Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine)

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A full ERP system designed by Infor for manufacturers.

About Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine)

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) is the solution of choice for over 5,000 manufacturers around the world. From repetitive to engineer-to-order, Infor SyteLine enables the processes you need to accelerate production and meet customer demand more quickly. Infor CloudSuite Industrial enables you to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Plan and schedule order by order
  • Increase forecasting speed and accuracy
  • Minimize error-prone manual steps
  • Deliver orders on time, every time
  • Reduce inventory levels and shortages
  • Leverage innovative technologies

Video Overview

Packaged with smart functionality to address the key challenges manufacturers face today, Infor SyteLine requires less customization, shorter implementation time, and fewer IT resources to maintain. That means an immediate return on your investment, and lower total cost of ownership over the long term. From the very first day, you’ll see improvements in visibility and transparency of data to address your challenges. The solution’s lean planning and scheduling capabilities provide the latest in demand pull algorithms, but also honor traditional lean pull parameters, enabling you to achieve the best of both lean worlds.

Software as a Service

Infor SyteLine is also available through Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted and subscription models, including optional application managed services. This provides manufacturers with unprecedented choice in not only how they purchase, but also how they deploy and manage SyteLine. With SaaS, manufacturers gain access to the same functionality available in on-premises software, with the flexibility of on-demand access from Infor. With multiple deployment and buying options for Infor SyteLine , manufacturers can choose the model that meets their individual requirements.


Infor SyteLine supports continual change as manufacturers strive to maintain their competitive edge and adapt their business processes to continually meet customer promises, demands and business-specific requirements. Specifically, Infor SyteLine provides:

  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), a fully integrated, lean advanced planning engine that synchronizes material and capacity to customer orders with real-time available-to-promise and capable-to-promise capability.
  • Product Configuration to ensure configured orders are accurate for the customer and feasible for production.
  • High level of personalization ensures that the system is convenient and easy-to-use, putting the needed information and functions literally at the fingertips of each user based on industry, duties, and responsibilities
  • Field Service Management to build long-term customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Quality Control System helps reduce costs by reducing labor, scrap, burden and other non-value adding activities while improving quality and meeting customer expectations
  • Workflow to drive consistency and completeness, enhance communications, and simplify processes for cost and time savings

Accounts Payable

Infor ERP SyteLine Accounts Payable brings world-class functionality and control to your cash management system. With features that streamline and simplify the critical daily tasks that make sound financial management possible, SyteLine Accounts Payable helps managers stay abreast of critical cash positions to improve efficiency and profitability.

Infor ERP SyteLine Account Payable’s rich connections to the entire suite of SyteLine’s modules will give your payables process full, fast, and accurate financial and operational information to help you make better decisions and execute your business strategy more effectively.

  • Centralized or decentralized A/P payments
  • Consolidate vouchers (one voucher for multiple POs)
  • Create recurring vouchers and specify the frequency
  • Create vouchers automatically through POs/receipts matching
  • Enter voucher prior to PO receipt (Voucher pre-register)
  • Vendor and voucher holds
  • Remit-To vendors
  • Vendor Debit Memos
  • Electronic fund transfer payments with remittance advice
  • Multi-currency
  • Payment processing
  • Multi-lingual vendor paperwork
  • Assign vendor accounts to specific A/P accounts on the G/L.
  • Write checks ?on-the-fly? in support of immediate payment of invoices

Accounts Receivable

Other than inventory, no asset is typically larger than your Accounts Receivable (AR). Infor ERP SyteLine’s AR helps you become more efficient, thus having a positive impact on cash flow, reduction of bad debt, and improved customer relationships.

Infor ERP SyteLine’s AR facilitates the process of applying receipts, allows you to view current account balances, and improves the communication between your billing, credit, and collection departments in real time. Payment information is tracked instantaneously, allowing you to gather statistical information about customer payment history which helps to improve customer support and cash flow.

With Infor ERP SyteLine AR, you gain the accurate, real-time information you need to make immediate decisions about extending credit limits, collections, and managing a key component of your cash flow.

