PrintSmith Vision

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A web-based software system designed by EFI for commercial & service companies.

About PrintSmith Vision

PrintSmith Vision is flexible, feature-rich business management software that offers powerful estimating, point-of-sale, account management, production management, receivables and sales analysis tools within a single, easy-to-use application. Plus, the new, browser-based platform can be accessed from any server, at any time, giving you even greater control over billing accuracy, cash flow, and customer service. This affordable solution can automate all the detail-laden aspects of your business, while offering optional modules, like PrintSmith Site, an eCommerce platform, to extend the power of your system to help grow your business over time.

Companies Running PrintSmith Vision Find They Are Able To:

  • Attain greater visibility into business performance;
  • Improve customer service;
  • Increase billing accuracy and cash flow; and
  • Make informed decisions that improve their organization’s profitability.

PrintSmith Vision (Full) System

The PrintSmith Vision (Full) System can automate your entire print shop, saving your company time and money on your day-to-day management of business operations. The flexible, pricing & estimating tool gives you the power to create fast and accurate quotes for all printing and copying services, products and merchandise. It´s fully integrated functionality also ensures that invoicing can be done accurately and quickly.

PrintSmith Vision comes equipped with accounts receivable, customer lists, work-in-progress reports, automatic stock order functions, account history and aging, point of sale management (including support for the optional cash drawer and receipt printer), valuable up-to-the-minute sales analysis, sales summaries, statements, management reports, mailing labels and mail merge - everything you need to successfully manage your print business.

PrintSmith Vision Digital System

PrintSmith Vision Digital is an ideal solution for a busy copy shop environment requiring a business management system, just on a slightly smaller scale. PrintSmith Vision Digital´s estimator supports all types of copiers, large format printers, pre-press, bindery, merchandise, rubber stamps and miscellaneous charges. The intuitive application includes capabilities to automate estimating, invoicing, job tickets, customer lists, work-in-progress reports, stock ordering and a complete cash register (including support for the optional cash drawer and receipt printer).

PrintSmith Vision Digital´s accounts receivable process also includes daily, weekly and monthly sales summaries, account aging, statements and several management report formats. PrintSmith Vision Digital also possesses an upgrade path to the PrintSmith Vision (Full) System.

To accommodate your growing business, both platforms allow you to add either three user licenses with the optional multiple user module or to expand your platform one user at a time by using the additional user module.

Estimating and Quoting

With PrintSmith Vision, you can quickly and accurately provide estimates for all of your jobs, from business cards and letterheads to complex projects. It includes automatic multi-bidding capabilities for up to forty different quantities, invoice templates for repeat jobs and the capability to track every estimate created. You can even see win/loss ratios by client to discover which clients have the greatest profit potential.

The robust estimating and quoting capabilities in PrintSmith Vision enable your organization to maximize revenue potential from clients and prospects, while making sure won work is profitable to produce.

Financial Management

PrintSmith Vision includes financial management capabilities to enable your organization to automate the management of your job costing, invoicing, accounts payable and accounts receivable operations.

Handling invoicing and payments becomes an easy and automated process since invoicing is driven by information already collected in the system throughout the estimating and production processes. Plus, tracking and collection of invoices also becomes fast and easy with detailed aging reports and displays of all unpaid items for each account. You can even post partial and full payments, spread payments over invoices, process refunds or post to several accounts being paid through one master billing account.

PrintSmith Vision also links with many leading accounting packages to give you complete financial reporting while maximizing your investment.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

PrintSmith Vision offers an optional integrated credit card processing module to make credit card transactions as simple as swiping or typing a credit card number, allowing your organization more ways to make payments fast and convenient for your customers.

You can quickly collect credit card information, send it to the credit card processing software, and receive results with either an approval code or reason for objection. And, when you add a magnetic stripe reader, you can automate input. Additionally, a plug-and-play cash drawer and receipt printer can be added to your professional point-of-sale system so your company can offer improved service to your customers while facilitating payments to your organization.

Management Reporting

PrintSmith Vision offers an optional report manager module so you can make decisions in support of your business objectives, based on timely and accurate information, reducing the need for spreadsheets, and eliminating the question of “Which version of the numbers is the correct one?”

By fully integrating and automating your business, you gain complete and immediate visibility into every aspect of your company’s performance. From production statistics, work-in-progress and materials costs by vendor, to on-time deliveries by client and payment status by account, you can understand how and where your company can improve its business performance.

Order Management

PrintSmith Vision makes it fast and easy to turn estimates into profitable orders for your organization, while providing complete visibility into the sales order, scheduling and production processes, to allow your organization to gain efficiencies, reduce errors and improve capacity, without increasing overhead.

