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Project Management Software

Do your internal or customer projects come in on time and on budget? With the right project management software you can make sure you are allocating resources and managing schedules, so you are consistently meeting project time, cost, and scope goals. Read on to find out more about the variety of project management software options available and their benefits to your organization.

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What is Project Management Software?

Project management software coordinates the execution of project tasks, including planning, scheduling, resource allocation, quality management, time tracking, and collaborative document sharing.

Critical business benefits enabled by project management software include:

  • Increased customer satisfaction through decreased project cycle times and better deadline projection accuracy
  • Improved labor and equipment utilization based on better workflow scheduling
  • Reduced instances of rework based on better collaboration between team members and external project stakeholders
  • Better customer retention through more reliable achievement of quality standards

Key Project Management Software Features to Consider

Feature Definition
Task management/assignments Task management features provide a coordinate means for delivering task specific instructions and associating tasks with responsible parties
Team collaboration & communication Project management software systems support a variety of communications tools such as chat, wikis, message boards, web conferencing, etc to promote more efficiency and better project outcomes
Project status tracking Project status tracking provides real-time monitoring of project completion status allowing for better resource planning and communication with customers
Document management A centralized location for text files, drawings, video, audio, and other project documents promotes greater team collaboration and also generates efficiency in document sharing and prevents redundant team efforts
Milestones and benchmarks Milestones and benchmarks provide a mechanism for tracking project completion and can help project stakeholders better to estimte project completion timeframes; milestones and benchmarks also may be important signposts for progress billing
Due dates and deadlines Formalized mechanisms to track due dates and deadlines are an important tool for meeting internal and customer expectations; due date features are frequently enriched with alert/notification functionality to further ensure timely project/task completion
Resource planning and use tracking Features for tracking resource availability can help minimize delays in project execution by improving an understanding of who and what is available for project work
Sub-tasks Sub-tasks are task management units that can be defined in a child relationship with parent tasks for improved status tracking and coordination of project completion steps
Time tracking Time tracking capabilities can improve understanding of internal employee utilization and can play a critical role for establishing customer payment responsibilities
Email and social integration Email and social integration allows for messages delivered via separate email and social media applications to be captured, tracked, and accessed from within the project management application to improve the visibility to project related communication
Video conferencing Video conferencing tools provide geographically separated project stakeholders with the ability to share ideas and plan project work in a quasi face-to-face environment
Project portfolio management Project portfolio management provides a summary overview of the status of all projects while allow for the management of shared resources across all planned and active projects
Gantt tracking GANTT tracking is a method of representing dependencies between which tasks need to be completed in order to allow others to be begun and can help simplify complex projects
PERT charts PERT use a standardized system of notation to signify which tasks need to be completed, and in what sequence, to complete a project

Getting a Grip on Your Project Management Software Options

There is a dizzying array of project management software on the market today. If you’ve spent time researching your options, you already know it can be tough to get a grip on all the different functional options available and which programs are right for you. There are programs designed for internal project tracking and those more oriented toward client work. Some options are tailored to construction projects, others to professional service work, and still others optimized for systems or business development projects.

The benefits of finding the right program are enticing though. The right project management software promises improved project visibility, tools for promoting collaboration and creativity, and increased efficiency executing project work. The goal of this article is to provide you with an overview of each of the three main functional areas that make up the project management tools available to you: project planning, tracking, and collaboration software. With better insight into the software features available to you, you’ll be in a stronger position both to identify your software requirements and to find the programs that match your needs.

Positioning for Success with Project Planning Functionality

What’s the scope of the project? Who should be involved? What does project success look like? Project planning software provides a mechanism for answering these critical questions. Yet, project planning software tools still seem a bit, well, underappreciated.

Tactical project management tools—such as those that address task management and scheduling—seem quite indispensable in today’s business environment. Isn’t it time that we take the same attitude toward strategic project planning tools?

After all, it’s hard to go more than a few days without running into some restating of every business management pundit’s favorite Sun Tzu axiom: “Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” If we really believe that, shouldn’t we be paying more attention to the project planning software available to us?

