Bad…

There is no portal to link with other municipal software such as CityWorks or Workforce. Every city that I know is implementing these programs and there is no link available. That alone has us considering other financial software suites.