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About CAFRonline

CAFR Online is a web application for local governments to compile annual financial reports. It has all of the features of a word processor, but also allows the client to access financial statements compiled by a database. CAFR Online is used in a collaborative environment. You provide the data. Thales Consulting compiles the financial reports. You review the results, post adjusting entries, and edit the narrative. You maintain complete control–we just make the process easier to manage.


  • One application and it is all on the web!
  • Quickly post adjustments that flow through all the financials and CAFRLATOR values.
  • CAFRLATOR values are amounts that flow from the financials and can be inserted anywhere, like in the MD&A.
  • Thales Consulting Inc. uploads your trial balance and compiles all your financial statements as a service (included in price).
  • Database driven, which means consistent compilations and transparency of all financial amounts, including adjustments posted on-line.
  • Have a draft financial report prepared before the auditor arrives.
  • Easy to learn, like using e-mail on the web.
  • Discuss accounting issues with other clients at our forum board.
  • Free support and upgrades.

Available Annual Services

  • Import Actual Year-to-date Trial Balance Amounts from GL
  • Import Budget Revenue and Expense Amounts from GL
  • Run Major Fund Test
  • Map Actual Amounts to Various Financial Statements
  • Update Cafrlator Values
  • Post Closing Entries (If required)
  • Post Rounding Adjustments
  • Revise Financials per client requests
  • Review Financial reports formatting
  • Provide List of Adjustments posted to GL (available on-line also)
  • Provide drill-down functionality for all reports (available on-line)
  • Provide Financial Rollup detail reports for all financial reports
  • Post Audit Adjustments
  • Post GASB Adjustments
  • Review/Update Notes and associated Cafrlator values
  • Review/Update MD&A and associated Cafrlator values

Why Is CAFR Online Faster?

CAFR-online is a solution that improves on the current method of generating Annual Financial Reports. CAFR-online provides many benefits, including…

  • Information is centrally located in one application. This includes:
    • Adjusting entries
    • Text for Notes and MD&A
    • Trial balance and all financial computations.
  • Computations are done in a database.
    • All financial reports are written from a database.
    • CAFRlator values update the MD&A, Notes, and other statements.
  • Information is available to all stakeholders because the application is on the web.
  • Everything is seamlessly created and formatted into a single .pdf.

Product Overview

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