  • Centralized or decentralized AR Cash Receipts that automatically post to Bank Reconciliations
  • Consolidated Invoicing by period or group of shipments
  • Multi-user Invoicing
  • Credit management including customer and order holds
  • Progressive billing
  • Support complex invoicing terms
  • 3 Tier Customers (Corp-- Bill To, Sold To(s), Ship To(s))
  • Dunning letters
  • Finance charges
  • Letter of Credit support
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-lingual invoices, credit memos & statements
  • Generate A/R invoices automatically from shipping activities
  • Assign customer accounts to specific A/R accounts
  • Report customer prepayment and automatically deduct the amount of the prepayment or credit from the invoice total.
  • Generate credit memos from returns
  • Create credit memos for price adjustments, then apply them to open invoices

Bills of Material

Infor ERP SyteLine supports the creation of Bills of Materials for manufactured parts. A Bill of Material (BOM) is the set of materials needed to complete each of the operations. The BOM can be multi-level, which means one of the materials required for operation xyz is a subassembly that has its own routing and BOM.

Changes to Bills of Materials are automatically captured at the time a Job is released. You can create a new BOM by copying it from another inventory item (which uses the current routing and BOM), another job, estimate job, or a production schedule item or release.

  • Create both the routing and Bill of Material on one screen using Engineering Workbench.
  • Copy bills of materials from jobs, items, estimates, or production schedules
  • Assign fixed and variable overhead rates to materials
  • Maintain reference information (bubble number, reference designator, assembly sequence)
  • Define alternate Bills of Materials
  • Set Items to back flush
  • Enter the percentage of scrap expected for use with planning or purchasing
  • Effectivity and obsolescence dates
  • Phantom Items
  • Where used


A routing is a group of steps which must be performed to assemble an item. This is typically a step within a Bill of Materials operation. Routings are used for planning, scheduling and costing.

  • Create both the routing and Bill of Material on one screen using Engineering Workbench.
  • Copy routings from jobs, items, estimates, or production schedules
  • Define your production standards – pieces/hour, hours/piece, fixed hours
  • Support of Outside Service routing steps
  • Capture move, queue, setup, and finish times
  • Assign fixed and variable overhead rates
  • Unlimited Notes to operations
  • Resource planning available

Engineering Change Notices (ECN)

Use the Infor ERP SyteLine Engineering Change Notices (ECN) form to control and track revisions made to a Bill of Material or to the routing of an item. The ECN process is crucial in ensuring high quality, safety, and consistency of products.

  • Approvals of changes before it can be used on Jobs or Estimates
  • Mass replace/delete
  • Enter a priority code to determine the order in which you want to implement the ECN
  • Maintain reason codes
  • Maintain distribution codes for who must be notified of the ECN change
  • Identify what needs to be changed
  • Copy ECN functionality
  • Revision Control
  • Track ECN and revision history
  • Maintain an audit trail of changes to the ECN record throughout the change process.
  • Reporting that will allow you to see the Jobs that are affected by ECNs
  • Maintain a comprehensive audit trail of changes to the Bill of Material and routings
  • Update part or document revision levels automatically upon incorporating changes.


The Cost Accounting features within Infor ERP SyteLine support both actual costing and standard costing, providing you with the flexibility to choose the Cost Type and Cost Method that works best for you.

Infor ERP SyteLine captures costs as changes occur, ensuring up-to-date and accurate costing. You can also link purchases directly to existing work orders through the Purchasing or Manufacturing module, earmarking costs specific to the appropriate job.

Additionally, you can link work orders to specific customer orders, which allows you to know the true margin earned for each customer order. Infor ERP SyteLine automatically charges work order costs for customer orders to the Cost of Goods Sold upon shipment to the customer.

  • Costs by Item or Item Warehouse
  • Cost methods include Standard, Actual, LIFO, FIFO and Lot Specific
  • Update stockroom and WIP inventory records in real-time automatically.
  • Link POs to work orders to capture costs for a job.
  • Link work orders to customer orders to measure true margins.
  • Drive costs by Work Center and Department
  • Break out Job tracking and costing into five cost buckets
  • Create and post journals to the General Ledger quickly and easily.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The customer relationship management (CRM) module was designed as an end-to-end customer centric solution that allows you to track customers from lead origination through the sales cycle and placing the order. The CRM module is integrated with front and back office modules streamlining the processes and ultimately decreasing costs and increasing revenue.

