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About Intellect

Accurate and efficient billing operations positively impact financial performance and result in optimized cash flow. With Prime Clinical’s advanced medical billing software, you have access to easy-to-use tools that provide full control over the billing cycle.

Streamlined Billing + Simplified Claims Tracking = Optimized Revenue Collections

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Why Switch to Intellect?

  • 30+ Years Experience!
  • Fully Integrated, Certified EHR ‘Patient Chart Manager’ option
  • ICD-10 READY - With Automated Crosswalk
  • Automated tasks for sending out electronic claims, statements, follow-up letters
  • Ability to submit electronic Patient Statements
  • Ability to Email Patient Statements
  • Interactive, Onscreen Collection Reports
  • View & save reports as PDF files.
  • Text to Voice : Automated Voice calls for Follow up on Aging Reports

Useful Features:

  • Statement Groups
  • Billing Groups to subtotal on Financial Reports
  • Department Groups to allow reports to be easily generated for a specific group of providers
  • Multiple Tax ID use
  • Unlimited Fee Schedules and Pay Plan Customization

Workers Compensation & Industrial Claims Management:

  • Special registration screens including all work comp information
  • Automated Electronic Billing
  • Send attachments with the claim electronically


  • OnStaff Intellect – Practice Management Software
  • Workers Comp Billing Module
  • CallStaff – Automated phone call & Text appointment reminder system
  • QuickEams Interface for California Workers Comp Liens Tracking and Filing
  • Patient Chart Manager – Fully Integrated, Certified EHR
  • Patient Portal
  • HL7 Interface for interoperability
  • DICOM for image management

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User Reviews of Intellect

Submitted on February 9th, 2020 by Anonymous

We chose Prime Clinical Systems based on the functionality which was demonstrated, and the company came highly recommended by another practice in our community. We now have NO CHARTS in the office which has increased our productivity and decreased our stress level. It’s wonderful, and easier to find things.

Submitted on February 8th, 2020 by Francyne Hickerson

We quickly became a paperless office, which is quite a feat for our practice. We had accumulated more than 300,000 charts in the seven years of our existence. We had storage space all over the city, in an effort just to maintain these charts. The cost of this storage space started to approach the same amount that we pay for rent on our medical offices. It started to seriously impede our chase flow.

Submitted on February 6th, 2020 by Karan Howards

Our previous system was not user friendly and was not supporting pediatric care. We needed a system that would meet the very specific requirements associated with treating children and a vendor that would be easy to work with. The doctors in the practice were impressed with the fact that Prime was willing to work with us to customize the system so that it would truly meet the needs of pediatric medicine.