The answer is clearly, yes. If we believe in the importance of getting project schedules detailed into hyper-granular Gantt charts, surely we can promote project planning beyond the limits of individual email accounts and desktop file structures. Let’s take a closer look at some of the software tools available for managing key project planning tasks:

  • Project ideation. Project planning is what happens when you consider the scope of a project, who will be involved, and the goals—right? True, but it’s also happening before that. Many organizations, particularly those managing internal development projects, are beginning to take a more rigorous approach to capturing project ideas and prioritizing them. Project ideation technologies are starting to show up more frequently in project management suites. Tools like survey and interview capture programs are designed to tap employee insights regarding business areas that can be improved. Prioritization dashboards, often involving polling and rating functionality, provide a means of managing which projects deserve attention.
  • Project scope. Identifying project scope is a critical piece—perhaps the critical piece of project planning. Writing clear project scope statements is a bit of a skill though. Collaboration tools, form based document templates, and access to scope statements from previous projects provide assistance for project scope authors. Entity relationship diagrams, SWOT analyses, Venn diagrams, and a variety of other project modeling tools can be useful in the planning work that precedes project scope documentation.
  • Work breakdown structures. A work breakdown structure provides an inventory or decomposition of the work that will go into successfully completing a project. Work breakdown structures are most commonly represented in a flow-chart like format, and tools that allow the creation of WBS documents are often found in project management programs.
  • Project team rosters. Assembling a project team is another fundamental step in project planning. Project team management tools can handle not only the tracking and storage of project team member skills and certifications, but also management of their level of access to documents and utilities within the software, often on a project-by-project basis.
  • Project budgeting. Project budgeting is a discipline and a craft in it’s own right. Not surprisingly, for this very reason, many project management tools leave budgeting to other software modules that are specifically designed for it. However, there are many project management programs these days that now include project budgeting functionality within the broader application suite as an integrated function. Some important budgeting features include estimating, line-item cost breakdown assignments, what-if scenario forecasting, and actual cost variance comparison tools.
  • Change management. Project planning doesn’t occur exclusively at the beginning of a project. Change is inevitable and often it’s necessary to make changes to the work breakdown structure or even the project scope document. A normalized structure for managing change orders is an important component of any project management program. A structured approval process within the software tool is critical to ensuring that the changes support the interests of the project stakeholders.

Managing Task Assignments and Scheduling with Project Tracking Features

Who does what? When does it get done? How long do we have to do it and where are we at with task completion? Keeping projects on track and productive is often a product of how well your organization can answer these critical questions.

  • Task assignment and scheduling. Managing tasks assignments and scheduling work can be complex. To keep up with this complexity, a large variety of different scheduling models and approaches can be seen in project management software. Check-list and to do style task registers are common. Calendar tools are generally directly provided by the project management software, but the integration of 3rd party calendars is not altogether uncommon. The ability to filter tasks based on task assignment, task attributes, and timeframe is an important basic feature for keeping up with scheduling when there are a large number of tasks present. Similarly, many systems will incorporate rule-based alert notifications related to upcoming tasks, task completions, or other indicators.
  • Gantt charts. Gantt charts provide a means of viewing the dependencies between tasks. Gantt charts visually represent the connections between what work must be completed before other work can be tackled. Gantt charts are also utilized to track the completion of project milestones.
  • Progress tracking. Progress tracking utilities provide a means of quickly identifying where a project is relative to completion. Task completion dashboards are common features. Dashboards will generally display a percentage to completion, as well as provide filtering capabilities to identify what work remains.
  • Time tracking. A lot of managing projects is managing time. Often it’s critical to track time inputs on various projects for billing purposes. Frequently, time tracking is used for internal tracking purposes, such as monitoring project completion and identifying how long tasks will take on future projects. Features that allow for identifying time intervals and measuring time are frequently found among the utilities provided by project management suites.
  • Resource allocation. Project resources frequently go beyond the skills and time of project members. Very often specific materials and equipment are required to complete projects. The ability to view and resource availability and manage can be a critical component of successful project management. Resource scheduling functionality can mirror labor scheduling in terms of the usage of resource registers and availability schedules.

