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A WMS system designed by Körber, previously HighJump/Accellos.

Product Overview

Körber, formerly HighJump WMS of Accellos, is a warehouse management system designed to cater to various business practices through its adaptable and process-based approach. It stands out for its first full HTML5 user interface, allowing access from any web browser on any device.

The system’s modular design allows users to select from a suite of applications, ensuring a tailored experience. And integrating with ERP systems, materials handling equipment, and other solutions like the Körber Supply Chain Advantage suite, offering flexibility in deployment either on-premise or in the Körber Cloud.


  • Easy integration with ERP, EDI, and eCommerce
  • Highly customizable
  • Integrates with accounting/order entry/shipping systems
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Tracks with barcodes and RFID


  • Limited report customization options
  • Tricky third-party integrations
  • No backorder alerts
  • Pricing information unavailable

Target Market

Small-to-medium-sized businesses, global enterprises, and third-party logistics (3PL) looking for a customizable and scalable solution that can adapt to specific operational needs and integrate with various systems.

Not Recommended For

Businesses seeking a warehouse management system with highly sophisticated backorder management capabilities or those requiring extensive report customization without additional hand-holding.

About Körber

Video Overview

WMS Features

Key features of Körber WMS include seamless integration with various ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics and Sage, offering enhanced accounting, order-entry, and warehouse management functionalities.

Increase Supply Chain Visibility

Körber WMS integrates with accounting, order-entry, and shipping systems, linking warehousing with the entire supply chain. This integration facilitates efficient invoicing, order tracking, and purchasing, enhancing overall distribution operation efficiency.

Streamline Warehouse Processes

The system employs RF, RFID, and barcode technologies to optimize warehouse processes, ensuring accurate and timely shipment of orders.

Improve Customer Service

Web-based technology enables customer service staff, sales teams, and customers to track inventory and order statuses, reducing customer inquiries and managing sales expectations more effectively.

Global Distribution and Integration

Körber WMS is globally distributed through local partners, suitable for both large Fortune 500 distribution centers and smaller warehouses.

Sage Integration

Körber WMS integrates with various Sage systems (Accpac, Pro, MAS 90/200/500), enhancing financial and inventory management, and optimizing warehouse operations efficiency.

Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Körber WMS enhances Dynamics ERP systems with advanced warehouse management capabilities, including RFID tracking, improved inventory accuracy, and automated distribution processes.

SAP Business One Integration

The integration with SAP Business One provides advanced warehouse management features like multi-bin inventory, real-time tracking, and paperless processes, improving overall warehouse efficiency.

Benefits of Implementing Körber WMS

Körber WMS offers benefits like 99.9% accuracy, improved customer service, real-time order tracking, and advanced features for efficient warehouse management.

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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Körber

Submitted on August 25th, 2019 by Anonymous

Little to No support for tickets. Chronological clock for refresh rates adds significant time to orders, receipts, signing drivers out, etc. Not intuitive and user friendly system. Training time for CSRs is 3 weeks minimum.

The Good…

The cumbersome time consuming nature of the system actually does provide some checks and balances with control.

The Bad…

We are in logistics. Time is of the essence. The system does not save time rather it adds more time thereby increasing your costs relative to other systems.

Submitted on June 22nd, 2019 by Jeff Stutzman

We’re a primarily flatbed business. We’re 100% customer based and do not use brokers.

Today’s customers don’t care who does the work, they just want it done and done right with someone they can trust. We try to provide the service to command the rate and Prophecy as been a big part of that.

We input all the loads into one database into one place and then as they get assigned we move them either into brokerage or into trucking. It’s great. It’s a piece of ccake. We added a safer watch module to it and it’s proven itself to save us a lot even the third party idea.

Adding the modules on in the future is a great capability. We’ve added document management and alerts, and we are now dispatching more trucks than ever before. I feel we haven’t even scratched the surface of the software.