QS/1 Governmental

A web-based software system designed by QS/1 Governmental Solutions for government & public administration companies.

About QS/1 Governmental

Manage everything for your courts from dockets to ticket collections with one easy to use system - QS/1’s Court Management solution. We offer systems for the following offices:

  • Clerk of Court
  • Magistrate/Municipal Courts
  • Probate Judge

The systems allow you to check and cross-check collections, print state required reports, manage your courts’ day-to-day scheduling, disburse fines and more. And with our exclusive Warrant Tracking software, each system is automatically updated so you’ll know if a warrant has been generated or a case has been disposed at any time.

Easy to Learn and Use

  • Instantly access information
  • Easily enter a variety of information into the system including attorneys, bondsmen and more
  • Find your way around the system with easy navigational tools
  • Enter multiple affiants, witnesses and victims for individual tickets
  • Utilize state-specific probate court systems
  • Meet and exceed all state requirements with our frequent system updates
  • Know the status of a warrant or case in seconds no matter which office is handling it
  • Update information in real-time across integrated systems for Clerk of Court, Probate Judge and Magistrate/Municipal Courts

Day-to-Day Operations

  • Handle scheduling of court dates and times
  • Index juvenile, general sessions, domestic relations, common pleas and other types of cases
  • Maintain marriage licenses, estate and mental health cases
  • Sort and print court dockets to meet your needs
  • Log legal papers
  • Collect full and partial payments
  • Calculate monies due
  • Handle jury tasks including selection, notification, checks and more
  • Print refund and restitution checks
  • Distribute funds for fines, assessments and other fees
  • Print form letters including driver’s license suspension notices
  • Print receipts
  • Post payments to accounts automatically
  • Update year-to-date account balances

Tracking and Reporting Capabilities

  • Laser warrants eliminate special forms
  • Print warrants that include photos from reference
  • Track traffic and criminal tickets
  • Store, update and print bench warrants
  • Track indictments
  • Track issuance of notices and all parties to a case
  • Generate monthly collection reports to share with other offices
  • Track account balances for collections
  • Include state requirements for official reports
  • Create your own customized reports

Calculations and Exemptions

  • Calculate local option sales tax discount and update bills accordingly
  • Calculate industrial abatement exemption
  • Calculate levies for taxing entities within a county
  • Handle manufacturer reimbursement exemptions
  • Calculate legal residence exemption and apply it to tax bills
  • Apply penalties and costs for multiple years

Delinquent Taxes

  • Build and track newspaper advertisements of property sales for non-payment of taxes
  • Print delinquent notices
  • Print tax sale reports

Tracking and Reporting Capabilities

  • Ensure accurate balancing with extensive, cross-referencing reports
  • Track tax dollars throughout the system
  • Report distribution of taxes to local taxing entities
  • Submit electronic reports for Legal Residence Reimbursements and Homestead Reimbursements
  • Print reports on bond information

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