Infor Adage

An ERP software system for process manufacturers designed by Infor.

About Infor Adage

Infor Adage is no longer sold or supported. Infor recommends Infor CloudSuite Industrial as a replacement.

You want to plan well and manufacture well. But your customers want new products faster every day, which leaves less and less time for planning.

You need tools that help you:

  • Respond to your customers’ needs.
  • Reduce waste.
  • Price products profitably.
  • Plan rather than react.

Infor Adage puts process manufacturers like you in the drivers’ seat by giving you total control over how you enter, view, use, and analyze your business information. It also puts all the puzzle pieces together so that you can see your business choices more clearly and make better decisions.

Infor Adage helps you:

  • Plan to produce more efficiently.
  • Discover where your true profitability lies
  • See the direct impact of quality on your bottom line.
  • Improve collaboration for better results.

User Reviews of Infor Adage

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