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About HighJump WMS

HighJump WMS delivers a powerful, scalable and flexible real-time Warehousing Management System (WMS) for distributors. HighJump Warehouse acts as the hub of your supply chain solution, integrating accounting/order and shipping software systems, electronic data interchange (EDI) systems, Crystal Reports software, radio frequency and barcode hardware, and warehouse automation equipment.

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Increase supply chain visibility

HighJump WMS integrates seamlessly with many popular accounting/order-entry packages and shipping systems to provide the warehousing link in a total supply chain solution. By integrating with leading accounting packages, warehouse automation equipment and shipping systems, you connect your warehouse to the rest of your supply chain. The seamless transfer of information between your systems means more efficient invoicing, order tracking and purchasing for your distribution operation.

Streamline your warehouse processes

By using the latest in Radio Frequency (RF), RFID and barcode technology to automate your warehouse processes, you can find, pick and pack inventory in the most efficient manner possible. This means that you will be shipping the right items, in the right cartons, to the right customers, on time, every time.

Improve your customer service

By giving your customer service staff, sales team and even your customers a window into the warehouse using web-based technology, you allow them to track and trace the status of inventory and orders resulting in fewer customer calls and better managed sales expectations.

Distributed through a global network of local partners, installations can be found across the world in both Fortune 500 distribution centers and smaller localized warehouses.

Sage Integration

HighJump’s warehouse management software will seamlessly integrate with Sage Accpac, Sage Pro, MAS 90, MAS 200 and MAS 500 to provide you with a completely integrated system to manager your finances and inventory. HighJump WMS will provide you with a system to manage the physical handling of goods in your warehouse. This software will provide you with what you need to improve every aspect of your warehouse performance. With this system you can reduce your overall warehouse operations costs, such as pricking, packing, shipping, and internal stock movement.

When HighJump WMS is integrated with your Sage ACCPAC and Sage PRO system you will see a dramatic improvement in the accuracy and speed of your company’s fulfillment process. This will reduce the cost of labor and address the key issues that you face as a warehouse focused business. HighJump WMS will help your business by optimizing your utilization of your staff and assets. The system was built to automate your warehouse using tools like: conveyers, carousels, sophisticated picking algorithms, advance replenishment methods, and order allocation, delivered in a simple, intuitive solution that can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

HighJump WMS will integrate with MAS 90/200 to create a bridge allowing for the seamless transfer of information between your back-office and your warehouse. The system will maintain the similar Sage sales order and inventory processing but without user intervention. Detail intensive procedures (i.e. Sales Order Invoice Data Entry, ASN data entry, Purchase Order Receipt of Goods Entry and Inventory Transaction Entry) are fully automated. No longer will you have to manually enter your complete picking sheets or inventory adjustment memos.

HighJump WMS will integrate with Sage MAS 500 to perform a comprehensive software system that will manage all of your back-office and warehouse operations. HighJump WMS will allow you to manage orders and the physical handling of goods in the warehouse with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Combine the advantages of capturing billing transactions at the pick face using HighJump WMS with the advanced pricing and financial features of Sage MAS 500 to create a seamless flow of transactions from the pick face to the general ledger.

Microsoft Dynamics Integration

With an interface to the HighJump WMS you will turn your Dynamics system into an enhanced ERP software system. HighJump WMS is designed with the knowledge that no two warehouses are identical in the foreground. The system gives you the ability to implement new technology tools to support your growth. The system will leverage the latest technology to provide you with a web-based WMS system that will consolidate and streamline all your warehouse operations, while improving accuracy, efficiency and productivity.

The system is capable of extending Dynamics GP capabilities to allow you to perform container receiving and back order processing in an automated fashion. The system itself will optimize the resources in your warehouse. Microsoft Dynamics GP users can now manage orders and the physical handling of goods in the warehouse accurately and efficiently.

Microsoft Dynamics SL is already very strong on distribution features, but with HighJump WMS, the system will also include powerful warehouse management capabilities. HighJump WMS is fully capable to make your Dynamics SL system compatible with any EDI requirements. The system will allow you to automate many of your warehouse processes giving you a dramatic improvement in inventory accuracy, distribution center efficiencies and overall customer satisfaction.

Many businesses with vast warehouse requirements have found RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to be one of the most efficient and cost saving ways to effectively track inventory. HighJump WMS has the ability to make your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system complete by adding RFID tracking.

HighJump WMS can take your Microsoft Dynamics AX to a whole new level, extending its functionality way beyond the back-office. After integration of the two software packages, the system will use a XML SOAP interface allows you to work in a real-time warehouse environment from within Microsoft Dynamics AX. The system adds advanced technologies like RFID capabilities, optimized pick-pack functionality, and directed put-away features. The combination of HighJump WMS gives you real-time visibility into your supply chain while improving operational efficiency, productivity and accuracy.

