A web-based software system designed by Centium Software for real estate & property management companies.

About GuestPoint

GuestPoint is a complete property management system designed specifically for small and medium sized independent accommodation properties including hotels, motels, boutique inns, spas, resorts, back packers, hostels, mining camps and bed & breakfast accommodations.

GuestPoint® is quick to set up, easy to use and full of modern time saving tools that assist in running your property. At Centium Software we realize that running a property is a 24/7 job, so, GuestPoint® is backed up by a 24/7 customer support team that are ready and willing to assist you at any time.

Since its release in 2011,GuestPoint® has won four major international software awards, recognizing the superior innovations that have made GuestPoint® such a success. GuestPoint® brings to its users a set of tools which, until recently, have only been available to bigger properties with tens of thousands of dollars to spend on IT infrastructure and revenue maximization. But, the reality is, that regardless of the size of your property, you have the same need for profitability and streamlined operations in order to be successful.

In GuestPoint®’s intuitive design, we have built everything you need to manage a small to mid-sized property efficiently, while keeping a strong focus on increasing online bookings and profitability. The challenge that Centium met with GuestPoint®, was delivering complex functionality in a user-friendly intuitive interface.

Access Locally and in the Cloud

One of the reasons GuestPoint® has won awards, is the innovative way we deploy the solution for our clients. GuestPoint® is a new breed of software that recognizes both the benefits and risks of running a mission critical application like property management in the cloud.

The advantages of running in the cloud are:

  • your data is always backed up
  • your credit cards details are secure
  • you can access your data from anywhere

The advantages of software installed at your property are:

  • You have no risk of downtime if your Internet connection is lost or very slow
  • If your supplier goes out of business, your software can still be accessed
  • Response time is extremely fast as the data is stored on your PC

GuestPoint® uses a unique hybrid data engine that gives you the best of both worlds. Your data (except credit card information) is all stored at your property and as you use GuestPoint®, it accesses this data. This means GuestPoint® is very fast and you can keep working even when the Internet is down.

GuestPoint® also continuously synchronises your data up to the Centium Cloud Server where it is regularly backed up. The Cloud Server is continually monitoring changes in your available inventory and will automatically update your online booking page and sent updates to your Channel Manager.

You can access your data on the Centium Cloud Server from anywhere in the world. Just load GuestPoint® on your laptop and log in using Web Mode.

Accounting Made Easy

Keeping track of your accounts and making sure you have charged customers correctly has never been easier. GuestPoint® allows you to easily correct any mistakes in the room account, and keeps a full auditable history of changes.

With GuestPoint®, you can easily transfer charges to another guest, company account or travel agent account. GuestPoint® also allows easy one-click invoicing of room charges to a company debtor account. You can also email invoices and statements.

There is a wealth of financial reports available and GuestPoint® can export your revenue and banking to your accounting system

Easy to Use

GuestPoint® is easy to learn and easy to use. With just two hours training, you will be entering reservations, checking guests in and out, processing payments and room accounts and using many of the other great time-saving features of GuestPoint®.

GuestPoint® was designed by people who know what it takes to run a small hotel. That’s because Centium Software actually owns a small 4 Star hotel in Brisbane, Australia. This provides us with great insight into what is really needed in software to manage a small property and is a great test-base.

When we designed GuestPoint®, we deliberately made it look and feel like the familiar environment of a front desk. Everything is comfortably at your fingertips. GuestPoint® is quick to move around and easy to navigate.

If you have never used a computerized property management system, then GuestPoint® is especially for you. There are no complicated menus or detailed procedures to memorize. Just the functionality you need to get the job done. Simple step-by-step processes guide new users through many common processes, to help them become quickly familiar with GuestPoint®.

Since GuestPoint® was released in 2011, it has won four major international software awards for design and innovation.

Group Management

If you manage groups at your property, GuestPoint® will help streamline this time consuming process. Right from the initial quote and holding rooms, through group check-in and group check-out, GuestPoint® makes this easy. GuestPoint® also makes reconciling the group account and individual accounts easy, including options to quickly move a charge that has been sent to the wrong account.

Information at Your Fingertips

From the moment you start using GuestPoint®, you will have access to a wealth of real-time information about your property. Most of your time will be spent on the Reservation Plan (Tape Chart), where you can instantly see occupancy levels, room availability, check-in status, competitor rates and much more. Detailed-Reservations-plan

The “At A Glance” screen can be popped-up with just one click to give you the most up-to-date information about what is happening in your property today and tomorrow.

In addition to standard reports the Dashboard provides access to current and historical data about revenue, occupancy and bookings in a clear graphical format. The gauges give you instant information about key performance indicators. It also includes a Sales Analysis Tool to help you put in hypothetical targets and see what the impact would have been on your sales.

