SOFTWRX Retailer (POS)

A multi-module management system designed by Softwrx, LLC for retail trade companies.

About SOFTWRX Retailer (POS)

SOFTWRX Retail Solutions is a suite of modules designed to give your organization the razor-sharp edge in the fast-paced retail-store environment. The highly functional SOFTWRX Point-of-Sale(POS) module ensures that your customers are serviced effectively and efficiently. This retail-invoicing module is effective in off-line and real-time environments and helps you connect remote retail locations directly to your main system in a LAN/WAN VPN environment. These modules combine seamlessly with the order entry and invoicing module to give you the Retail Industry solution that will make your organization stand apart from the rest.

Improve Customer satisfaction, Make informed decisions, detect shortages, over shipments, and control supplier cost with SOFTWRX. Gain customer value! SOFTWRX POS leverages technologies and platforms to support all store level activities, enabling timely sales and inventory decisions for quicker turns, higher margins, and improved GMROI - day after day, season after season.

All SOFTWRX Store Operations & POS solutions are built on industry standard technologies designed to manage all user requirements and ensure complete flexibility when determining the best ways to service customers. These solutions are inherently scalable, adaptable, extensible, flexible, easy to use, and affordable. When deployed within an ever-changing multi-channel environment, they reinforce consumer confidence and encourage a positive perception of the store’s brand. Configuration tools make it easy to customize to meet each channel’s specific needs.

Other Key Features:

  • Current and historical sales order status inquiries and reports
  • Analyze sales and customer trends
  • Bar coding and hand scanners supported
  • Multiple warehouse support
  • Keep track of customer promotions
  • Individual customer catalog pricing matrix per item
  • Seamless integration into Microsoft Office Suite for mail-merge and promotions
  • Promotion Code Tracking

Accounts Payable

Sound cash management decisions are the focus of our Accounts Payable System. Your company needs instant access to vendor performance on key item deliveries, which allow you maximum purchasing power and negotiated terms.

User-defined default general ledger accounts for distribution by vendor, set you own default accounts, or change accounts and terms during transaction processing.

Gain control of your cash flow, inventory cost, and Vendor performance with the power of our Accounts Payables System. When integrated with the Purchase Order System, you now have total tracking ability. During transaction processing you may select from the actual P.O. receiver and apply directly to the invoice transaction therefore eliminating redundant data entry. Error discrepancy reporting is generated during transaction processing.

Other Key Features:

  • Federal non-employee compensation (1099) forms for selected vendors.
  • Partial payment of invoices for split period payments.
  • Vendor analysis inquiry and reporting.
  • Recurring Invoicing entry.
  • Open invoice inquiry and reporting.
  • Auto-transfer from purchase order receiving line items to A/P transactions to increase employee productivity
  • Vendor transaction history inquiry and reporting.
  • Multiple bank account selection on check runs.
  • Purchase order receiving to A/P invoice discrepancy and error reporting.
  • Analyze trends in your payables. Detail and Summary history tracks activity by period.
  • Multiple warehousing and departments for additional analytical cost.
  • Determine which vendors provide most reliable cost and deliveries.
  • Un-vouchered receipts reporting, inquiries, and G/L distribution.
  • A/P Check Reconciliation.
  • Historical Information is retained for future analysis.
  • Vendor Performance analysis.
  • Print directly to your network Printers, Fax, or Document Storage System.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable System will allow your company total flexibility for G/L account distribution when integrated with the G/L package, or as a stand-alone modules. You can set-up user-defined general ledger account numbers for sales and cash processing for all customers or for each individual customer.

Projection analysis of your Cash Flow by comparing your in-flow cash, and out-going cash in a combined report by user-defined pre-determined periods. Multiple warehousing and departmental selection per line item give you total control to ship items from any warehouse that has the available inventory to reduce your shipping cost and increase your customer satisfaction.

Analyze your sales over a pre-determined period for any of your customers as to their purchasing trends and minimize your inventory requirements for just in time delivery and increase your turns ratios.

