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A inventory application designed by inFlow Inventory Software.

About inFlow Inventory

inFlow is an inventory management software solution. This solution is available as an on-premise or cloud-based solution. However, inFlow On-Premise is no longer receiving new features. For a consistently updated and improved solution, this vendor recommends inFlow Cloud.

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Get Yourself Organized

Product List

All your product info in one place including pictures, prices and categories

Movement History

Never loose track of any item ever again. Know where everything was and where it will be

Multiple Locations

Organize your items by locations and even sub-locations to track aisle and bin numbers

Boost Your Efficiency

Integrate Barcodes

Assign barcodes to items and use scanners for faster data entry and less mistakes

Multi-User Mode

Have everyone working in real-time with the same data and restrict access rights if needed

Document Creation

Instantly generate invoices, purchase orders, shipping docs and more with a few clicks

Look Professional

Custom Documents

Your small business does not have to look small. Customize documents to professionally match your own brand

Export Documents

Export all your business documents and reports to PDF or excel for easy printing or emailing

Customer History

Keep track of your vendors and customers while answering their inquires quickly and professionally

Stay Knowledgeable

Built in Reporting

Reports for sales, profit, costs, top products, back orders, how long your inventory will last and more

Customizable Reporting

Flexible filters, columns and sorting options. Save your customizations for the next time

Intuitive Dashboard

Instantly see your cash flow, sales, profit, costs, outstanding orders, and a customizable top 5 list

Maintain All Your Data

CSV Import

Get started right away by importing your existing product, customer and vendor data

CSV Export

Export all your data restriction free to integrate with other programs such as QuickBooks

Automatic Backup

Sleep better at night knowing your database is backed up. Set your own backup frequency too.

Even More Features

Bills of Materials

Automatically assemble finished products from raw materials, updating the inventory accordingly

Complete Workflow

Track more detailed items like shipping information, specialized picking and customer returns

Custom Fields

Rename any label to match your business needs. You can also add your own fields too

Use Cases

  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale
  • Asset Tracking



Plan Price
Regular $399/license
Premium $799/license

A free version of the on-premises solution is available


Plan Price*
Essentials $69/month
Essentials Team $119/month
Advanced $149/month
Advanced Team $269/month
Enterprise $599/month

Prices above based on annual pre-paid subscription. Additional fees apply for extra team members.

Product Overview

User Reviews of inFlow Inventory

Submitted on February 13th, 2020 by Rachel Wu from Griffin Distribution

We needed the ability to run a small number of inventory items outside of our current ERP. However, we quickly realized how much better and easy to work in inFlow was, so we’ve been migrating over for the past year. It’s a great powerful tool and I highly recommend it!

Submitted on February 13th, 2020 by Bruce Allen from Microtronic Inc.

Has streamlined a manual purchasing and inventory system with ease. I have used small off the shelf accounting products up to large ERP systems, and for a small business inFlow just rocks.

Submitted on February 12th, 2020 by Mark Casquero from Enterprise

I love that it has all the features from purchase to sales and the inventory functionalities are comprehensive. I would say that this is the top inventory software in its class, before the big ERPs.

Submitted on February 12th, 2020 by Dominga Vitale from MedcOR Medical Systems

inFlow has proven to be the most reliable, user-friendly, and costs saving software tool to manage our inventory, sales and purchase all together.