If you are mobile, the GuestPoint® Remote iPhone app and website gives to access to real-time information about your property including new bookings, occupancy and quick audit that performs a number of financial checks, detecting any anomalies occurring while you’re absent. It is perfect for remote owners or managers on holidays who need to keep their fingers on the pulse of their property’s operations.

Maximize Revenue

When we designed GuestPoint®, we recognized the challenges facing small properties in developing a Yield Management strategy and also finding the time to manage it. GuestPoint® includes a powerful and easy to use tool that constantly monitors your occupancy and adjusts room rates automatically, based on simple rules you create – to help you increase profitability. revenue-maximizer

With GuestPoint® you can very easily:

  • lncrease your rates by a fixed amount, or percentage, once you reach a pre-set occupancy
  • Decrease your rates by a fixed amount, or percentage, if you are below pre-set occupancy
  • Set the days of the week to adjust rates
  • Set different increases, decreases and occupancy levels for short, medium and long term date ranges
  • Turn off specific online channels once occupancy reaches set levels (requires a Channel Manager)
  • Specify any rates not to be adjusted

Putting this into practice, as an example, you might decide to increase your rates by $10 once you reach 80% occupancy within the next 5 days and decrease rates by $15 it you have not reached 60% occupancy within the same date range. You might also increase rates by $5 when you reach 70% occupancy between 5 to 15 days out. Additionally, you can remove inventory from specific sales channels, (e.g. for any nights when you reach 80% occupancy.

Once you set these rules, GuestPoint® automatically takes care of the rate change across all your online sales channels. At any time you can quickly make changes and adjust the strategy for different times of the year when your booking trends alter i.e. Christmas and school holidays.


Do you have a number of staff in reception and back of house? With GuestPoint® this is no problem. You can use GuestPoint® on as many PC’s as you need. A simple click of a link and GuestPoint® is ready to go. There is no additional charge for additional users.

Online Bookings

The challenge with integrating online bookings is overcoming the possibility of overbookings without spending countless hours a day monitoring and updating inventory.

GuestPoint® safely immerses your property into the online world. Over 50% of all accommodation bookings are made online and this figure continues to grow. Smart properties cannot afford to be left behind in this vital area.

GuestPoint® includes a number of ways your customers can book online giving you broad coverage on the web to drive online bookings. Most importantly, GuestPoint® keeps the inventory available and rates completely synchronized so all you need to do is sit back and watch the bookings come in.

WebPoint® is the commission-free online booking page that comes included with GuestPoint® at no extra fee. To use it, all you need to do is have a booking button link from your website to your WebPoint® page.

When a guest books, their booking will drop straight into the GuestPoint® reservation plan (tape chart) and your guests receive a detailed confirmation email all automatically. Their credit card details are securely stored in our PCI Compliant Credit Card Vault or you can process a deposit for full payment.

You also get a mobile version of your WebPoint® Page. More and more accommodation bookings are made through mobile phones and tablets, so it is nice to know you’re covered here.

GuestPoint® also includes a Facebook booking page. If you have a Facebook Page for your property, you can easily add the GuestPoint® booking page. You can also offer automated discounts if guests “Like” you.

Selling rooms via the many online travel agents (such as, Last Minute etc) has become essential for properties to compete for business. With the need to be on many sales channels, it is impossible to manage without a Channel Manager tool. GuestPoint® seamlessly integrates with SiteMinder, ResOnline and Seekom, three of the most popular channel managers.

As a room is sold via one of your online travel agents (or booking sites), the reservation is automatically sent to GuestPoint®, which reduces available inventory. GuestPoint® then instantly updates your own commission-free online bookings sites (WebPoint®, WebPoint® Mobile and Facebook) and sends an update to the channel manager, which in turn updates all online travel agent sites. All of this happens automatically 24/7 even when you are busy with other aspects of managing your property or even sleeping!

Once the entire online system is working, you have a very powerful global selling machine.

Secure Credit Card Vault

With increased credit card fraud, GuestPoint® includes a Secure Credit Card Vault that stores key credit card details in an encrypted database at the secure Centium data center. Working with leading PCI compliance company, Vectra Corporation, Centium developed the way to securely store your guest card details away from your premises and still give you quick access to these details as required.

Streamline Housekeeping

You can streamline your housekeeping with GuestPoint®. Our smart housekeeping system knows what rooms need cleaning, what type of clean is required and approximately how long the cleaning will take. You can optionally assign cleaners to different rooms and produce a roster for each cleaner.

You can also tell GuestPoint® about your common areas (eg Reception) and these can be automatically included in the cleaning schedule too. The cleaning schedule can be easily printed.

If you are at reception, dealing with guests and using the Reservation Plan, you can easily keep an eye on the progress of housekeeping with the At A Glance “Rooms to Clean” pop-up, which shows you how many rooms are left to clean.

Product Overview

  • Developer Centium Software
  • Type Hotel Management Software
  • Client OS Web
  • Deployment Cloud or On-Premises

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