A materials resource planning system designed by Weeks Software Solutions LLC for manufacturing companies.

About E-Z-MRP

E-Z-MRP is an integrated manufacturing system that includes all the functions you need to control your manufacturing operations.

E-Z-MRP" is designed for small manufacturers – from startup to $20 million. It works just as well in job shop or build to order environments as in build to stock or build to forecast operations.

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E-Z-MRP" has been successfully implemented in a remarkable variety of small manufacturing companies – medical instrumentation, appliances, automotive, pharmaceutical, furniture, spraying systems, orthodontics, firearms, as well as finding use as an instructional aid in universities. In previous versions it was translated into five languages and implemented in several foreign countries.

E-Z-MRP" is arguably the simplest approach to MRP and the easiest to implement of any MRP system in software history. It will be among the easiest programs to learn that you have ever used. Many users find it unnecessary to study the manual. E-Z-MRP"'s simplified but full-featured approach to the MRP problem cuts the 18-month implementation cycle to as little as 18 days.

E-Z-MRP" will run on any Windows–based PC – single user or network.

It requires Microsoft Access 2000 (a component of the Microsoft Office 2000 Suite). It will also run under Access XP (a component of the Office XP suite).

E-Z-MRP"'s proven approach to MRP success means that any company, no matter how small, can successfully run a professional, full-featured MRP system.

Bill of Materials

E-Z-MRP contains a complete Bill of Materials processor with full costing (Material, Labor, Material and Labor Burden or Overhead, Sub-Contract, Setup, and Lot Size), manufacturer’s cross references, and reporting up to ten levels of product structure. Reporting includes single level, indented, costed and uncosted, where used, and summary formats, as well as a report that compares two bills of material.

Capacity Planning

Allows user to define work centers and enter labor routings for manufactured parts. Then, using the firm and calculated manufacturing requirements from the MRP module, produces work center loading reports in tabular and graphic formats, showing each day by work center what work orders are flowing through the work center and the percentage of that work center’s capacity being utilized.

Material Planning & Tracking

A material planning and tracking module that tracks all sales orders, forecasts, work orders (planned, firm, and released), purchase orders, and raw materials and finished goods inventories, with a complete audit trail on all inventory transactions.

Physical Inventory

A Physical Inventory module with extensive reporting, unlimited inventory location tracking, and updates to on-hand quantities by selected locations.

Purchase Order

A Purchase Order module where you can enter and print Purchase Orders.

Starting Price
$4,900 (perpetual license)
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User Reviews of E-Z-MRP

Submitted on June 12th, 2019 by Leon Fainstein

Red River College Mechanical Engineering technology has been teaching MRP with the use of MRP software for 21 years. We switched to E-Z-MRP because the software we were using could not support our lab requirements.

E-Z-MRP has outperformed the old software in every aspect. We used to be plagued with system lockups, crashes, printing problems and lost data.

E-Z-MRP made all these problems go away. The training manual is excellent and students have no problem navigating through the software. We use the software to plan a complete manufactured product with work orders, purchases orders, operation times, work centers and routings.

It’s an excellent tool that stands up to the rigorous demands of a teaching environment.

Submitted on June 12th, 2019 by Brett Clare

the perfect balance of simplicity and function. Implementation was speedy. I’d say it was up in about eight weeks… It’s been great. We have 100 percent satisfaction.

Submitted on June 12th, 2019 by Dennis Savalia

We are using E-Z-MRP for more than six — seven years and it is a great business tool for us, it makes our job easy to manage our inventory and production needs, it is very simple to use, there are no complication, we will be using this system for years to come.

Submitted on June 12th, 2019 by Frank Federman

We’ve been using E-Z MRP for several years, and are very happy with it. It is a cost-effective MRP program that does the job for our company.