Here are some other features:

  • Track all elements of a marketing or sales campaign through Opportunities
  • Manage all tasks associated with an opportunity using the Opportunity Tasks form
  • Manage contact information and basic company information of your competitors
  • Create and manage campaigns
  • Track estimate orders assigned to prospects or customers
  • Maintain territory information, the SIC code, company revenue and number of employees for each customer
  • Cross reference your sales contacts with customers and prospects
  • Assist prospects and customers from initial interest through order placement using the Prospects and Leads forms
  • Convert prospects to customers
  • Organize prospects and customers by Territories
  • Create and manage sales teams for customers, prospects, and opportunities
  • Track communications with sales contacts, prospects, and customers
  • Maintain basic information about your sales contacts
  • Create sales forecasts
  • Add opportunities to a sales forecast
  • Create sales periods
  • Sales person homepage
  • Mail Merge and email Blasts

Syteline Customer Portal

Allow your customer to become more involved in the order process through the Syteline Customer Portal. Your customers can use the customer Portal for checking on order status, view outstanding estimates, requesting an RMA or reprinting an invoice can now be handled directly by the customer. They can also look at product information including browsing products by category, displaying featured products and top sellers, and then drilling down to individual items with pictures, pricing and associate recommended terms.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Any organization that exchanges information, including enterprises involved in procurement/purchasing, finance, trade and transport, health, law, and revenue/tax collection, can use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

EDI can help you reduce paperwork and administrative lead times, send timely business transactions, access information quickly and easily, and eliminate redundant data entry. These benefits allow your enterprise to adopt more efficient practices such as Just-In-Time Delivery.

Infor ERP SyteLine is integrated with an EDI translator. The system imports inbound transactions from the translator and exports outbound transactions to the translator. The EDI translator interface supports six demand side and six supply side transaction sets.

Infor ERP SyteLine EDI complies with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) X12 and EDIFACT (International) standards.

  • Create standard transactions to meet your trading partners’ EDI requirements
  • Convert inbound EDI documents into customer orders
  • Manage releases and ship schedules from your customers
  • Maintain fabricated and raw material authorizations
  • Create data files for Advanced Ship Notices, Vendor Purchase Orders, and Invoices
  • Cross-reference Customer Part IDs to Infor ERP SyteLine Part Numbers

Fixed Assets

It is crucial to have a full picture of your assets from the time the asset is accquired until the asset is retired or disposed of. The Infor ERP Syteline Fixed Asset module is a complete capital asset information and management system.

Infor ERP SyteLine Fixed Assets allows you to manage your assets through their entire lifecycle.

  • Cradle to grave asset management
  • User-defined asset numbers
  • Unlimited number of Asset classes
  • Comprehensive Asset Definition
    • Location
    • Insurance
    • Original PO and Invoice Number
    • Serial and/or Model Number
    • Manufacturer
    • Costs
  • Seven predefined depreciation methods and allows additional, user-defined depreciation methods to be added as needed.
  • Maintain multiple depreciation schedules for each Fixed Asset.
  • Interfaces to the General Ledger:
    • Fixed Assets Disposal
    • Fixed Assets Transfer
    • Depreciation Posting (for BOOK schedule only)
    • Entering of a Fixed Asset purchase

General Ledger

Infor ERP SyteLine’s General Ledger tracks financial expenditures within the company and generates financial statements and reports for management, auditors, and investors. The General Ledger is tied to other parts of the system through the Chart of Accounts and the distribution journals. A Chart of Accounts is easily created to control how you want to report on your business.

Financial information collected during dayto-day operations is posted frequently to distribution journals. In addition to the distribution journals, there is a General journal that you can use to hold closeout and summary entries for year-end procedures.

You can also create user-defined journals - custom journals to store, retrieve, and track entries specific to your business. Unit Codes can be activated for each account in the Chart of Accounts, to collect key management data.

  • Hierarchical General Ledger
  • Define a Chart of Accounts that mirrors your enterprise structure.
  • Statistical accounts
  • Create recurring journals, reversal journals, and automatic allocations based on rules you specify.
  • Account Class
  • Export results of queries to Excel, ASCII file, Clipboard
  • Full G/L drill down to source documents
  • Budgeting
  • Multi-site journal entries
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Obsolescence and effectivity dates on GL accounts
  • Built in Financial Report Writer
  • Cash flow analysis
  • External Financial Interface
  • Currency conversions
  • Re-open closed years
  • Security for out-of-period postings
  • Multi-Site Ledger Consolidation
  • Create your G/L reporting method (monthly, 4-4-5,13 Period)

Infor Expense Management

The days of frivolous spending and the corporate card are over as more and more companies tighten up their expenses and look for ways to decrease overall costs.

