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About Akeneo PIM

Akeneo PIM is a product information management solution which enhances productivity by making your teams able to deliver high quality, accurate, and consistent product information. This platform increase sales conversion rates by creating compelling product information leading to more purchases and less returns. In fact, users have seen a 4X increase in sales conversion rate and a 40% decrease in returns.

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  • Speed Time-to-Market
  • Expand Product Offerings
  • Streamline Localization Workflows
  • Import and Export Data
  • Standardize and Structure
  • Simple Product Form
  • Bulk Actions
  • Asset Manager
  • Reference Entities
  • Advanced Rights Management
  • Validation Workflow
  • Teamwork Assistant
  • Rules Engine
  • Data Quality Insights
  • Versioning & Publication

Product Overview

User Reviews of Akeneo PIM

Submitted on December 14th, 2020 by Josh Williams from Petra

We’re light years ahead of where we’d be without Akeneo.

Submitted on December 14th, 2020 by Sebastian Jurth from Remmers

The flexibility and precise tailoring to our needs made Akeneo PIM a great fit for our company.

Submitted on December 14th, 2020 by Rick Mueller from iBuy Stores

We couldn’t survive without Akeneo.