Free payroll service, software, calculation, and checks.

About Payroll4Free is a forever free payroll software for small businesses (under 25 employees). The software lets you easily pay your employees and calculate taxes. You can also manage accrued vacation and create detailed payroll reports.

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Payroll4Free Features

  • Pay employees/contractors: Includes 1099 contractors and year-end 1099 forms.
  • Tax calculations: Calculate federal, state, and local taxes. Tax filing is available as an additional paid feature.
  • Vacation time tracking: Track vacation, sick, and PTO time. Accrue the number of hours for each employee based on time with the company, hours worked, and more.
  • Detailed reporting: Create reports on earnings, taxes, benefits, accrued time, payroll journal reports, and more.
  • Direct deposits: Send funds to your employee’s personal bank accounts for an additional fee.
  • Paper checks: Print paper checks for your employees.
  • Employee portal: Let employees access their pay information online, including viewing and printing paystubs, W-2s, vacation time, and more.

Payroll4Free Pricing

Payroll4Free is a forever free software program when processing payroll for under 25 employees. Payroll4Free is not usable for businesses with over 25 employees. Payroll tax filing is available as a features for $15/month. Direct deposit is available for an additional $15/month–meaning the max cost of Payroll4Free is $30/month.

Product Overview

  • Developer, Inc.
  • Type Payroll Software
  • Client OS Web
  • Deployment Cloud Hosted
  • Starting Price $12.50/month

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User Reviews of Payroll4Free

Submitted on November 27th, 2022 by Anonymous

Very easy to use and customer service is quick

The Good…

User friendly

The Bad…


Submitted on September 28th, 2021 by Benjamin I. Schwarcz

You would think that the best feature of is that it’s free, but you would be wrong. The program is so user friendly and easy to use, they can compete with the most expensive payroll services out there. The people at are professionals who know what they’re doing and are always there to help. The reports that I can pull up from the system are some of the best reports I’ve seen so far from a payroll service company. I would, without any hesitation, recommend to anyone.

Submitted on September 28th, 2021 by Ed DeGraffinried

I have used Payroll4Free since the first pay period in January of 2013. I am 200% satisfied, and must say that I have never used a better payroll service. My initial reaction after receiving their promotional card in the mail was ‘This must be a hoax, because there is no free lunch.’ I am very, very happy I called them. I’ve recommended Payroll4Free to all my small business clients.

Submitted on October 23rd, 2019 by Patrice Delligatti

I was skeptical about leaving my payroll service I had for 20 years but Payroll4Free has been very professional. We have complex Payroll with 6 locations and they made it easy for us. I used to have to do side calculations to allocate wages to different locations but now I just enter hours and I’m done. I highly recommend it to small businesses