More than just an end-to-end travel expense management solution, Infor Expense Management enables employees to plan and expense business travel; request and approve payment requests; capture time for charging to projects and cost centers; and calculate paid time off and overtime. These integrated applications share a single, intuitive interface, making them easy to learn, use, and maintain. With Expense Management, the result is comprehensive control over employee-initiated corporate spending.

Infor Expense Management allows even complex, multinational organizations to automate expense-related business processes and enforce policy compliance, reducing associated administrative costs and decreasing the opportunity for accidental error and intentional fraud. With Expense management, you can implement instantaneous global updates to policies and processes to support continuous improvement, while simultaneously managing local policies and statutory requirements.

Expense Management includes four core modules: Travel Plans, Reports, Payment Requests, and Timesheets. Each module features real-time policy notification, alerting employees to violations as they enter data and allowing them to provide explanations or make corrections before submitting plans or expenses; configurable workflow for alerting reviewers, obtaining necessary approvals, and then triggering events such as the issuance of plane tickets or the reimbursement of expenses; and business intelligence tools to analyze the solution’s database and search for opportunities to transform spending into savings.

These applications work where you do–in your office, on the road, and around the globe. They support multiple languages and currencies, work with all international date and currency formats, and enable you to apply rules and policies specific to independent divisions or geographic locations. Expense Management also accommodates country-specific per diem rates, local taxation requirements, variable VAT rates, and mileage rates.

Benefits Include:

  • Improve employee compliance with spending policies
  • Lower administrative costs
  • Increase savings through effective vendor negotiation and rebate usage
  • Reduce unnecessary travel and purchases
  • Reduce people needed to process documents
  • Reduce manager time spent on approvals
  • Increase accuracy of time billed to clients and paid time off due employees
  • Higher amounts of foreign taxes reclaimed


Infor ERP SyteLine gives you more control over your inventory by providing greater accuracy and immediate access to inventory information throughout the company. SyteLine automates the process of tracking parts by adjusting inventory whenever you create a transaction involving a part.

Infor ERP SyteLine updates and maintains raw materials, WIP and finished goods inventory quantities and costs. Inventory items can be designated as purchased, manufactured, or transferred so that you can immediately place a purchase order or issue a job order when you need a particular item.

Infor ERP SyteLine also allows you to easily track material and costs on a per-project basis. The extensive reporting capabilities of SyteLine provide complete profiles of any part in the system.

  • Assign comprehensive part definitions including variable length part numbers up to 30 characters long, extended part descriptions, user-definable fields, and supplier information.
  • Stock goods in one unit of measure while purchasing, selling, and/or consuming on a work order in another unit of measure.
  • Assign multiple warehouse locations for a part and/or multiple locations within a single warehouse.
  • Issue materials by work order, operation, or sub-assembly automatically.
  • Issue floor stock items automatically.
  • Set up specialized item pricing such as quantity and discounted pricing, contract pricing, etc., for both purchasing and selling.
  • Perform automated physical inventories, cycle counting, and ABC analysis.
  • Real-time material tracking and allocations.
  • Safety Stock, Reorder Points, Order min/multiple/max, Lot/serial control.
  • Kitting.
  • Selectable dedicated warehouses (as for spares).
  • Temporary and permanent item locations.
  • Inter and intra Warehouse transfers and moves.
  • Obsolete and slow moving inventory flags and analysis.
  • Inventory aging reporting.
  • Cost methods, including standard, actual, LIFO, FIFO and Lot Specific by item.
  • Costs by Item or Item Warehouse.
  • User defined unit of measure conversion.
  • Multi-lingual item descriptions.

Physical Inventory

Any company with inventory knows that conducting a physical inventory (counting all inventory in the warehouse) can be a daunting task.

Profitable and successful business rely on accurate physical inventories. nfor ERP SyteLine Physical Inventory allows you to obtain accurate information about quantities on hand, which will help you make more informed business decisions.

  • Freeze/unfreeze inventory
  • Inventory tags or inventory tag sheets
  • Generation of inventory count for every item/location/lot/serial combination
  • Inventory pre-adjustment report that lists quantity and cost variance
  • Physical inventory approval
  • Void/unvoid inventory tag sheets
  • Void tag sheet report
  • Generate blank tags or sheets

Cycle Counting

To improve the efficiency of the physical inventory, it is important that your company does Cycle Counting which allows you to perform an inventory count a small subset of your inventory. This is similar to a physical inventory but on a smaller scale and doesn’t require a warehouse inventory freeze. Thus, cycle counts do not interrupt your daily operations, provide for continuous audits of the inventory and can be focused on specific skus.

