A multi-module management system designed by CareVoyant.

About CareVoyant

CareVoyant is an integrated practice management, EMR and business intelligence solution. CareVoyant reduces a physicianýs documentation time, expedites the review of histories, notes and medications and simplifies E&M coding. CareVoyant business intelligence tools monitor your practiceýs key clinical and financial indicators to improve quality of care and optimize reimbursement.

  • Seamlessly register, schedule, code and bill
  • Eliminate redundant paperwork and data entry
  • Quickly identify and correct exceptions and trends

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Billing and Accounts Receivable

CareVoyant Billing and Accounts Receivable module is an integrated healthcare billing engine capable of managing disparate payer requirements across multiple lines of business. CareVoyant provides effective revenue cycle management by integrating patient registration, eligibility verification, scheduling, claims management, electronic remittance and collections management functions.

CareVoyant Claims Scrubber includes user-definable claims validations, along with the claims management tools, that enable practices to send clean claims and reduce collections time and effort. Electronic remittance functions enable practices to post payments electronically, thereby eliminating errors and redundant data entry. CareVoyant Financial Reports and Dashboards enable practices to quickly analyze their financial performance.

CareVoyant Billing / AR:

  • CareVoyant Billing Engine brings together billing requirements for multiple lines of business.
  • Integrates patient registration, eligibility verification, scheduling, billing, electronic remittance and collections.
  • Ability to maintain unlimited plans per patient.
  • Ability to maintain fee schedules for insurance plans.
  • Supports ANSI 270/271 for Eligibility Verification.
  • Ability to handle billing for Medicare PPS, Private Duty and Hospice.
  • Ability to handle UB04 and 1500 requirements together.
  • Ability to handle electronic (ANSI 837) and paper formats.
  • Ability to adjust claim formats to meet insurance plan requirements.
  • Claims Scrubber built-into claims management functions.
  • Ability to correct claim errors as part of the claims processing function.
  • Automatic generation of secondary claims.
  • Statement functions manage private pay patients.
  • Supports ANSI 835 for Electronic Remittance functions.
  • Collections Manager manages the claims & account collection process.

Business Solutions Integration

The CareVoyant Business Solutions Integration is a comprehensive vehicle for interfacing CareVoyant with third-party financial systems, particularly General Ledger and Payroll. CareVoyant General Ledger Interface groups general ledger transactions in batches that are automatically subjected to a detailed validation process before being sent to a third-party General Ledger System. CareVoyant Payroll Interface creates payroll transactions triggered by CareVoyant Home Health Schedules. CareVoyant can directly write GL and Payroll transactions to Microsoft Dynamics GP. For other third-party financial systems, CareVoyant creates an ASCII file that can be imported.

Collection Management

Collection Management Module provides practices the tools to identify and manage overdue claims and accounts. Collections Module automatically assigns qualifying claims and accounts to collections status based on a pre-defined schedule and other criteria. Claims and account information can be accessed from the Collection Manager, enabling the collector to complete the process in one screen. Activities can be created and managed for each claim and account from Collection Manager.

Collections Module:

  • Collection Manager is integrated with billing and accounts receivables functions.
  • Automatically assigns qualifying claims to Collections Manager based on pre-defined schedule and criteria.
  • Collects and lists all claims not paid after expected payment days in plan code.
  • Collects and lists all patients with a balance after a predefined number of days.
  • Ability to track and manage collections for claims by collector or collection group.
  • Activities can be attached to claims or accounts for follow-up.
  • Activities Manager manages collector’s activities.
  • Access to patient inquiry and other screens.
  • Claims can be queued up for re-submission from the Collection Manager.
  • Claims can be moved to collection manager from ERN based on adjustment codes.
  • Claims can be moved to collection manager from EOB Payment Entry screen.
  • Dashboard Cubes and Reports are available to monitor collection activities.


CareVoyant Insight is a business intelligence dashboard built on Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services technology to monitor key trends and exceptions – both clinical and financial. CareVoyant Dashboards distill, analyze and graphically display healthcare providersý key performance metrics. By providing timely insight into clinical and business performance, they empower providers to proactively identify trends and exceptions and help improve care and optimize reimbursement. Using Microsoft Excel as the dashboard foundation enables healthcare providers to view and manipulate dashboard charts with familiar tools.

CareVoyant Insight comes with a pre-defined set of charts that enable health care providers to get the benefits of dashboards immediately after going live. Dashboard views can be configured based on the user roles, enabling the promotion of best practices throughout the organization.