Other Highlights Include:

  • Customer defined A/R to G/L account tables.
  • Up to 999 ship-to-addresses per customer.
  • Customer transaction history inquiry
  • Balance forward or open item customer accounts
  • Open invoice and history inquiries and reporting
  • Customer statements are customer dependent
  • Sales analysis inquiry.
  • Miscellaneous debits/credit entry and journals
  • Invoice Printing.
  • Cash receipts application
  • Open invoice register
  • Print ship-to listing
  • Aged trial balance reporting
  • A/R distribution to G/L reporting
  • Print customer listing
  • Sales detail inquiries and reporting
  • Historical information retained for all A/R Transactions and Cash Receipts
  • Print directly to your network Printers, Fax, or Document Storage System

Bank Reconciliation

Make reconciliation of your bank accounts easier and faster by automating your bank reconciliation process

Account reconciliation is a necessary process, but can be a tedious one. Bank Reconciliation with SOFTWRX, provides a simple approach that lets you remove as much paperwork as possible from the process. The module frees up your accounting staff to focus on more strategic work.

Multiple bank account support! Save time by reconciling checks and receipts from multiple bank accounts in one place. Bank reconciliation provides importing capabilities from Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and General Ledger. Bank files can be imported to automatically match and clear bank transactions. Several formats are available.

Other Highlights Include:

  • Automated Check Clearing process
  • Easy Manage Account balances
  • Print directly to your network Printers, Fax, or Document Storage System

Collaboration Tools

Microsoft Office Suite… Problem: Our marketing staff would like to send emails, promotional letters, and other information to our clients. Can SOFTWRX Systems provide our organization with the tools to accomplish this?

Solution: Yes. With ODBC, you can generate your own personalized mail-merge documents, send email, custom design customer statements, Excel spreadsheets, and export data into Microsoft Access and other 3rd party software i.e. Crystal Reports.

Paper Flow and Document Storage… Problem: Our Company’s objective is to reduce our paper flow and store our printed documents on-line for later retrieval. Is this possible?

Solution: As in windows printing to any of your network printers, you select the appropriate windows printer interface and send your document or report to that interface.

RDBMS Integration… Problem: We currently utilize an e-commerce solution for our web based sales and would like to have it integrate ýreal-timeý into the SOFTWRX System. How can this be accomplished?

Solution: Although SOFTWRX’s Systems are not Database oriented, we support the following RDBMS and can provide your organization with a seamless ýreal-timeý solution.

General Ledger

With SOFTWRX General Ledger System, you generate financial statements by pulling vital facts from multiple accounting modules to report on the progress and profitability of your company or individual departments. Transaction entries flow from other applications into General Ledger, giving you timely financial information that is vital to your decision-making. Maintain your journal, log recurring entries, generate audit trails, and create custom financial statements and reports for up-to-date results on your company’s activities.

Retrieve prior year histories and financials, project future performance, and capitalize. With forecast budget and last-year comparison data, you can identify business performance trends and capitalize on them. As in ALL SOFTWRX modules, you can store your reports in Adobe Acrobat format or other document storage systems.

Set up your budgets quickly, save time with automatic reversing entries, and work either in multiple G/L periods or years. You’ll appreciate having multiple-year functionality allowing you to see what percentage you’ve grown over the years.

Other Highlights Include:

  • Financial reporting budgeted vs. actual,prior year vs. current
  • Prior year and current year data retained
  • 13 accounting periods per fiscal reporting year
  • Automatically generates recurring entries
  • perform on-screen G.L account and transaction inquiries
  • Print data from previous year, budget amounts/variances statements
  • G/L account close-out by step, and consolidation
  • Journalhistory reporting
  • Statements of cash flow (FASB 95)
  • Departmental expense inquiries and reports
  • Overlapping fiscal year reporting
  • User Defined Financial Report Formatting
  • Balance & Income Statements for Current & Future Periods
  • G/L Activity Inquiry & Reports
  • Departmental G/L Budgeted/Expense (MTD/YTD)
  • Print directly to your network Printers, Fax, or Document Storage System

Inventory Control

SOFTWRX Inventory Control Module is fully integrated with all SOFTWRX Modules. It fully supports multi-warehousing, departmental, for finished goods, spare parts inventory, raw materials, etc., and tracks inventory item cost, sales, purchases, and receipts, for MTD/QTD/YTD reporting.

