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LiquidPlanner enables modern teams with a fast, streamlined way to manage their work. The unique approach offered is an easy alternative to Microsoft Project and can be used by just about anyone–traditionally-trained project teams, agile teams, or even teams that use ad-hoc processes. LiquidPlanner customers report an average of 16 hours saved per month due to automation.

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Built-in Project Collaboration

Set aside all those point-solution online tools for collaboration. LiquidPlanner is a secret weapon for teams to collaborate on all kinds of work. No more wondering how a suggestion came to you; with LiquidPlanner, the comments stay in the task record for easy discovery, in the context of the project.

LiquidPlanner also integrates with email and calendar software and can pull documents from a user’s Box account or hard drive.

Key Features

  • Conversation Threads - Your LP homepage displays conversations grouped by tasks so you can follow and locate conversations easily, and get an organized bird’s-eye-view of all tasks. Plus, you can filter the stream to see conversations on just the projects you care about.
  • Calendar + Email Integration - Create tasks in seconds by simply sending email to your LiquidPlanner inbox, and reply to comments directly from email (your replies will be captured automatically in LP). View tasks in your Outlook calendar to keep on top of commitments.
  • Email Notification Filters - Decide which kinds of actions trigger your email notifications, so your inbox doesn’t get pummeled with updates to every task with your name on it. Choose from over 15 filtered options, and receive just the emails that really matter to you.
  • Access Controls - Access controls allow you to give different users access to different projects, maintaining confidentiality and managing over-communication, so your whole team can be using LiquidPlanner in no time.

Mobile Project Management

These days, work increasingly takes workers into the field and away from desktops–and businesses can’t afford to lose touch with ongoing projects.

LiquidPlanner’s mobile apps lets you manage a portfolio of projects from the palm of your hand–anywhere, anytime. You can access essential planning and scheduling functions such as: updating progress, collaborating with team members, commenting and making checklists, assigning tasks, and browsing projects.

You can now create new projects, packages and tasks on your iPhone and iPad Pull out the mobile version of LP when you’re visiting clients, on an airplane or whenever a genius idea springs to mind.

Key Features

  • Key Mobile Platforms - With LiquidPlanner’s mobile applications, you can manage projects on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Stay connected when you’re away from your desk, whether traveling or working remotely. Available from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • Essential Functions - LiquidPlanner mobile apps focus on the most needed features for today’s mobile work styles. Browse projects, participate in comment streams, view your tasks, track time, edit or create new tasks, view attached files and more. Now, iPhone and iPad have even more features with the latest LiquidPlanner 4.0 iOS update.

Project Analytics & Reporting

Every project manager needs answers to key questions such as how team members spend their time, status of each project, workload this month vs. last month vs. future months.

LiquidPlanner Analytics, designed for project managers and stakeholders, produces interactive, visual reports that help managers make crucial business decisions about resource allocation, client management and project timelines. Instead of simply working hard, project managers and teams work smarter with better data.

Key Features

  • Custom Report Building - Answer the countless questions about your team’s work. Not static, canned reports but instant insights, customized and up to date in real-time, delivered in seconds. Build, access, customize, save and download hundreds of reports.
  • Dashboard Reports - Create reports on project status (hours logged and remaining, percent complete, tasks, etc.), standardized workload reports (team member availability on specific days) and Total Trend reports (plots work completed and remaining over time).
  • Full Plan and Time Sheet Export - For invoicing, payroll or analysis, authorized users can export time sheets to XML, CSV, or Quickbooks. Export plans, partial plans or plan items from LiquidPlanner for analysis or archiving to a .CSV file.

Project Scheduling & Organization

LiquidPlanner makes schedules the way you and your team members do–only easier. This people-centric approach recognizes that team members must prioritize tasks across multiple projects, and that those priorities change frequently.

To keep on top of the game, simply drag tasks and projects into the order they should be completed, and your schedules update automatically. The result: The most important work gets done first, and time spent doing manual updates is eliminated.

Key Features

  • Priority-Based Schedules - Web-based LiquidPlanner helps focus teams on what’s most important: strategic projects and tasks or those with the most revenue potential. Easily prioritize work for the team and see instantly when it will get done.
  • Best Case / Worst Case Estimates - Just estimate a realistic range of time to complete tasks, say 2-4 hours, and LiquidPlanner calculates when you’re likely to complete your work. It takes your availability, vacations, and priorities into account, so you can trust your schedule.
  • Automated Schedule Updates - Most teams deal with a constant stream of inbound work. When priorities shift, LiquidPlanner automatically updates the schedule to reflect the changes. Ditto when someone completes a task in one hour, not three.
  • Alerts - LiquidPlanner alerts you to dependencies (one task depends on completing a prior task), critical paths (if someone’s schedule drives the completion date) or if the project threatens to exceed budgeted hours.

Team Planning & Coordination

If you’re like most team leaders, you face a never ending stream of tasks, issues, questions, and new projects to manage. Each one requires a set of decisions to be made. How important is this? Who can do it? When can they do it?

LiquidPlanner allows managers and team members alike to capture, prioritize, and accomplish work together, in a shared system that fosters collaboration, efficiency, and transparency up and down the chain.

Key Features

  • No More Overloading - Get automated resource leveling with LiquidPlanner’s cutting-edge scheduling engine. Since it always respects availability, error-prone manual planning is a thing of the past. Vacations, events, and dependencies are automatically factored in.
  • Cross-Project Prioritization - Drag and drop tasks for each team member into priority order, no matter what project they’re from. LiquidPlanner provides a clean view of each individual’s priority list for quick access and editing.
  • A Shared Inbox - New work is automatically funneled into a central, shared Inbox. Tasks can be assigned, estimated, and prioritized as part of an existing (or improved!) business process for managing work distribution.
  • Checklists - New work is automatically funneled into a central, shared Inbox. Tasks can be assigned, estimated, and prioritized as part of an existing (or improved!) business process for managing work distribution.

Time Tracking & Approval

Knowing how long a task or project takes aids in the overall planning and success of any project. Tracking time produces data useful for valuing work in process, processing payroll, billing clients, estimating costs and time on future projects, cost analysis and other financial benefits.

Beyond accounting, tracking time can help you manage scope creep, produce project metrics, get extra help when you need it and even get a raise.

Key Features

  • Pre-Populated Timesheets - LiquidPlanner timesheets are prepopulated with the work you are assigned to for the week, so there’s no need to re-enter that data. Of course, if your tasks change, you can change the timesheet easily.
  • Task Timers - This nifty tool tracks actual time spent on tasks, not after-the-fact estimates. Exact times improve the accuracy of future scheduling. Click on the timer when you start a task, then click again when you finish.
  • Full Timesheet Workflow - When a team member completes a timesheet, LiquidPlanner’s workflow routes it for review, approval, logging and export to your billing system. No more hand-carrying timesheets for approval–the process flows and your company gets paid.
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User Reviews of LiquidPlanner

Submitted on February 26th, 2020 by Tim Hughes

In a 24-hour period, we moved the project from being over-budget and over-schedule to on-time. This was a small-scale project, and the ROI was 30 percent of the project budget. LiquidPlanner paid for its entire licensing fee in one day.