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About Ally OKR

Ally OKR or Ally.io is the software for making your ambitious business plans into a reality. Use this platform to connect every level of your organization to your company’s most important priorities in order to ensure everyday tasks and projects are moving the needle for your team, department, and company goals.

Ally.io is easy for everyone, no matter your OKR experience level. Get started in as little as 15 minutes to keep your entire company moving toward the right goals.

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  • Adopt the OKR framework without formal training
  • Easily import existing OKRs
  • Invite team members with one click
  • Use OKR templates developed by experts
  • Access the learning center for on-demand resources
  • Create OKRs for all levels of the organization
  • Manage OKRs with a workflow approval process
  • Add team members to shared OKRs
  • Add projects and tasks that align to key results
  • Support multiple alignments for OKRs
  • Give different weights to key results
  • Access visual dashboards
  • Choose between flexible scoring options
  • Give and receive real-time feedback
  • Delegate OKR updates to others
  • Compare progress to previous time periods
  • Receive smart alerts and automated reminders
  • Leave comments or kudos on OKRs
  • Score completed OKRs
  • Quickly see progress with multiple charts and views
  • Access built-in reports and easily share and export
  • Set up integrations in two clicks
  • Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations
  • Native integrations
  • HRIS integrations
  • Rich REST API
  • Present meaningful and contextual data
  • Provide KPIs, trends, projects, and visualizations on OKR progress
  • Get bird’s-eye view of OKR progress across departments
  • Address at-risk objectives


Ally software is $7 per month per user when billed annually. When billed monthly, the price goes up to $9 per user. A FREE trial is available. Request a quote for the customer Enterprise plan.

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User Reviews of Ally OKR

Submitted on April 2nd, 2021 by Matt Jesperson from Sherpa CRM

Ally.io has aided in the adoption of OKRs. With the simplicity of the tool and some of the easy ways in which you can update - whether it’s the check-in feature or the integration with Slack - the ability of people to both be reminded and easily update their statuses makes it really functional. It’s not intrusive. It just flows along as a part of people’s day, week, month. It’s helped us standardize the process.