SAP Business One Integration

HighJump WMS for SAP Business One uses the UI and DI API to give SAP warehouse management and multi-bin functionality. The system fully integrates so you cannot tell the difference between SAP Business One and the integrated warehouse functionality. Some of the features and functionality of an integrated HighJump/SAP system include:

  • Multi-bin inventory to optimize stock movement
  • Real-time inventory position tracking
  • Batch and serial tracking
  • Bar code enabled functionality
  • Hard allocation reserves product from specific bin locations, ensuring that the right product goes to the right customer.
  • FIFO, LIFO or expiry date stock rotation
  • Advanced pick and pack screen
  • Flexible zone configurations for even distribution of workload
  • Paperless processes for automation
  • Labor statistics reporting
  • Warehouse efficiency reporting

Benefits of Implementing HighJump WMS:

  • Accuracy
    • 99.9% accuracy
    • Create a paperless warehouse
    • Provide accurate, real-time validation of every warehouse function using handhelds, barcode and RFID technology
    • Eliminate transcription and data entry errors with real-time data capture
    • Minimize handling steps
  • Customer Service
    • Ship the right goods, on time, every time
    • Generate compliance labels
    • Create custom reports and pack slips based on specific client need
    • Compile ASN-required data
    • Increase accuracy and reduce customer service calls
    • Allow your customer service reps to track and trace any and all orders
    • Use the web visibility features to check the status of orders in real-time
    • Open and monitor customer issues
    • Web ordering

HighJump WMS Features

The top features of HighJump WMS include:

Accounting, Order-Entry, ERP Systems

Through interfaces developed in-house and by third-party vendors, Accellos integrates with various accounting/financial systems, including but not limited to:

  • Microsoft Dynamics: GP, SL, NAV, AX
  • Sage Software: Accpac, Sage Pro, MAS 90, MAS 200, MAS 500
  • SAP: Business One

The accounting system maintains order, product, customer and vendor data and downloads it to Accellos, while Accellos One Warehouse maintains inventory data and uploads it to the accounting system.

Barcode Label Printers

Accellos interfaces with Zebra and Intermec barcode printers to print product labels, bin labels, and shipping and courier labels, among many others.

Crystal Reports

Accellos One Warehouse interfaces with Crystal Reports to print bills of lading, invoices, packslip and other documentation on laser printers. Web Dispatchýs Reports module also displays custom-defined Crystal reports.

EDI Systems

Accellos generates all data required in standard advance shipping notices (ASNs) in standard EDI format.

Radio Frequency (RF) / Wireless Devices

Accellos One Warehouse interfaces with Symbol, Intermec, PSC, AML and Dolphin handheld access points and handheld computers/barcode scanners used by warehouse staff to record movements of stock into, out of and inside the warehouse. Handheld clients connect to the Accellos One Warehouse server via Telnet sessions.

Shipping Systems

With varying levels of integration, Accellos interfaces with shipping systems such as ClipperShip, UPS Worldship, FedEx, Canpar and Purolator. Accellos WMS sends order, carton, addressee and tracking data to the shipping system and receives back carrier, service, and shipment cost data, which it then passes on to the accounting system.

Warehouse Automation Equipment

Accellos assists in materials handling by integrating with various types of equipment used in the warehouse, such as scales, cubing machines, conveyor belts and carousels.

Warehouse Managment Modules

Accellos One Warehouse consists of an array of modules that will give you everything you need to properly manage you warehouse and control your inventory. Accellos One Warehouse Utilizes RFID and barcode technology to ensure that your warehouse and stock levels are updated in real time. This will completely eliminate any errors in data collection, and ensure that you are given the most accurate view of your warehouse.

Accellos One Warehouse has the flexibility to allow the picking and tracking of products to be performed using lot or serial numbers. The system manages your inventory in real-time, ensuring that it is perpetually updated, and inventory counts are always accurate. Whether your company rotates inventory using LIFO or FIFO methods, Accellos One Warehouse will meet your needs. This flexible system allows you to receive and pick items in waves. Accellos One Warehouse, is so customizable that it includes 1,500 configurable switches that allow you to customize the system to fit your exact needs.

Accellos One Warehouse is a set of modules that will aid in making your company paperless in some of your most common WMS and Inventory Control tasks. The system is offered as a scalable Warehouse Management System that are developed to help any company large or small. The modules available in Accellos One Warehouse are:

  • Adjustments
  • Advanced Allocation
  • Advanced Lots/Serial
  • Advanced Replenishment
  • Counting
  • Directed Put-away
  • EOL Workflow
  • Expiry Management
  • Kitting
  • Locator
  • Lot/Serial Tracking
  • Management Reporting
  • Multi Zone
  • Order Allocation
  • Picking
  • Receiving
  • Returns
  • Single Carrier Shipping
  • Wave Planning

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User Reviews of HighJump WMS

Submitted on August 25th, 2019 by Chris Brown

Little to No support for tickets. Chronological clock for refresh rates adds significant time to orders, receipts, signing drivers out, etc. Not intuitive and user friendly system. Training time for CSRs is 3 weeks minimum.

The Good…

The cumbersome time consuming nature of the system actually does provide some checks and balances with control.

The Bad…

We are in logistics. Time is of the essence. The system does not save time rather it adds more time thereby increasing your costs relative to other systems.

Submitted on June 22nd, 2019 by Jeff Stutzman from EJ Stutzman

We’re a primarily flatbed business. We’re 100% customer based and do not use brokers.

Today’s customers don’t care who does the work, they just want it done and done right with someone they can trust. We try to provide the service to command the rate and Prophecy as been a big part of that.

We input all the loads into one database into one place and then as they get assigned we move them either into brokerage or into trucking. It’s great. It’s a piece of ccake. We added a safer watch module to it and it’s proven itself to save us a lot even the third party idea.

Adding the modules on in the future is a great capability. We’ve added document management and alerts, and we are now dispatching more trucks than ever before. I feel we haven’t even scratched the surface of the software.