By leveraging estimates to produce orders, your organization eliminates the need to rekey information, enabling your company to automate order management. Your company can convert more estimates to orders, in shorter times, with fewer people and fewer errors.

The order management module is integrated with the financial management module, allowing you to see and take into consideration the payment history of each account and invoice status, prior to placing an order for a customer. With PrintSmith Vision you can take advantage of a fully integrated system and access information from all areas of your company, easily and on-demand, so you can make informed decisions in support of your business objectives.

Production Scheduling

PrintSmith Vision offers an optional scheduling module that replaces whiteboard or tag-based solutions with a computer-based scheduling process that increases your ability to deliver more jobs on time while utilizing your resources more effectively, allowing your company to improve customer satisfaction, while increasing the margins on your jobs.

Use PrintSmith Vision to optimize your scheduling, produce your jobs more profitably and increase the productivity of your employees.

Shop Floor Data Collection

PrintSmith Vision offers an optional shop floor data collection module that provides real-time shop floor data and comprehensive job costing information. Add in the optional bar code reader hardware to provide instant visibility into the production process so your shop team can document the location of jobs as they move through the production cycle, allowing your staff to identify where jobs are in production and on the floor, saving time and improving their response to customers inquiring about job status.

The tracking capabilities allow produced quantities to be automatically counted and tracked against production schedules and jobs, then updates the schedule in real-time. Gone are the manual and paper-based processes. Your company can gain full automation and complete, real-time visibility into all aspects of your operations, by all key personnel needing access to the information.

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User Reviews of PrintSmith Vision

Submitted on September 16th, 2019 by an anonymous PrintSmith Vision user.

Went to a conference in Chicago this weekend to learn more about PrintSmith Vision and learned A LOT! Once everything is switched from the Legacy or Flash version to the HTML version I think overall it will be a better program then Classic BUT the developers need to quit thinking that everyone is a millennial that uses it! MOST millennials aren’t even working in the printing industry or not at least using this software! You need to keep your current customers happier than new ones because the new ones don’t know what they are missing and your current ones are going to find different software to use!

The Good…

faster once you learn where stuff has been moved too

The Bad…

the developers think we all think like millennials

Submitted on July 8th, 2019 by David Ashkenaz from Independent PrintSmith Consultant

It’s all in the knowledge of the software and what it can do — it is one of the best on the market — Tech support is lacking and overall support is not that good, but hire an independent Consultant who knows the program AND the printing industry and you will be set and happy for life!

The Good…

Easy of operation —

The Bad…

Tech support

Submitted on June 17th, 2019 by an anonymous PrintSmith Vision user.

We’ve been using Classic for many years and it worked OK. Recently we migrated or are migrating to Vision and I have to say again, this program was pieced together like the first. You have to toggle back and forth between what’s called legacy and html because they claim to be moving to html. And I dislike it! Cumbersome to see the least, features are missing that classic had and there are very few improvements so far we found that is worth investing in a software program. If I were to do it again I would stay away from this one.

The Good…

Really don’t have a best about Vision. There are a few good short cuts if that counts.

The Bad…

Very slow system. Spinning wheel goes round and round! Copy and paste features no longer work.

Submitted on April 30th, 2019 by Mike Hill

its TRASH, by far the worst investment we have made in our 60 years of printing. Overpriced, and under supported. “give me back my old pricing book”

The Good…

We bought out a local shop that was running Printsmith classic, because it was in place, we kept it. 5 years later and now into vision, we see , its money wasted.

The Bad…

I dont like how the tech support “team” dances around straight questions, with a couple of techs acting as though its a “perfect program” but cant fix your issues. lol

Submitted on April 10th, 2019 by Bob

Why do you keep messing with the program? Used to be easy and work fine, now…?

The Good…

Not much

The Bad…

Most everything

Submitted on February 14th, 2019 by Robert Stecker from Stecker Graphics

It was supposed to be a better version of Classic, very similar look and same functions. We use it for all of our estimating, work flow management and billing.

The Good…

this is a tough one…the dashboard is kind of cool?

The Bad…

The thing I like least is when I actually have to use the product. Printsmith classic was great, this program, which we were forced to “upgrade” to is slow, it freezes and frankly drives everyone crazy. Support it terrible, you just have to sit and wait for them to call you and if you miss a call you have to call again…and wait for them to call you back. I have no idea why they even created “vision”. All I see is a frozen screen half the time. Spending 10 minutes putting all the details of a job in just to have it freeze, nothing saves automatically so you have to start from scratch every time. I have 3 employees that use this and they say it takes 4 times longer to just copy jobs over than it used to with Classic. Please bring back classic or fix this mess.

Submitted on January 30th, 2019 by an anonymous PrintSmith Vision user.

The software is cutting-edge, well respected in the industry, and is a one-stop shop.