Monitor inventory movements; perform an interim physical inventory at your discretion.

Make a positive impact on your bottom line by detecting shortages, over shipments, and control supplier cost, in SOFTWRX cradle to grave inventory tracking. Accurate stocking information is at your fingertips to satisfy your customer’s immediate requirements. Receipts are posted online and all inquiries give you the availability to drill down into the transaction history per your user defined parameters.

Other Highlights Include

  • Stock adjustment, entry, and transfers
  • Warehouse transaction inquiries and reporting
  • Digital image storage for each inventory item
  • Product class summary reports and item turns reporting
  • Item backlog report
  • Item evaluation reporting
  • Negative quantity reports
  • Min/Max re-order
  • Warehouse month-end balance reporting
  • Transaction tracking
  • Inventory usage tracking
  • Standard and average costing
  • Multiple warehousing and department distribution supported
  • Cross-reference parts by ISBN, UPC, SPCN, and user-defined requirements.
  • Multiple price codes per item.
  • Item inquiries by keyword, vendor, bin, category, Warehouse, etc.
  • Use physical count tag processing and cycle count worksheets
  • Month-to-date and year-to-date tracking of sales, purchases, receipts, adjustments, transfers, and cost-of-goods
  • Print directly to your network Printers, Fax, or Document storage system

Purchase Order

SOFTWRX Purchase Order System implements stringent control management over your purchases and vendor cost. The cradle to grave tracking assists your organization with maintaining your budgets and provide you with vendor and inventory cost analysis.

You’ll be able to apply multiple receipts of goods and services for each line item until completed. With the Accounts Payable System, your personnel only have to enter a Purchase Order Number, and the system will generate the A/P Invoice based on the receipts. Error reporting and correction is also generated.

Make informed decisions, detect shortages, over shipments, and control supplier cost in SOFTWRX cradle to grave tracking. When integrated with Job Costing, work order system, and inventory system, the purchase order system will assist the tracking of internal construction purchases, inventory purchases, capital project purchases, and help to maintain budgets or expenditures. It also contains totally integrated inventory item requisition/purchasing/receiving interface for total accountability of your inventory.

Another outstanding feature of the purchase order system is the automatic cross- referencing of inventory purchase items and your supplier’s item numbers for inquiries, it is automatically generated through the purchase order system.

Other Highlights Include:

  • Vendor Performance analysis report.
  • Purchase Order Booking Report - Detail and Summary.
  • Additional Messages, Line Item Descriptions, or Special Instructions.
  • Release Purchase Orders Placed On Hold
  • Inquiry & Purchase Transaction History Inquiry
  • Track Vendor Promise Dates for Analysis of Critical Items
  • Print the Purchase Order Forms and Status Reporting
  • Multiple Vendor Remit-To.
  • Purchase Order Daily Receipts, Backorder Report & Historical Reporting.
  • Purchase Order Transaction history Report.
  • Purchase Order Backorder Reports, Period Receipts Report
  • Print directly to your network Printers,Fax, or Document Storage System.

Resource Manager

SOFTWORX has been incorporating the ROBAC (role base access control) principal of security in all of our products since 1992 and has only recently become recognized as the most secure method of ensuring department / user controls.

How Does It Work? Each module and its associated programs may be assigned up to 99 different user access codes. Each user may have a separate user-defined security level for each of those modules or programs.


Jill works in accounts payable, Bob works in the shipping/receiving department. Jill may view the status of purchase order receipts, print reports, etc. but does not perform any actual receiving of the merchandise. Bob receives the materials based on his packing slip. Each purchase order receiver is assigned a unique receiver number as materials are not always shipped complete. After Bob has completed his receiving, Jill may now perform the invoice entry. The system will build the invoice based on receivers so Jill does not have to enter each line item detail thus increasing her productivity. The system automatically verifies the original purchase order, receiver, and cost of each unit within the system.

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