Clinic Pro Medical Software

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A practice management solution for medical clinics.

About Clinic Pro Medical Software

Clinic Pro medical practice management software includes comprehensive patient data, insurance coverage, appointment scheduler, management reports, electronic or hard copy insurance claims, plain paper insurance statements or emailed patient statement.

Video Overview

Complete medical practice management software including electronic claims, appointment scheduler, management reports and medical records.

  • Electronic claims direct to Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield or any carrier that accepts direct electronic claims using ANSI 837 4010A1. Your direct billing is FREE - no clearinghouse charges.
  • Automatic payment posting from the 835 remittance file. Posts $5000 payment in less than five seconds including write-offs, transfers and copays.
  • Prints HCFA-1500 on plain paper or laser forms; print preview for accuracy.
  • Prints patient statements on plain paper or statement forms direct to responsible party.
  • Full-featured appointment scheduler including tracking of missed appointments and cancellations.
  • Multiple appointment scheduling for repeat visits; room scheduler; sequential appointment scheduling.
  • Point-and-click transaction entry with tag and repeat shortcut.
  • Auto Apply of patient payments which keeps accounts receivable updated.
  • Line item accounting for insurance payments and transfer to secondary carriers.
  • Aged patient receivables with collection letters for overdue accounts.
  • Income statistics which report patient visits, new patients, collections from each insurance carrier.
  • Mail-merge letters and mailing labels for patient education and practice-building, referral letters.

Product Overview

User Reviews of Clinic Pro Medical Software

Submitted on February 10th, 2020 by Dr. Robert Koch

When we purchased Clinic Pro, we had claims backed up one year from our old software. We caught up one year’s worth of Medicare electronically and collected lots of old money. It was like Christmas every day for a month!

Submitted on February 10th, 2020 by Dr. Edward Plentz III from New Renaissance Organization

Clinic Pro Chiropractic is fantastic! It is great to have consistent cash flow and monthly reports that are easy to read.

Submitted on November 10th, 2014 by Stephanie

This software is actually quite good. As long as the customer needs NO support on implementation, day to day support, etc., it is great. However, the support is terrible and the customer service has greatly declined in quality in the past year.

The Good…

None. It’s baseline software and serves it’s purpose.

The Bad…

Again, for baseline practice management software, it is good. Once you learn to navigate it, it serves well. However, there are issues with it and you cannot get competent support from the company.