  • Multiple ways to determine the ABC Code on Items (Year-to-date usage, Future usage, or Unit Cost)
  • Determine ABC percentages for Purchase, Manufactured, and Transferred Items
  • Mass update to determine Cycle Type, Cycle Frequency, and Last Count Date for Items
  • Count sheets automatically generated based on Cycle Triggers
  • Exception reporting that does not allow records to post until corrected, such as:
    • Item is not in Items
    • Stockroom location not found
    • On-hand quantity is not equal to on-hand quantity when cycle count was generated
  • Variance reporting
  • Eliminate the need for yearly physical inventory counts


Ship against a customer order or receive inventory from a purchase order directly to a job or directly into the inventory.

  • Hard and soft allocations/reservations
  • Picking and Packing lists
  • Delivery Orders
  • Goods Received Notices
  • Available to ship analysis
  • Multiple units of measure
  • Receipt rejections and reason codes
  • Landed Costs
  • The ability to create payment vouchers from purchase order receipts
  • The ability to create invoices from shipments to a customer


  • Visibility of in-transit inventory across the system including Transfer Order number, item, quantity in-transit, quantity to be shipped, date, shipment mode, freight cost, and value of shipment.
  • Financial transactions
  • Landed cost
  • Cross-reference functionality
  • Picking List functionality
  • Packing Slip functionality
  • Bill of Lading functionality
  • Pro Forma Invoice functionality
  • Various costing and pricing methods
  • Automatic updating of inventory fields for Planned Transfer Orders
  • Ability to enter a transfer order without knowing the location or lot number. Location not required until receipt.
  • Partial shipping and receiving
  • Ability to track quantity differences, such as: loss, shrink, damage, rejects, and advance shipmen using Reason Codes.
  • Data Collection for shipping and receiving transactions
  • Quick Entry form


Infor ERP SyteLine Multi-Currency allows you to buy and sell in foreign currencies. Tracking of base (domestic) currencies as well as extensive exchange rate tables, reduce manual transactions. SyteLine supports the following scenarios:

  • Companies who process all transactions for a month at a given exchange rate. At the end of each month (or the beginning of the next month), the company performs a revaluation of all foreign currency translations.
  • Companies who negotiate each foreign currency transaction at a fixed rate agreed with the customer/vendor. Payments are at that fixed rate. When using a fixed rate, specify that rate on the Customer Orders or Purchase Orders form’s Amounts tab. (Running the Currency Revaluation utilities will not impact these entries.)

SyteLine also allows for a mix (using both the system exchange rate and orders with fixed rates) of the previous methods described above.

  • Maintain Currency Rates and Tables
  • Use either fixed or variable rates
  • Euro conversion tools
  • FASB52 compliance
  • Recognition of currency exchange rate gains or losses
  • Maintain customer and vendor records in the foreign currency but can quickly be translated to your domestic currency
  • Maintain general ledger in your domestic currency
  • Specify the currency used by the bank for each of your accounts
  • Customer Orders defaulted in your Customer’s currency
  • Invoices defaulted to Customer’s currency
  • Converts Cash Receipts automatically
  • Purchase Orders defaulted in your Vendor’s currency
  • Print checks in the Vendor’s currency

Purchase Orders and Requisitions

Purchase Order Requisitions

Not just a purchase order system, the Infor ERP SyteLine Purchase Order Requisitions allows management to have better control of the company’s spending by tracking employees/departments spending.

Purchase Order Requisitions provide an authorization for the purchasing department to procure goods and services. Requests are document and routed for approval prior to being sent to the purchasing department and accounting department. This module allows you to create a manual PO or cross-reference a customer, transfer order, BOM or job. Planned orders can also be set up as a PO Requisition.

Proposed purchases are subject to approvals and can be approved by users with the proper authorization levels.

