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ACCTivate! Advanced Inventory and Distribution Management

A inventory application designed by Alterity.
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ACCTivate! is a complete business management system designed for inventory intensive businesses with one major goal … to help them control and manage their operations efficiently and more profitably.

It can help you take control of your inventory and day-to-day operations while providing management-information for the entire business.

If you’re a growing small or midsize business with inventory and other operations problems, then ACCTivate! can help.

ACCTivate! alerts you to issues before they become problems. With ACCTivate! you can manage your inventory to help ensure that you never run out of products; be alerted to customers that have overdue invoices; be kept informed of purchases that should have already been received; and so much more.

ACCTivate! really is a total package for your operations, from 1 to 500+ employees. The entire system is interlinked so it’s lightning fast to find the information you need, when you need it and it is all-in-one system.

ACCTivate! integrates with QuickBooks and has since 2003. ACCTivate! is a QuickBooks Gold Developer as recognized by Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks and a 2007, 2008 Sleeter Awesome Add-on as recognized by The Sleeter Group.

Business Activity Management

Track virtually any type of activity, project or event you want with the Business Activity Management add-on feature. The only constraint is your own imagination. Also, link the activity to other modules within the system (i.e. a sales order, purchase order, customer record, etc.).

Track any of the following and any other activities, issues or events that meet the needs of your business:

  • RMAs- Track RMAs that seamlessly tie together the customer, the order and the reason for return.
  • Customer Service- Manage customer service calls and keep a permanent record that any user can open and update.
  • Collections & late-payments- Track credit collection and late-payments and update only one file when you have new information.
  • Sales Prospects- Manage sales prospects for initial calls, through question and answers to purchase.
  • Service & Repair work- Manage service calls for repairs or other billable/non-billable work.
  • Lost Shipments- Track lost shipments and include links to the customer and the order.

Credit Card Processing

Enter and process credit cards directly in ACCTivate! with QuickBooks Merchant Service.

  • Quickly process credit cards.
  • Synchronize credit card payments with QuickBooks after processing.

Customer Relationship Management

The ACCTivate! system provides you with a very powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that allows you to effectively manage and strengthen your customer relationships.

  • See an instant big-picture view of each customer including their order status, overdue invoices, credit status, special notes and more.
  • Manage multiple ship-to locations and multiple contacts.
  • Run reports that show your top selling accounts or create reports to show the inventory they purchased.

Customer Self-Service

The ACCTivate! Customer Self-Service add-on feature allows authorized customers to view the status of their account, orders, invoices and payments through the Internet at anytime.

  • Reduce manual intervention and frequent phone interruptions.
  • Give your customers a live look at their account status as information is instantly pulled from the ACCTivate! database.

Drop-Ship Purchasing

ACCTivate! can easily create purchase orders to send products from your vendor to your customer with the easy-to-use Drop-Ship Purchasing add-on feature.

  • Automated process of producing purchase orders makes drop-shipments quick and easy.
  • Dramatic time-savings as the back-and-forth data entry between the sales order and purchase order is all handled by a wizard.
  • Create individual or multiple purchase orders at once.

e-Commerce Integration

The ACCTivate! Shopping Cart interface add-on feature creates ACCTivate! sales orders directly from you web shopping cart orders.

  • Perform a one-time configuration and the process will then be automated.
  • Orders are created in batch mode, not individually.

EDI Management

With a little help from ACCTivate! EDI manager, your business can function just as if it were a major corporation.

The ACCTivate! EDI Manager, when partnered with TrueCommerce is a powerful productivity system in which the most common EDI documents integrate directly with ACCTivate!.

ACCTivate! captures EDI data automatically from standard operations

  • Received EDI transactions are automatically fed into the standard order fulfillment process
  • Shipment packaging is derived automatically from normal/picking/packing operations
  • Tracking numbers are directly captured from UPS/FedEx for each carton
  • Return EDI transactions are generated automatically - No data to key

Inventory Management

ACCTivate! has been specifically designed from the ground-up to help you manage your inventory, so that you can keep control of your business.

  • Easily manage inventory in multiple warehouses including inventory controlled by lot number, serial number, UPC or barcode.
  • See what inventory is on-hand, available to sell, scheduled to ship and on-order.
  • See alerts when inventory drops below reorder points.
  • Cost your inventory by LIFO, FIFO, weighted average, standard or actual (lot or serial number) valuation.


The ACCTivate! Kitting add-on feature is designed to accommodate companies that sell products that are sold as a single unit but are composed of multiple components that are collected or ‘kitted’ when shipped.

  • Satisfy your customers by not having to make them remember all the components of the kit just the kit product.
  • Supply an item-by-item pick list for the warehouse to pull and assemble the kit together.
  • Show all components of the final kit product on the packing list or just the kit product.