CareVoyant Dashboard:

  • Ability to create financial, clinical and exception-based dashboard charts.
  • Ability to use dashboard charts to manage day-to-day operations.
  • Ability to gain insight into business and clinical performance through dashboard charts.
  • Ability to summarize and analyze data in multiple dimensions using Excel.
  • Ability to view Key Performance Indicators at a high level.
  • Ability to trend performance metrics based on user definable time intervals.
  • Ability to configure dashboard views based on user roles – enabling everybody in the organization to benefit from the dashboard.
  • Ability to integrate data from third-party applications.
  • Ability to personalize charts using Microsoft Excel.

Use of Microsoft Analysis Services and Excel enables users to customize dashboard charts easily.

Document Management

The CareVoyant Document Management Module allows practices to scan paper documents and attach electronic documents to patients. Once in the system, these documents can be categorized, stored, retrieved and distributed, thereby saving office space, increasing staff productivity, reducing retrieval time and improving patient services. In conjunction with CareVoyant clinical module, CareVoyant Document Imaging and Management Module enables outpatient practices to drastically reduce paper documentation – by scanning original paper documents and attaching them, along with other electronic files, directly to the patient record.

For offices with thousands of documents, using a document management program to organize, index and access their documents is an absolute necessity. An effective patient records management system can produce immediate improvements in time savings, profitability and staff productivity. Imagine the efficiencies your practice could achieve if staff handled paper documentation only once and, afterwards,it was never misplaced and is always accessible within the patientýs electronic health record.

Benefits Include:

  • Improved access to patient information.
  • Documents can be attached to different levels (Patient, Admission, Certifications, Clinical Notes, Etc).
  • Eliminate paper-based filing systems.
  • Store and retrieve documents of all varieties – including patient face sheets, clinical charts, x-rays, photos, insurance cards, lab results and EOBs.
  • Enterprise-wide availability combined with powerful security features that restrict access to only authorized users.
  • Powerful categorization and file name search capabilities.

Electronic Remittance

CareVoyant Electronic Remittance Notice (ERN) module enables facilities to receive electronic remittance advice from intermediaries in ANSI 835 format and post payments automatically. ERN Module allows facilities to review imported payments before posting them to patient accounts. ERN saves Coordination of Benefits information for the claims – enabling CareVoyant to send secondary claims electronically.

CareVoyant ERN:

  • Ability to receive and import Electronic Remittance Notice in ANSI 835 format from intermediaries.
  • Ability to review imported payments before posting to patient accounts.
  • Ability to skip claims based on a claim adjustment code.
  • Ability to skip claim or service line adjustments based on an adjustment code.
  • Ability to save Coordination of Benefits information for secondary claims.
  • Ability to inquire and print past Remittance Advices by batch, patient or claim.
  • Ability to post payments at the claim level or at the service line level.
  • Ability to move claims to collections module based on denial codes.
  • Ability to receive and post interest payments.
  • Ability to easily identify and manage unmatched items.
  • Eliminates redundant data entry and errors.
  • Ability to rollover responsibility to secondary payers.

EMR/E&M Coding

CareVoyant EMR Module enables practices to implement electronic medical records by simplifying the migration of current clinical documentation processes and forms into CareVoyant – making the transition easy for physicians. The CareVoyant Clinical Engine includes the ability to personalize documentation steps – by customizing standard templates by specialty, physician, schedule reason or type of visit (New/Established). CareVoyant Assessment Builder allows physicians to develop clinical documentation forms from the ground-up in CareVoyant.

Clinical functions tightly integrate with patient registration, scheduling and billings functions – thereby eliminating redundant data entry. E&M Coding features derive the level of office visit code from clinical documentation. Remote computing features, based on laptop or tablet PC devices, extend all clinical capabilities to the point of care through wireless or synchronization technology. An integrated Drug Database gives physicians comprehensive drug reference materials, such as drug interaction and patient education materials. CareVoyant provides the ability to create charges based on the diagnosis codes and procedure codes captured in clinical documentation. CareVoyant Clinical Reports and Dashboards enable practices to quickly analyze their business and clinical performance.

Clinical Engine

  • Integrated Clinical Engine to create, view, manage and share clinical data across the continuum of care.
  • Tight integration with intake, scheduling and billing functions.
  • Outpatient Workflow lists all appointments for a physician and provides access to patientsý clinical and financial information.
  • User-definable clinical templates and documentation steps by specialty, physician, schedule reason and type of visit (new/Established).
  • Ability to migrate current clinical documentation forms for the practice – thus making the transition easy for physicians.
  • Ability to view patientsý problems, past medical history, family history and social history from a clinical notes screen.
  • Ability to stay in one screen to complete the clinical note for the patient.
  • Ability to derive E&M Coding from the clinical documentation.
  • Ability to enter diagnosis & procedure codes during clinical documentation and create charges.
  • Ability to enter prescriptions and other physician orders and check for drug interactions.
  • Ability to view and manage clinical notes using Clinical Notes Manager.
  • Ability to set up thresholds for vitals and user defined measurements.
  • Ability to digitally sign clinical notes to complete the process.
  • Dashboards (CareVoyant Insight) can be used to analyze and trend clinical information.

