A multi-module management system designed by Odessa Technologies.

About Odessa Platform

Odessa Platform is a comprehensive internet based leasing software solution. Its suite of 120 configurable modules fully automates the operations of leasing companies. This is complemented by its capabilities as lease accounting software: the accounting behind each transaction is automatically carried out by the system.

External GL Integration

Set up automatic updates of journal entries from lease accounting software to the GL

Financial Transaction Management

Define where the debits and credits need to be directed within each template

GL Books

Group customers and leases into portfolios

GL Reporting

View GL entries through various filters within the lease accounting management system

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Odessa Platform

Submitted on November 5th, 2017 by Chris Schmidt

We had been running on a proprietary system that was actually a commercial product about 30 years ago. Furthermore, our growth internationally necessitated better information systems and better control that we would get out of a system like LeaseWave. We’re interested in the ability to scale it up without having to hire a lot more people. In the end, what really decided us was that LeaseWave had a good, established base of customers. Our goal is to have all of our companies internationally using the same software platform so that we can best manage the risk and best provide the information and study our customers and our profitability. LeaseWave enables us to do that.

The two main advantages that LeaseWave brought to us were the advanced technology and integrated nature of the software. Our previous system was on outdated hardware and outdated database. The fact that LeaseWave is on current technology makes a huge difference to us. We can enter data in the front end and get it right the first time without having to worry about multiple checks. Before we had a lot of different people having to do a lot of different tasks, because they weren’t connected. Now, because this is an integrated system, a lot more of the work is automated and our people can do more value-added transactions.

Our implementation experience was very positive. We asked Odessa to give a very aggressive timeline for implementation. We set milestone dates for the various phases of the project that were aggressive. All of them were met. Everywhere that Odessa had a responsibility of delivering for a certain timeline or milestone was reached. We were very impressed that the developers that worked with us that had a deep knowledge of leasing and accounting.