Fostering Creative Collaboration with Communication Tools and Document Management Software

Collaboration presents significant challenges. How do you effectively manage the interchange of ideas and documents between project members? How do you ensure project members are working on common resources? How do you maintain transparency and accountability when project contributions are shared?

As easy as it is to advocate the ideal of collaboration, it can be just as difficult to effectively realize it. Seemingly, there are obstacles everywhere to facilitating strong project communication. Distributed workforces are increasingly common. Your organization may need to manage communication with other business partners or inter-departmentally. It can be challenging for project members, especially those contributing to multiple projects, to keep others up to date on their work.

The good news is that there are more software options than ever for handling project communication, document management, and even meeting facilitation. Let’s examine them in more depth:

  • Email and email integration. An email based communication system is the centerpiece of most project management collaboration tools. In many products, email integration will allow users to handle emails from within their standard email clients (such as Outlook or Gmail), while capturing email communication so that it also can be viewed from within the project management suite.
  • Message boards, wiki’s, and instant messaging. While email is the workhorse of many project collaboration systems, it’s not the only mechanism for communication. Wiki’s can be useful for capturing documentation that needs to be referenced frequently or continually updated. Message boards and forums can promote more interaction than direct emailing. Instant messaging provides the benefit it’s name suggests—allowing project members to rapidly communicate on a direct basis.
  • Document management. Many types of project work include the creation of a large amount of documents. Managing document exchange via email or 3rd party file-sharing sites has some problems associated with it. It is difficult to stay abreast of current versions, doesn’t allow for clear visibility into version histories, and is a more time-consuming method of passing documents between project members. Document management systems offer a host of advantages. Multiple file format support, audit trails identifying change histories, and managed shared access to common documents present a much more robust solution.
  • Meeting coordination. Enterprise class project management solutions are increasingly providing meeting tools. Web-conferencing, audio-conferencing, and screen-sharing technologies are appearing more frequently in the more capable solutions available.

Taking the Next Steps

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Popular Project Management Software Products

Looking for great project management software options? Below you can check out a list of the products most commonly considered by others searching for project management software. The list on this page is based on many years of real software matches. But everyone’s needs are different. Browse for fits with your specific requirements or let us help you identify your top options.

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The companies and representatives you sent our way were prompt and thorough… I definitely would recommend your company as a means to exploring options with qualified providers. — Bruce Conley
Your service saved me some very valuable time and hooked me up with some excellent resources. Thanks for providing this top-notch service. — Linda Vittori
Thanks! Having a service like this to help navigate the ocean of accounting software and help identify potential good-fits without having to delve through numerous bad-fits is of tremendous value! — Mark Carpenter
  • Project Insight by Metafuse

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  • proRM by proMX

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  • Capriza by Capriza, Inc.

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  • HD Project Estimating by Hard Dollar

    HD Project Estimating gives you the confidence you need to build estimates and cost models accurately and efficiently. Benchmark estimates against historical performance, maintain live schedule and scope updates, and standardize work breakdown...

  • Project Maestro by Information Integration Group

    Fully integrated with MAS90, IIG's Project Maestro uses the MAS 90 and MAS 200 customer database and updates the invoices generated into the A/R module. With Project Maestro you have the ability to re-print invoices, enter extended description or...

  • JOVACO Project Suite by JOVACO Solutions

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  • ProContractor by Viewpoint® by Viewpoint Construction Software

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  • Kona Business by Deltek

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  • HD Project Intelligence by Hard Dollar

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  • Explorer Eclipse by Explorer Software

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  • HD Project Performance by Hard Dollar

    HD Project Performance gives owners, EPCMs, and contractors real-time project status. Quickly apply corrective actions to keep projects on time and within budget. Measure current completion against the budget estimate and actuals, forecast...

  • HindSite Software by HindSite Software, LLC

    Revolving around the service technician, HindSite Software uses PDA technology to provide a wealth of information to the technician: the day's (or even week's) schedule, notes on the service to be provided, notes on the physical location, and notes...