Point of Care

  • Point of Care functions extend the clinical functions to the point of care ý wherever the patient is.
  • Ability to add, modify and view schedules at the point of care.
  • Retains the same user interface and functionalities as central office clinical functions.
  • All clinical information, including notes from other clinicians, are be available at the point of care.
  • Schedules form the base for synchronization.
  • Ability to effectively manage clinical functions through role-based Clinical dashboards and reports.

Drug Database

  • Uses First Data Bank drug data base.
  • Access to comprehensive drug list and reference information to the clinician.
  • Automatically checks the medications for drug interaction.
  • Provides access to patient education materials.

Patient Registration

CareVoyant Patient Registration functions enable health care providers to establish a single patient record for multiple lines of business and for multiple episodes of care. CareVoyant’s single patient record gives organizations the ability to consolidate all the clinical and financial records for a patient across the continuum of care. The consolidation of all patient information – including demographic, insurance, diagnosis, clinical and billing – that is collected at registration and throughout the length of care eliminates redundant data entry as the patient moves through the continuum of care.

  • Establish and maintain a single patient record across multiple lines of business and multiple episodes of care.
  • Collect clinical and insurance coverage information and verify eligibility before admitting the patient.
  • Automatic flow of patient information to other modules, eliminating errors and redundant data entry.
  • Consolidate clinical and financial records for a patient across the continuum of care
  • Eliminate redundant data entry when a patient returns for multiple episodes of care – or for a different line of business.
  • Incorporate user-defined face sheets and forms during the registration process.
  • Scan images to patient records.
  • Transfer patient information from Pre Admit module.
  • Import patient information from third-party systems – using SQL or HL7 Interface.


CareVoyant includes an extensive library of clinical, financial, scheduling and census reports. A Reports Manager enables practices to group and manage reports based on individual user or user roles. Reports can be added to a userýs home page for easy navigation and access. The system’s open architecture design allows practices to modify existing reports and create online reports using Microsoft Reporting Services technology – thereby providing for virtually unlimited reporting options.

  • Reports can be grouped and assigned by user roles or individual users
  • The Report Manager displays all available reports for the user
  • Reports can be modified and saved in a pre-defined location
  • Report Manager allows the user to use the original or a modified report
  • Data from multiple companies can be combined into one report
  • Ability to set up a reporting database – as well as the option to select a specific database for each report
  • Deployment of reports over the web using Report Server
  • Selection Criteria can be defaulted or saved by user


CareVoyant Scheduling Module helps outpatient practices to create and manage patient schedules for physicians and office resources. CareVoyant Scheduler is a powerful tool that automates complex, multi-resource scheduling through graphically-oriented, color-coded calendar and appointment screens. Integration of scheduling functions with patient registration, clinical notes (EMR) and billing streamlines workflow within the practice. Outpatient Workflow is used to view physician schedules, quickly capture procedure and diagnosis codes and create charges for patient visits.

  • Includes views by day, week, month and appointment list.
  • View schedules for multiple resources in one view.
  • Maintain physicianýs office hours and types of visits by time slot.
  • Block physician time slots with reason codes.
  • Cut, copy and paste existing appointments.
  • Track and maintain authorized and remaining visits for a patient.
  • Find available resources for selected day, time and schedule reason code.
  • Schedule multiple appointments for the same time slot.
  • Maintain holiday and vacation schedules.
  • Track re-schedules/cancels/deletes by patient.
  • Select resources by user – creating a multi-resource schedule view.
  • Manage visits, enter procedure codes and create charges for the day.
  • Accept payment at the beginning of the visit.
  • Track activities during the patient visit.

System Manager

Systems Manager

The System Manager is the foundation and backbone of CareVoyantýs various modules and functions. To provide an intuitive and familiar work environment, the System Manager emulates the look and feel of Microsoft Office Outlook. System Manager streamlines navigation by enabling easy access to CareVoyant functions, reports and external programs from the home page. System Manager also gives organizations the option to link login permissions to Microsoft Active Directory – in addition to providing features that help develop menu and form security by user role.

System Manager includes a Modifier tool that can be used to customize the data entry screens by hiding or rearranging fields. Additionally, an Import tool allows users to import data into CareVoyant tables. The solution enables users to launch CareVoyant Reports quickly from the Home Page ý including reports created using Crystal Reports and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

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