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About Celoxis

Celoxis is a web-based project portfolio management software solution, available on-premise or via the cloud, that helps enterprises streamline management of project portfolios, timesheets, expenses, and business processes specific to their organization. Celoxis offers midsize to large businesses across industries, a comprehensive ppm tool to plan and manage complex, diverse project portfolios.

Celoxis is consistently ranked as one of the top used enterprise project management software tools in the world. It was also recently chosen as CIO Review’s PPM Company of the Year (Year 2014). Celoxis is one of the few software products in the marketplace to offer a choice of deployment options: SaaS and On-premise. This gives enterprises the much needed flexibility of choosing what suits their organizational environment best.

The SaaS version guarantees complete peace of mind with 99.99% uptime, while their On-premise option comes with multiple OS and database support, thus proving to be of low TCO than other self-hosted solutions. Celoxis’ support services offer comprehensive documentation, access to an online community and knowledge base, email-based support, on-boarding programs, and one-on-one web-based training modules that help your organization get the most from your project management tool investment.

Complete Functionality Module List

Access Control (Workspace and Role based Security), Collaboration Tools (Including Free Client Collaboration), Document Management, Mobility, Automatic Notifications, Multi-Language Support, Resource & Skill Matching, Task Management (With Cross-project dependencies and unlimited task hierarchy), Risk Management, Bug/Issue Tracking, Change Request Management, Visual Resource Planning/Forecasting, Time Tracking, Budget /Expense Tracking, API, Gantt Charts, Report Builder, Project Templates, Custom fields. Integrations (Out of the Box): MS Project, MS Excel, MS Outlook (and other Email clients),, QuickBooks Online, Google Drive, LDAP, iCalendar.

Client Success Story

The client is a leading US based Financial Services company, whose primary business is consumer lending, credit insurance, and other credit related products. Its corporate headquarters are in Evansville, Indiana, with roughly 900 branch locations in 25 states, the United Kingdom, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. They had no system to keep track of what the individuals in various departments were working on, if certain individuals had too much work or what was assigned to each individual. They needed a project management system that would help them with effective delegation, tracking and reporting with regards to resource management. They were looking for a project management system with:

  • Customizable screens
  • Robust and comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • An easy user experience that even the least sophisticated user can handle easily and want to use
  • Ability to add custom fields, pull custom reports, easy user interface

Celoxis scored high on all the criteria they were looking for and more. The user experience was ideal for quick learning and adoption. Celoxis’ advanced resource utilization capabilities would solve their issues around work delegation, load balancing and monitoring. Flexible reporting and customizable dashboards would help them make better decisions around managing resources. With Celoxis, they have been able to streamline all task and resource management processes helping them achieve better productivity and visibility across the system. The ability to customize various aspects of the software has allowed users to tailor the application to suit their needs.

Version 9.5 Updates

  1. New and improved charts: New look and feel, improved colors, impressive animations, and rich interactivity to Celoxis chart library. You can also adjust your perspective by toggling data series in grouped and bubble charts. The new charting framework is cross-platform and cross-browser yet lightweight, which translates into high performance and responsive charts across any of the supported browsers and mobiles.
  2. Improved collaboration on work items: Collaborate directly on tasks, bugs, issues, change requests and even documents. Follow work items and project discussions, reply straight out of your inbox to add your comment.
  3. "New-look" activity stream: With a revamped look, get up-to-the-minute streaming updates and keep all your conversations in one place. You can also quickly comment on work items directly from the feed.
  4. All-new Navigation: Celoxis features a brand new navigation, which is simple and predictable. With this new design, we have structured items into the simplest category actions making it easier than ever to navigate through Celoxis.
  5. New out-of-the-box reports: Use packaged reports to provide managers and executives multiple perspectives of schedule and financial health, cost overruns, project portfolios, revenue analysis, resource assignments and general project status. Pre-built reports for team members to assess their active tasks and other work items.
  6. Other features: include the ability to download reports as PDF, new language addition, support for client account locale, account branding, uploading of user avatar, etc…

Advanced Scheduling

Celoxis’ robust scheduling packs all of your real-world conditions into one reliable schedule. It can accommodate geographically distributed project teams, part-time resources, unavoidable absences, interim resource swaps, and even one-off exceptions such as teams that work weekends to meet deadlines, all within the single project schedule. Additionally, Celoxis supports resource assignments in hours, so there is no more time spent working out allocations in percentages. Celoxis also supports time-constrained tasks with its ‘Manual’ scheduling mode. Celoxis’ Interactive Gantt is the fastest in the industry and can effortlessly handle projects up to 10,000 tasks.

Capacity Planning & Utilization

Unlike the static resource views provided by most other project management software, Celoxis has all answers for resource utilization, availability, and performance challenges, which have plagued projects for a long time. With Celoxis, managers get to see exactly what would happen as per current state of progress. They now have the ability to estimate resource requirements, determine available capacity, track real-time workloads, determine the likelihood of completing work items on time, and even identify tasks where work needs to be redistributed. This helps in making informed resourcing decisions based on data rather than the static “plan”.

Custom Apps

When managing projects, teams often need to interact with multiple “specialized” tools within the confines of their work activities. For example, while working on assigned tasks, team members may also need to manage bugs, issues, change requests or tickets. They don’t fancy going to another app to check out bugs or want to use a Google Drive spreadsheet to manage issues and certainly don’t want to hunt through their emails to figure out whether the client signed-off on a change request. They want all of them in one place. And it’s not just about views. For example, a lot of customers want project teams to fill time on tasks as well as bugs. If bugs are present in a different app, then they will have to fill time there and then consolidate things in a different in-house app. All this just adds to the chaos and undermines productivity! With Celoxis’ apps, organizations have the power to easily create and manage such well-defined, repetitive project and business processes or routines all within the comfort of a single project management system. They also have a suite of pre-built apps: Bugs, Issues, Risks, Approvals and Change Requests, so that you have all things like bugs, approvals, sign-offs, change requests in one place alongside your tasks. You can also fill time on them. Clients can also initiate and participate in your business processes.

Project Financial Management

Celoxis has comprehensive project financial capabilities. It provides support for multiple billing models and project billing types, budget and expense management and time tracking, cost projections and revenue forecasts with integration with QuickBooks Online for timely and accurate accounting and invoicing.

Reporting and Dashboards

With Celoxis, you can turn all your project and portfolio data into actionable insights with a whole gamut of data visualizations, drill-down reporting, multilevel grouping, and dynamic filtering. You can also create reports on all your custom business fields including formula fields. Celoxis’ advanced and powerful reporting engine mines all your project data and actions real-time and presents it in tabular and charting visualizations. This helps keep managers and executives updated at all time and also make well-informed and timely decisions.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Celoxis

Submitted on October 24th, 2019 by Michael (Misha ) Milshtein

Celoxis is a powerful project management tool that strengthens project management processes. This solution is strong for handling complex project plans, resource allocation, budget and time tracking, and advanced reporting. The reporting capabilities are the best we’ve seen and is one of the strongest features of Celoxis. Celoxis is a powerhouse and is great for organizing project-related activities.