Submitted on January 5th, 2019 by an anonymous PrintSmith Vision user.

Purchased the update late 2018. these are the remarks of my staff. Slow, clunky, stupid, if you keep this I will have to quit, lot of problems, are you kidding me. Oh and customer service has an attitude, What a waste of money.

I am sorry but I have to say none.

Submitted on August 24th, 2018 by Kip Thomas

Flash is a horrendous method for Business Management Software

The Good…

It works on a Mac

The Bad…

I am coming for you PrintSmith. I will destroy you and render you wholly obsolete.

Submitted on March 11th, 2018 by an anonymous PrintSmith Vision user.

Seems to work fine, we’ve been using it for years. It seems to do what we need it to do from quoting and invoicing. The solution won’t be supported after the middle of this year so we are now looking elsewhere.

Response from Developer: Please note that PrintSmith Vision is not “end of life”. PrintSmith Classic is approaching end of life and the end of this year. PrintSmith Vision has 4 releases scheduled to 2018, one of which happened in April. -Thomas Hahn, Sales Development Manager at EFI

Submitted on December 31st, 2017 by an anonymous PrintSmith Vision user.

The software has many issues, including navigation on laptops - which is almost impossible. When we upgraded the software, support told us the best way to navigate is to buy all of our staff new 19" + monitors. All csr’s use 2 monitors to help navigate the windows inside the software. We are currently looking for options to replace PrintSmith. Would never recommend this software.

The Good…

On-line ordering is functional and inexpensive.

The Bad…

Too many to list but here are some points of frustration: software freezes, windows lock constantly, pricing changes without notice, not laptop user friendly, arrogant support staff who are in denial, broken promises to make fixes to obvious deficiencies, very very very slow - making an estimate or invoice takes a very long time with long waiting periods when trying to input basic job detail data (technical staff at EFI told me ‘our staff were just working too fast’), many more issues when you are working inside the software. Worst software ever. Stay away!

Submitted on November 4th, 2017 by an anonymous PrintSmith Vision user.

PrintSmith Vision is a relatively comprehensive management information system software designed for the graphic arts/printing industry. It is designed to handle estimating, invoicing, accounts receivable, and production scheduling/production management activities.

The “Vision” version of the software was a re-write of and older product that has been re-named “PrintSmith Classic”.

PrintSmith Vision was designed as a browser based system operating within a Flash enabled functionality. Similar to PrintSmith Classic though, it still requires the use of a Master/Server, and individual workstations throughout a typical printing company environment.

The Good…

As a browser based system, PrintSmith Vision has eliminated the need to install and run PrintSmith Workstation software on each workstation computer that may need to use the system. EFI still does require the purchase of seat licenses however, which limits the number of workstation connections that can be operating at one time.

The Bad…

As a management information system that sometimes has to crunch numbers, do calculations, and create graphical output and reports - the use of Flash means that the system requires very significant computer horsepower to function, and is still clunky, slow, and prone to regular freeze ups and system crashes.

Routine estimating, invoicing, and job management activities are significantly slower in PrintSmith Vision compared to the predecessor software.

In our environment, we chose not be and early adopter of the PrintSmith Vision product. Rather had hoped to find that most of the system bugs had been identified and resolved, before we implemented. Unfortunately though we have still found the system to have a number of unresolved bugs, and basic functionality issues, certain of which apparently EFI does not intend to address until a future major re-write of the system.

The support model is also challenging. Support representatives do not answer telephone calls, but rather all support assistance telephone calls, E Mails, go into a queuing system. As a User, you do not know if or when you will receive a call back meaning that your personal schedule becomes dictated by PrintSmith if you have issues that need resolving.

Also support representatives are prohibited from providing direct E Mail addresses or phone numbers, and support cases are handled on a pooled basis. So, if you have an ongoing issue, it is not managed by one individual, and a lot of time is consumed in re-educating the next support rep that you will be in contact with.

Submitted on September 3rd, 2015 by an anonymous PrintSmith Vision user.

We’ve used PrintSmith for 17 years. It used to be great. It went down hill when EFI bought it. We use it extensively. We’ve purchased all of the upgrades and support over the years. We’ve attended the annual EFI conference (Connect) several times. Year after year, promises were made about release dates for Vision and year after year the promises were broken. When Vision was finally released, it was full of problems. EFI continues to send fixes for the problems but they have a long way to go. The software is clunky, quirky, slow and crashes often. EFI claims that the PC version was more successful than the Mac version, so they are rebuilding the Mac version with a release date of…who knows. We’re a Mac-based business because we’re in the graphic arts industry. It’s time to stop complaining, spend the money and buy a new management information system.

The Good…

The fact that it can be accessed remotely.

The Bad…

The software is clunky, quirky, slow and crashes often.