A full ERP system designed by Jobscope Business Solutions.


JOBSCOPE provides manufacturing and maintenance functionalities for engineer to order, make to order, project based, aerospace defense, and aircraft maintenance companies.

JOBSCOPE ERP manufacturing software helps thousands of order-driven manufacturing businesses throughout reduced job-cost and inventories, lowered labor and material costs, increased profitability and cash flow, improved job completions and on-time delivers, and improved MRP and communications across all operations.

Video Overview


  • Online order entry, tracking, modification, and inquiry
  • Shared information for both job and customer records
  • Scheduling at shop floor level and management level
  • Automatic updating of job cost from transactions entered throughout the system
  • Handles workflow from design in AutoCAD all the way through to execution
  • Automatic assignment of routings based on part disposition
  • Allows you to view linkages between work orders and change the linkages
  • CAD drawings and other visual aids may be linked to inspection methods
  • Quality Assurance inspections and online entry of inspection results
  • Tracks vendor price quotations
  • Creates planned purchase orders and purchase orders
  • Multiple stocking locations/multiple bins
  • Online MRP updating and reporting

Accounts Payable

Features Include:

  • Full integration with the JOBSCOPE Purchasing subsystem
  • Browse features for easy access to invoice, vendor, and purchase order data
  • Automatic determination of date due based on terms
  • Capability to handle foreign currency conversions and a variety of payment methods
  • Automatic calculation and distribution of purchase price variances
  • Close monitoring of invoice payment status from ‘open’ to ‘paid’
  • Selection of invoices to be paid by invoice number or due date
  • Complete flexibility in choosing and sorting invoices on reports
  • Invoice aging by vendor

Accounts Receivable

Features Include:

  • Shared information from both the job and customer records
  • Automatic calculation of A/R invoice due date based on terms, as well as date payment is expected based on customer’s average number of days to pay
  • Update of cost applied at invoicing for accurate reporting of work in process and cost of sales
  • Retention processing
  • Foreign currency facilities
  • Browse functions for both invoices and customers

General Accounting

Features Include:

  • User-defined account numbers of up to 20 characters in length
  • Multi-company and multi-division processing
  • Completely discretionary totaling structure for the chart of accounts
  • Capabilities for statistical accounts and alternative totaling structures for informational reporting
  • Flexible expense budgeting for fixed and variable accounts
  • Ability to define and manipulate multiple budgets at once
  • Automatic subsystem journaling
  • Tightly controlled, fully automated process for posting


Features Include:

  • On-line master file maintenance
  • Multiple stocking locations/Multiple bins
  • Inventory receipts and issues tracking
  • Shipment tracking
  • Standard and average/actual cost
  • On-line monitoring of inventory levels
  • Issues Kitting
  • Interface with Purchasing and Plant MRP
  • Optional LIFO valuations
  • Physical inventory processing
  • Physical count worksheets
  • Major/minor product codes to group and subgroup inventory
  • Automatic general ledger journal entry
  • A-B-C inventory analysis
  • Cycle counting
  • Monthly inventory usage

Job Accounting

Features Include:

  • Automatic updating of job cost from transactions entered throughout the system
  • Classification of job charges by user-defined categories to differentiate various types of costs
  • Ability to enter and maintain original and current budget figures for each cost category
  • Retrieval of cost categories from various areas of the system
  • Budget overrun feature alerts when actual costs exceed estimated values
  • Audit trail of budget changes
  • Actual versus estimated cost comparisons
  • Various formulas for calculating percentage completion
  • Functions for calculating and applying cost-of-sales and earned revenue
  • Capability to require a special password to charge costs to selected jobs


Features Include:

  • On-line MRP updating band reporting
  • Contract/job-specific material requisitions
  • Traditional stock inventory and raw materials requisitions
  • Inventory reservations by contract/job and requirement date
  • Full integration among MRP, Inventory Control, Production Planning, and Purchasing subsystems
  • Contract/job-specific bill-of-material status reporting

Order Entry

Features Include:

  • On-line order entry, modification, tracking, and inquiry
  • Multiple jobs on one contract
  • Multiple releases on one job
  • Manual/automatic assignment of job numbers
  • Credit check at order entry
  • Sales analysis based on orders won, lost, inactive, etc.
  • Interface with Bill of Materials, Accounts Receivable and Job Cost
  • Commission splits among multiple salespeople
  • Unique payment terms assignable to each job/order
  • On-line order scheduling directly from the Order Entry screen


Features Include:

  • Separate ‘buy from’ and ‘remit to’ names and addresses
  • Automatic updating of vendor history data
  • Tracks vendor price quotations
  • Purchasing for job, account, stock, and lot inventory on a single purchase order
  • Create planned purchase orders (manually and automatically)
  • Create purchase orders
  • View and manage planned purchase orders
  • Create purchase orders from planned purchase orders
  • Mass create planned purchase orders
  • Prints purchase orders on request; reprinting available
  • PO Browse
  • Free-format contract specifications text printed on the purchase order
  • Prints change orders
  • Computes all extensions at time of PO entry
  • Removal of permanent shortages/overages from expediting lists without altering record for discrepancy
  • Interfaces with MRP

Product Overview

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User Reviews of JOBSCOPE

Submitted on August 12th, 2015 by Anonymous

Using Jobscope to do engineer to order in my job. They focus on project based manufacturing. I can go on and on about things they do but they have a good staff of people that can spend time answering your specific needs.