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Jobscope Enterprise Edition

A full ERP system designed by Jobscope Business Solutions.
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JOBSCOPE products are available to run on Microsoft, IBM AS400 and HP3000 platforms.


  • Online order entry, tracking, modification, and inquiry
  • Shared information for both job and customer records
  • Scheduling at shop floor level and management level
  • Automatic updating of job cost from transactions entered throughout the system
  • Handles workflow from design in AutoCAD all the way through to execution
  • Automatic assignment of routings based on part disposition
  • Allows you to view linkages between work orders and change the linkages
  • CAD drawings and other visual aids may be linked to inspection methods
  • Quality Assurance inspections and online entry of inspection results
  • Tracks vendor price quotations
  • Creates planned purchase orders and purchase orders
  • Multiple stocking locations/multiple bins
  • Online MRP updating and reporting

Accounts Payable

Features Include:

  • Full integration with the JOBSCOPE Purchasing subsystem
  • Browse features for easy access to invoice, vendor, and purchase order data
  • Automatic determination of date due based on terms
  • Capability to handle foreign currency conversions and a variety of payment methods
  • Automatic calculation and distribution of purchase price variances
  • Close monitoring of invoice payment status from “open” to “paid”
  • Selection of invoices to be paid by invoice number or due date
  • Complete flexibility in choosing and sorting invoices on reports
  • Invoice aging by vendor

Accounts Receivable

Features Include:

  • Shared information from both the job and customer records
  • Automatic calculation of A/R invoice due date based on terms, as well as date payment is expected based on customer’s average number of days to pay
  • Update of cost applied at invoicing for accurate reporting of work in process and cost of sales
  • Retention processing
  • Foreign currency facilities
  • Browse functions for both invoices and customers

General Accounting

Features Include:

  • User-defined account numbers of up to 20 characters in length
  • Multi-company and multi-division processing
  • Completely discretionary totaling structure for the chart of accounts
  • Capabilities for statistical accounts and alternative totaling structures for informational reporting
  • Flexible expense budgeting for fixed and variable accounts
  • Ability to define and manipulate multiple budgets at once
  • Automatic subsystem journaling
  • Tightly controlled, fully automated process for posting


Features Include:

  • On-line master file maintenance
  • Multiple stocking locations/Multiple bins
  • Inventory receipts and issues tracking
  • Shipment tracking
  • Standard and average/actual cost
  • On-line monitoring of inventory levels
  • Issues Kitting
  • Interface with Purchasing and Plant MRP
  • Optional LIFO valuations
  • Physical inventory processing
  • Physical count worksheets
  • Major/minor product codes to group and subgroup inventory
  • Automatic general ledger journal entry
  • A-B-C inventory analysis
  • Cycle counting
  • Monthly inventory usage

Job Accounting

Features Include:

  • Automatic updating of job cost from transactions entered throughout the system
  • Classification of job charges by user-defined categories to differentiate various types of costs
  • Ability to enter and maintain original and current budget figures for each cost category
  • Retrieval of cost categories from various areas of the system
  • Budget overrun feature alerts when actual costs exceed estimated values
  • Audit trail of budget changes
  • Actual versus estimated cost comparisons
  • Various formulas for calculating percentage completion
  • Functions for calculating and applying cost-of-sales and earned revenue
  • Capability to require a special password to charge costs to selected jobs


Features Include:

  • On-line MRP updating band reporting
  • Contract/job-specific material requisitions
  • Traditional stock inventory and raw materials requisitions
  • Inventory reservations by contract/job and requirement date
  • Full integration among MRP, Inventory Control, Production Planning, and Purchasing subsystems
  • Contract/job-specific bill-of-material status reporting

Order Entry

Features Include:

  • On-line order entry, modification, tracking, and inquiry
  • Multiple jobs on one contract
  • Multiple releases on one job
  • Manual/automatic assignment of job numbers
  • Credit check at order entry
  • Sales analysis based on orders won, lost, inactive, etc.
  • Interface with Bill of Materials, Accounts Receivable and Job Cost
  • Commission splits among multiple salespeople
  • Unique payment terms assignable to each job/order
  • On-line order scheduling directly from the Order Entry screen


Features Include:

  • Separate “buy from” and “remit to” names and addresses
  • Automatic updating of vendor history data
  • Tracks vendor price quotations
  • Purchasing for job, account, stock, and lot inventory on a single purchase order
  • Create planned purchase orders (manually and automatically)
  • Create purchase orders
  • View and manage planned purchase orders
  • Create purchase orders from planned purchase orders
  • Mass create planned purchase orders
  • Prints purchase orders on request; reprinting available
  • PO Browse
  • Free-format contract specifications text printed on the purchase order
  • Prints change orders
  • Computes all extensions at time of PO entry
  • Removal of permanent shortages/overages from expediting lists without altering record for discrepancy
  • Interfaces with MRP

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