Location Management

ACCTivate! handles multiple warehouses, branches and companies.

  • Better organize and transfer inventory between warehouses by separating inventory into multiple warehouses (actual or virtual).
  • Logically separate your sales orders into different sales branches for the same company.
  • Run as many companies as you like (under common ownership) with one copy of ACCTivate!.

Lot & Serial Number Control

ACCTivate! can create and track an unlimited amount of products that have lot or serial numbers.

  • Record lot or serial numbers as soon as you receive the product into inventory.
  • Track lot or serial numbers, so that you can find them at any time for future reference.
  • Integrate a barcode reader to scan items that have serial numbered barcodes.

Mobile Operations

Save time, improve efficiency and reduce errors with ACCTivate! Mobile modules.

Mobile Sales Orders add-on

  • Take orders directly on your mobile device while on the move.
  • Increase accuracy by scanning a product barcode with a built-in or plug-in barcode scanner.
  • Quickly finish and print the order without leaving your customer.

Mobile Order Picking add-on

  • No more paper printouts needed. View a list of all orders that need to be picked on your mobile device.
  • Pick an order and submit it as picked, all on your mobile device.
  • Use a barcode scanner to scan the barcode to pick the product and increase productivity.

Mobile Inventory Receiving add-on

  • Pull up purchase orders on your mobile device.
  • Know what was ordered before you sign for it.
  • Receive purchase orders directly on your mobile device

Mobile Inventory Management add-on

  • Perform live inventory counts on the fly. A dramatic time-saver for year-end inventory counts or cycle-counting.
  • Transfer inventory between warehouses and warehouse locations.

Multiple Pricing

ACCTivate! puts you in control of your pricing with built-in pricing functionality that is robust and 100% configurable for your company.

You can setup your entire pricing system to match the way that you do business and ACCTivate! will mange it all.

Multiple-Location Control

Track inventory in any location that is a step below the warehouse and be able to stock product in multiple locations with the Multiple-Location Control add-on module.

  • See the available and on-hand quantity for each location a product is stocked.
  • Set a primary location for a product that will be the default location for every transaction.
  • Set up locations at once or add new locations on the fly.
  • Transfer inventory between locations
  • Receive inventory into locations
  • Sell products from locations

Order Processing

ACCTivate! provides the processes and information needed to manage order flow from quotation to order to delivery.

  • See customer credit problems and inventory levels directly on the order entry screen.
  • Use popup notes to up-sell or notify of product or customer information.
  • Easily turn quotes into orders, sell with complex pricing structures or set a promised delivery date.
  • Manage other activities such as backorders and inventory recalls.

Purchasing Management

ACCTivate! manages your entire purchasing process.

  • Alerts tell you what you need to buy, before you run out.
  • Alerts also give you a picture of inbound inventory and overdue shipments.
  • Manage multiple vendors for each inventory item including each vendor’s ID and cost.
  • Automate purchasing from your vendor directly to your customer with the unique drop-ship wizard.

Service Billing

Track labor and materials for sales calls, services and repairs with the Business Activity Service Billing add-on feature.

  • Efficiently track and bill time and materials for services.
  • Add labor and materials directly to any service activity you’re tracking.
  • Easily bill for what you put into a service call.

Service Scheduling

Graphically view and schedule your service calls and other tasks with the Business Activity Service Scheduling add-on feature.

  • Manage your employees’ time using an interactive scheduling board.
  • See a list of all daily tasks and assign them to any employee.
  • Have an organized look at tasks assigned to each employee.
  • See all unassigned tasks.
  • Keep track of just about any type of activity within your business.
  • Track service jobs that require the scheduling of employee time.
  • Update employees and representatives about service calls or other activities through email.

UPS, FedEx Integration

For companies that ship via FedEx or UPS regularly, the Shipping Workstation Interface add-on feature allows integration directly with orders so that tracking numbers, shipping costs and dates are automatically attached to the order.

  • Provide better customer service and exact cost data without manual intervention.
  • No need to copy down long tracking numbers, simply click one button.

Reviews of ACCTivate! Advanced Inventory and Distribution Management

Karen says...

ACCTivate! is easy to use and has lots of features in addition to inventory management. The CRM tools are great and the reporting is very flexible. I like the dashboards too.

The good: ACCTivate! is realtime so we always know what is where. Our sales team used to sell things that were out of stock and now they know when they are placing the order if it is available. It also tells us when we need to reorder & we can do it very easily & quickly. I used to have to rekey our eCommerce orders and now they just come in and we process them from the main system. It’s much quicker and when a customer calls we can see the history and help them easier. We really like ACCTivate! and have found them very helpful whenever we needed anything.