Citizen Services

A multi-module management system designed by Tyler Technologies for government & public administration companies.

About Citizen Services

EDEN Citizen Services with GIS offers ýfront-officeý solutions that increase the efficiency in working with your constituents. Modules such as EDEN Permits & Inspections, Parcel Manager, Licensing and Utility Billing contain an outstanding feature set and offer an enterprise-wide approach for completing outward-facing services. All of this adds up to an easy-to-use, comprehensive package for any government agency.

Customer Requests

EDEN Customer Requests helps agencies implement standardized procedures for handling internal or external requests. Customer Requests electronically tracks the requests from inception to completion using user-defined workflows and automated notification features.


EDEN Licensing tracks and supports the process for individual and business licenses. Agencies can track new license applications, billing, license renewals and gross receipt reporting, late notices and penalties as well as compliance. The combination of embedded GIS and integration with EDEN Financials applications makes this the software of choice for licensing professionals. Also, the email-based workflow in Licensing improves efficiency for inter-departmental approval processes. The optional Web component simplifies the license application process, so that both citizens and office staff can save time.

Parcel Manager

EDEN Parcel Manager maintains a comprehensive database of property information that serves as the foundation for all EDEN Citizen Services applications. Parcel Manager tracks parcel and property attributes, and stores information on buildings and businesses. Parcel Manager centralizes your agency’s address maintenance and integrates desktop mapping directly within the interface of the application. Also, Parcel Manager centralizes parcel data for use by multiple modules. Files such as deeds, easements and photographs can be scanned and stored electronically to link to associated parcel records. Parcel Manager also has an optional Web component that allows citizens to view parcel maps and other data through a browser.

Permits & Inspections

EDEN Permits & Inspections provides a complete solution for community development, building, engineering and public works departments. Permits & Inspections features integrated, email-enabled workflow and routing, as well as embedded mapping and Geographical Information System (GIS) functionality. The embedded GIS and mapping functions allow you to see where permit activity is taking place directly on the parcel map. Integration with EDEN Financials applications provides robust financial processing and controls. Also, integration with EDEN Permits & Inspections and Parcel Manager applications makes land use, owner and zoning information instantly available during the permitting process. The optional Web component extends the permit counter to the Internet, reducing time spent in handling customer inquiries. Now, both contractors and citizens alike can pay for permits, schedule and pay for inspections and view inspection results online.

Special Assessments

EDEN Special Assessments provides an easy way to manage assessments associated with groups of parcels–for a capital improvement, a one-time action, or a perpetual service. From viewing details for a specific parcel to calculating fees for a district and billing, receipting and sending notices, Special Assessments helps agencies manage a variety of tasks with ease. Special Assessments integrates with EDEN Parcel Manager to provide GIS mapping for assessment districts. Special Assessments also integrates with EDEN Financials applications to post payables and receivables, and process refunds.

Utility Billing

EDEN Utility Billing manages the accounts receivable process of billing and receipting for utility services. Utility Billing allows you to track an unlimited number of customers, service locations, services and fees with any account. Also, Utility Billing links directly to EDEN General Ledger and Accounts Payable applications for posting and refund processing. Integration with EDEN Parcel Manager makes it possible to view actual routes and address locations via embedded mapping functions. The optional Web component allows utility customers to send inquiries, place service order requests and pay bills online.

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