  • Generate a unique Purchase Order Requisition number automatically
  • Create PO’s for Inventory and NonInventoried Items
  • Create PO Requisitions from Customer Order Lines, Customer Order Blanket Releases, Estimated Materials, Estimate Project Resources, Job Materials, Project Resources, and Transfer Order Lines automatically
  • Set Approval Levels by PO Requisition Limit and PO Requisition Line Limit
  • See and approve all of the PO Requisitions that an approver owns
  • Convert approved PO Requisitions to Purchase Orders automatically

Purchase Order Processing

Once the requisitions are approved, they are sent to the purchasing department for processing. The purchasing system handles all types of purchases including inventory itmes, supply items, outside service operations pertaining to a manufacturing order, and subcontracted items that require components being sent to the vendor. Drop shipments can include ship to address such as warehouses or customer locations.

  • Enter purchase orders, order receipts, and returns in real-time and let Infor ERP SyteLine automatically calculate the adjustments to POs
  • Purchase materials directly to a job
  • Link a PO line item to a specific job requiring that item
  • Issue materials to a work order when you receive items purchased directly to a job.
  • Generate vendor purchase requisitions with approval limits
  • Maintain Blanket Purchase Orders, supporting multiple delivery schedules and shipping addresses
  • Buyer Home Page
  • Store and track information about a particular item from a specific Vendor using Vendor/Item Cross Reference function.
  • Specify multiple parts and delivery dates on purchase orders and include the vendor’s part number for cross-referencing.
  • Access Vendor Performance information, the Vendor Communication Log, and a listing of vendor information for items purchased regularly. In this manner, you can ensure that you have selected the best vendor for each purchase.
  • View the planned costs, actual unit costs, promise dates, and due dates for each line item.
  • Place vendors on payment hold if their goods or services are unacceptable using the Payment Hold feature.
  • Because a Purchase Order represents a contract with a vendor, Purchasing provides you with a utility for changing Purchase Orders and tracking the changes you make


Infor ERP SyteLine Quality Control Solution (QCS) integrates best-in-class quality into the SyteLine functions you already use to run your manufacturing operation. It supports quality activities related to receiving, manufacturing, shipping, and returns.

QCS also manages advanced quality activities across your entire organization, including quality incidents, change management, and responses to audit findings. Infor ERP SyteLine Quality Control Solution creates the framework for building a culture of continuous improvement throughout your organization.

QCS supports quality activities of your entire enterprise, not just the manufacturing process.

The four distinct QCS modules, all built on a common foundation of powerful quality management tools, include:

The QCS Enterprise module encompasses:

  • Topics
  • Changes
  • Web portal
  • Process flow

QCS includes support for quality incidents, change management, responses to audit findings, machine and maintenance issues, safety, training, and opportunities for continuous improvements. With Infor ERP SyteLine QCS, you can make specific reviews mandatory and require that those reviews get addressed as a precondition to closing a change-management report.

Because communicating quality issues and their status is such a critical component of any quality system, the QCS Web portal allows all employees to view quality data, without the need to log into SyteLine. It also monitors and reports quality performance data, and offers basic document management functions.

The QCS Web portal allows all employees to view quality data, without the need to log into SyteLine. It also monitors and reports quality performance data, and offers basic document management functions.

The QCS Supplier module manages:

  • Receiving inspection
  • Vendor Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
  • Supplier performance reporting

The process of managing your suppliers never ends. Beginning with a review of the supplier facilities and an approval process, the SyteLine QCS Supplier module helps track vendor communications and quality control (QC) status. The receiving process of this module includes material handling, safety alerts, printing tags, assigning unique tracking numbers, and putting material in a QC holding area pending disposition. From here, QC inspects and assigns the material to inventory for production or tracks non-conforming material to its final disposition. It also provides integrated Vendor RMA support, including links with accounting. QCS automatically calculates vendor product quality and delivery


The sales module in Syteline is more than just an order entry tool. It is a comprehensive module that allows users to manage a customer from the point of customer quotes through customer order entry, engineering, production, costing, shipping and customer services.


Create comprehensive quotes by easily createing estimates quickly and easily by company from another estimate, an existing work order, or a bill of material and then modifiying the new estimate to match the customer’s specifications.

Infor ERP Syteline creates a cost estimate that includes material, labor, burden and outside services. If the contract is approved by the customer you can easily convert that estimate to a sales order and a work order for production purposes.

Here are some other features:

  • Engineering Sandbox Development
  • Quoting and Cost Analysis
  • Copy an Estimate from another Estimate, a work order, or Bill of Material, and then make modifications as necessary.
  • What-if Scheduling
  • Pricing tables
  • Multiple Price Breaks
  • Estimate Status to reflect Customer acceptance
  • Estimates Quick Entry Form
  • Estimate Response Form for customers

Customer Order Entry and Invoicing

Quickly and easily access sales order information to provide high level customer service. Your customer service representatives have an online support center to enter and track customer orders and create invoices. This integration allows customer service reps to take action on credit problems, reschedule requirements, and release orders in a timely manner to meet required shipment dates.

