A full ERP system designed by Xyntax Native Systems for government & public administration companies.

About Xyntax

The fully integrated nature of the Xyntax software and the multi-user capability of Unix/Linux operating system, provide you with superb flexibility and access to information without compromising the security of your information. Xyntax offers a comprehensive General Ledger which is fully integrated with the Band Membership, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Payroll subsystems. Because of this total integration, duplicate postings or re-postings are virtually eliminated, leaving more time for information retrieval and other managerial duties.

Account Receivable

Feature Summary

  • Automatically generated control posting to General Ledger
  • Computer or manually generated invoicing
  • Detailed Audit trail
  • Recurring Invoicies posted by batch or interactively
  • Invoicing Codes are customized for ease of entry
  • Drill down from General Ledger to AR Control Accounts
  • Laser Printed A/R invoices and statements with custom logos
  • Quick Review and analysis of receivables

Accounts Payable w/Per Capita Distribution

Feature Summary

  • Payment tracking by Supplier or Band Member
  • ýPay-toý feature allows payment on behalf of Band Members
  • Multi Recurring payable grouping
  • Complete reporting Drill down from General Ledger to Accounts Payable
  • Per Capita Distribution payments linked to membership database
  • Maintan complete and unlimited supplier transaction history for as long as you choose
  • A/P Cash requirements forecasting
  • Invoice batch or realtime processing
  • Xyntax Laserchek feature and Direct Electronic Funds Transfer (DEFT option)

Canadian Payroll

Feature Summary

  • YTD earnings and deductions summary on cheque stubs
  • Multiple deductions
  • Weekly, Bi-weekly, Semi-monthly, or Monthly payrolls
  • Hourly, Salaried or Contract employees
  • Multiple Pay periods and payroll deduction classifications
  • Laser and electronic T4’s
  • Cross company or department payments
  • Electronic Banking (DEFT option)

Community Database (Band Membership)

Feature Summary

  • Canadian First Nation Database provides a listing of all bands in Canada
  • Band Member Database linked to Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and Social Services modules
  • Per Capita distribution Pay to for Minors: to keep track of Minors cheques
  • Change of status number tracking
  • Provides comprehensive reports based on individual requirements
  • Complete database of band members including optional skills and education info

Electronic Banking

Direct Deposit of Accounts Payable or Payroll is a quick and inexpensive way to transfer authorized funds from you bank account to suppliers or employees. Often this form of payment costs less the traditional cheque processing. Currently, Xyntax software supports electronic funds transfer to the displayed financial institutions. Contact your bank’s electronic funds transfer department for more information.

General Ledger and Management Reporting

Feature Summary

  • Integration with subledgers
  • Recurring and Accrual Journal Entries
  • Individual or Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Automatic update of General Ledger through subledgers
  • User Defined Reporting Formats
  • Integrated ‘Spreadsheet’ report designs
  • Powerful ‘budget checking’ capabilities
  • Drill down’ feature on GL accounts into other modules

GST Tracking and Recovery

The Xyntax GST Tracking/Recovery Module integrates with the Xyntax Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable modules to assist the financial manager in identifying specific GST code types, embedded GST expenditures (e.g. travel allowances and expenses) and missed or incorrectly coded GST entries. Any financial system can report on specific account postings which represent the GST amounts from each invoice.

Xyntax tracks and reports on the missed postings and identifies invoices, expenditure types and GL account codes which should have a GST component. This greatly reduces the GST recovery audit time by pointing directly to items for further investigation.

Purchase Orders w/Electronic Requisitions

Feature Summary

  • Integrated to Accounts Payable Module and General Ledger/Budgeting Module
  • ‘Committed Funds’ accounting with ‘budget checking’ facility for better control of expenditures
  • Cross-reference field requisition numbers and purchase order numbers
  • Predefined PO codes for redundant ordering
  • Xyntax PO Laser Forms
  • Pay-on-behalf-of’ feature for Band Members or Project expenditure allocation

Social Assistance

Feature Summary

  • The Budget and Decision form may be customized to suit needs of individual First Nation Bands (BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan formats)
  • Unique Laser Forms for B&D and Month -End reporting
  • Quick-Pay using Xyntax ‘LaserChek’ system
  • Activate or de-activate periods for better control of monthly reconciliation
  • Caseworker appointment scheduler
  • Recurring payments for continuing Clients
  • Enhanced security and tracking system
  • Security controlled Income Verification

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