A project management software and planning tool with priority-based scheduling.

Product Overview

LiquidPlanner enables modern teams with a fast, streamlined way to manage their work. The unique approach offered is an easy alternative to Microsoft Project and can be used by just about anyone–traditionally-trained project teams, agile teams, or even teams that use ad-hoc processes. The platform’s predictive scheduling engine automatically adjusts timelines based on changes in priorities and resource availability, making it a valuable tool for collaborative teams handling multiple projects. LiquidPlanner customers report an average of 16 hours saved per month due to automation.


  • Predictive scheduling engine
  • Priority-based scheduling tools


  • Limited native integration options
  • No dedicated mobile apps

Target Market

Oganizations managing multiple complex projects, especially those with the need to allocate hours across various tasks and prioritize them effectively.

About LiquidPlanner

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Built-in Project Collaboration

  • Conversation Threads - The LP homepage displays conversations grouped by tasks, allowing for easy following and locating of conversations. It provides an organized bird’s-eye-view of all tasks and includes a filter to view conversations on specific projects.
  • Calendar + Email Integration - Tasks can be created in seconds by sending an email to the LiquidPlanner inbox. Comments can be replied to directly from email, with replies automatically captured in LP. Tasks can also be viewed in an Outlook calendar to maintain awareness of commitments.
  • Email Notification Filters - Users can decide which actions trigger email notifications to avoid an overloaded inbox. Over 15 filtered options are available to tailor email notifications to user preferences.
  • Access Controls - These controls enable different users to access different projects, ensuring confidentiality and managing communication effectively, facilitating widespread use of LiquidPlanner.

Mobile Project Management

  • Key Mobile Platforms - LiquidPlanner’s mobile applications are available for managing projects on iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. These apps are useful for staying connected while traveling or working remotely and are available from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • Essential Functions - LiquidPlanner mobile apps focus on crucial features needed for today’s mobile work styles. They allow users to browse projects, engage in comment streams, view tasks, track time, edit or create new tasks, view attached files, and more. The latest LiquidPlanner 4.0 iOS update brings additional features to iPhone and iPad.

Project Analytics & Reporting

  • Custom Report Building - Users can build custom reports to gain instant insights that are up to date in real-time. These customizable and instantly delivered reports enable the construction, access, customization, saving, and downloading of hundreds of reports.
  • Dashboard Reports - Users can create reports on project status, standardized workload reports, and Total Trend reports, which plot work completed and remaining over time.
  • Full Plan and Time Sheet Export - Authorized users have the ability to export time sheets to XML, CSV, or QuickBooks, as well as export plans, partial plans, or plan items from LiquidPlanner for analysis or archiving to a .CSV file.

Project Scheduling and Organization

  • Priority-Based Schedules - LiquidPlanner’s web-based interface helps focus teams on the most critical projects and tasks, allowing easy prioritization of work. This feature reveals when tasks are likely to be completed.
  • Best Case/Worst Case Estimates - Users can provide a range of time for task completion, and LiquidPlanner calculates the likely completion time, taking into account availability, vacations, and priorities.
  • Automated Schedule Updates - LiquidPlanner automatically updates the schedule to reflect changes when priorities shift or tasks are completed earlier than expected.
  • Alerts - LiquidPlanner provides alerts for dependencies, critical paths, and potential budget overruns.

Team Planning and Coordination

  • No More Overloading - LiquidPlanner’s scheduling engine offers automated resource leveling, eliminating the need for manual planning. It automatically factors in vacations, events, and dependencies.
  • Cross-Project Prioritization - Tasks can be arranged in priority order regardless of the project they belong to. This feature provides a clear view of each individual’s priority list for quick access and editing.
  • A Shared Inbox - New tasks are automatically funneled into a central, shared Inbox. These tasks can then be assigned, estimated, and prioritized as part of an existing or improved business process for managing work distribution.
  • Checklists - Checklists in LiquidPlanner provide a structured way to track and manage smaller tasks and details within larger projects.

Time Tracking and Approval

  • Pre-Populated Timesheets - Timesheets in LiquidPlanner are prepopulated with assigned work for the week, with flexibility to adjust if tasks change.
  • Task Timers - This feature accurately tracks the actual time spent on tasks, enhancing the precision of future scheduling. Users can start and stop the timer as they begin and complete tasks.
  • Full Timesheet Workflow - Completed timesheets are routed through LiquidPlanner’s workflow for review, approval, and logging, streamlining the process and ensuring timely payments and billing.
Starting Price
$15 /user/month
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of LiquidPlanner

Submitted on February 27th, 2020 by Tim Hughes

In a 24-hour period, we moved the project from being over-budget and over-schedule to on-time. This was a small-scale project, and the ROI was 30 percent of the project budget. LiquidPlanner paid for its entire licensing fee in one day.