Other features:

  • Centralized and decentralized order entry
  • Customer Orders Quick Entry Form
  • Automatic credit checking, warnings and hold
  • Order change history
  • Volume, customer/item, contract and matrix pricing
  • Hard and soft allocations
  • Three-tier Customers (Corp–Bill To, Sold To(s), Ship To(s))
  • Drop Shipping by order/line/release
  • Regular/Blanket Orders
  • Kit orders
  • Ship Early/Partial processing
  • Time-phased item availability
  • Ability to link customer order lines directly to Job Orders, Inventory, Purchase Orders and Transfer Orders
  • Order/Line Discounts
  • Available to promise for real delivery dates
  • Features and Options order configuration
  • Multi-lingual customer paperwork, including invoices
  • Foreign currencies
  • Sales tax calculations: VAT & GAT
  • Progressive billings
  • Customer Document Profiles
  • Letters of credit
  • Order acknowledgements
  • Advanced Shipping Notices
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Drop ship orders (direct from vendor)
  • Customer Service Homepage

Service Management

With exceptional flexibility and ease of use, Infor ERP SyteLine Field Service Plus is the ideal solution for nearly every field service requirement through the full spectrum of the service lifecycle. This robust service management solution meets the specific needs of companies that manufacture, install, or service complex products. Its powerful features include:

  • Contact center - Give your call center easy access to detailed data for fast response to inquiries and work order creation.
  • Work orders - Track and manage work orders for faster completion of service requests, more accurate billing, and greater customer satisfaction.
  • Scheduling and dispatch - Gain visibility into each technician’s schedule, route, certification level, and experience with Field Service Plus, so that you can match the right technician with the right job. You’ll also increase resolution rates and minimize the cost of non-essential trips back to the warehouse.
  • Plant maintenance - Schedule preventative maintenance for internal assets in order to prevent unexpected downtimes, extend the lifecycle of equipment, and maximize warranty cost savings.
  • Service contracts - Track and manage service level agreements with maximum efficiency. Visibility into the contract details, unit, and service history improves decision making and creates opportunities to up sell or extend service agreements.
  • Depot repair - Manage product returns for repair, refurbishment, or shipment to a third party vendor.
  • Service History - Access complete historical data, including customer profile, unit description, contract status, and service history.
  • Analytics - Integrated data, total visibility, and accurate tracking make it easy to analyze data down to the detail level. Flexible reporting aids in decision making, planning, and providing engineering with valuable information needed to adapt product or part designs

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Submitted on March 30th, 2016 by David Cox from Rieke

We had acquired and grown to where we had locations around the world. Unfortunately, we had a system installed but everyone was using it differently. When we tried to roll up information from a corporate standpoint, the numbers didn’t mean the same.

Other customers were global like us and they were ordering from different locations and we couldn’t figure out how much a customer was ordering worldwide. We ending up choosing Syteline and are implemetning worldwide. We have half of our locations installed.

We have begun to standardize our processes. We can look across and see what’s happening at the locations and the shop floor. We can see real-time inventory accuracy. It’s been eye-opening. We’ve gotten more out of it and there is probably more to come then we even knew possible.

Submitted on June 13th, 2014 by Kendal Phipps from PRIDE Industries

The application has been installed in the cloud. This allows us for flexibility without having to manage our own networks or connectivity. The system is utilized by over 400 technicians throughout the country. The cloud technology has allowed us to access the systems without dealing with infrastructures or networks.

Submitted on August 20th, 2013 by Luke Rains from Preferred Sands

We realized quickly we needed a much more efficient system with much more efficient logistics, much more efficient producers.

We recognized quickly back in 2008 we didn’t have software systems or ERP systems that were scalable. We knew we needed a solution that would allow us to connect to different data systems and understand where that inventory was in real-time so we wouldn’t lose a grain of sand.

We evaluated a lot of ERP systems and we found the Infor Syteline was the most complete. Syteline provides a core functionality and we could grow with that functionality as we grew. This let us drive huge efficiencies and it was scalable.

We use ION to integrate our procure-to-pay process and now 75% of our projects are under budget.