  • Total Plan Management by i2

    Total Plan management allows you to create plans that facilitate speed and flexibility in an often fragmented global environment. This product gives you complete visibility over your plans allowing you to control and rapidly respond to changes....

  • Acumatica ERP by Acumatica

    Acumatica is a cloud ERP system designed for the SMB market. Acumatica includes functionality for financial management, customer management, project accounting, distribution management, manufacturing management, field service management, and...

  • IBN Project Management by Instant Business Network

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  • ISOlution by Intera Systems

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    Designed by architects and specifically for Architectural and Engineering (A/E) firms, ArchAdministrator has harnessed the power of the multi-layered relational database to simplify the task of recording, organizing, and analyzing the wide variety...

  • Celoxis by Celoxis Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Celoxis is a web-based project portfolio management software solution, available on-premise or via the cloud, that helps enterprises streamline management of project portfolios, timesheets, expenses, and business processes specific to their...

  • Clarizen by Clarizen

    Clarizen helps you – and your team – get the right work done, faster. All Together Now Clarizen’s pure SaaS-based project execution platform goes beyond project management, giving your whole team a centralized environment to manage projects,...

  • Creative Project Manager by Creative Manager

    Creative Manager is the first full-featured management solution built entirely for the Internet. Covers five vital areas: customer relationship management, job costing and billing, project management, client/vendor collaboration, and accounting....

  • SAP Business One by SAP

    SAP Business One provides comprehensive business management capabilities for small and medium sized companies. 50,000 plus companies utilize SAP Business One to provide integrated departmental support for finance, sales, supply chain,...

  • Work Engine by EPM Live

    In today’s market every organization needs an extra “edge” to better satisfy its customers and stakeholders. Efficient and effective enterprise project and work management will achieve that edge and help organizations maintain their...

  • eTech Project Management by eTech Solution

    eTech Project Management provides web-enabled software to successfully integrate the complexities of Project Planning, Job Costing, Labor Tracking and Resource allocation. We provide your management team with a “real time” window for...

  • ACEit! by EVOCO

    ACEit!™ creates a secure online work center where your team can easily access and exchange critical project information. ACEit!™ lets you view very large files, including CAD drawings without needing to install the software, making...

  • The Plus Series by Contractors Software Group

    A fully integrated but modular solution for small to medium sized builders and contractors. It consists of fully integrated lead tracking, follow-up marketing, contract management, customer service, estimating, proposal writing, document creation,...

  • PAMS by GBA Systems

    PAMS is designed to monitor progress and track costs, hours, etc. associated with any type of project. The system maintains extensive project data, at each user-defined level, providing a reference base for control, analysis, and management of...

  • ProjectPro by GEMKO Information Group, LLC

    Complete Project Costing Accounting and Project Management providing cost control and productivity to enhance your success. Successful construction companies must juggle a complex collection of resources, trading partners, management...

  • Bullhorn by Bullhorn

    Bullhorn is a full staffing solution allowing you to manage all aspects of a client including correspondence, pending activity, matching job orders to candidates, receive immediate alerts once a job order is generated, etc. Generate Job...

  • KEY2ACT | Signature by KEY2ACT

    KEY2ACT provides field service and construction management solutions. We empower specialty trades businesses to deliver proactive service, increase profitability, optimize operational efficiencies and drive higher customer retention. We believe...

  • NavigateOne by AAC Utility Partners

    It seems that IT projects come pre-packaged with headaches, setbacks and overages of all types—as if the odds are stacked in failure’s favor. But AAC’s clients have turned their backs to the status quo, and found a better course for their...

  • Details by AEC Software, Inc

    Make Your Project Information Work For You! The who, what, and when of your projects are too important to leave to chance. With Details, your project information is centralized, organized, and always up-to-date. In an instant, you can...

  • Enterprise Work Management by AtTask, Inc.

    AtTask Enterprise Work Management is more than a tool, it’s a solution. You already have plenty of “tools.” Enterprise Work Management is an actual solution that eliminates disparate tools and the frustration of silos and gives you visibility you...

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