Aptean Field Service Traverse Edition

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An ERP software for electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and fluid repair businesses.

Product Overview

Aptean Field Service Traverse Edition is an ERP software for electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and fluid repair businesses. Powered by Microsoft technologies, it offers industry-specific functionality, adaptable code, seamless workflow optimization, integrated business functions, and data-driven decision support. Its key features include service repair, dynamic scheduling, planning boards, job portal application, and the inspection queue system.


  • Strong vendor support
  • Highly customizable to fit specific job tasks
  • Mobile app receives jobs and tracks statuses


  • Custom programming may be erased with new updates
  • Challenges in finding customers without exact customer IDs in system
  • Some users report extensive customizations needed

Aptean Field Service Traverse Edition offers a scalable ERP solution that leverages the rich information and processes of the service repair industry. It is built from the ground up on leading Microsoft technologies, including .NET and SQL Server. Aptean Field Service Traverse Edition represents a new approach to business software that:

  • Offers the most comprehensive set of industry-specific functionality.
  • Easily adapts to changing business needs without altering the base code, allowing seamless incorporation of future updates.
  • Streamlines workflow to accomplish more with existing resources.
  • Integrates critical business functions to provide accurate sales, shop floor, and inventory visibility across the business.
  • Empowers users by placing them in control of their daily activities.
  • Helps interpret complex information for data-driven decision-making.
  • Provides flexible and intuitive reporting and analytics to gain insight and capitalize on new opportunities.

Aptean Field Service Traverse Edition Key Features

The top features of Aptean Field Service Traverse Edition include:

Service Repair

The Service Repair capabilities help in identifying operational bottlenecks and monitoring employee efficiency and work performance. This software saves valuable time through dynamic scheduling and planning boards while eliminating the need for redundant data entry.

Its mobile technology enables real-time collection of job information from the shop floor, including receiving information, quality assurance and inspection results, digital images, spec sheets, job status updates and notes, time allocations, inventory transactions, and employee performance.

Mobile capabilities facilitate the quick reception of jobs, material consumption, location and job status tracking, time recording, and inspection result documentation. This dynamic solution streamlines workflows, enhances performance, and supports a paperless shop floor.

Dynamic Scheduling

Aptean Field Service Traverse Edition’s Dynamic Scheduling application eliminates the guesswork involved in manual spreadsheets and whiteboards. It efficiently organizes the daily work schedule, technician availability, and conflicting priorities, leading to transparency and increased customer satisfaction.

Planning Boards

Acting as a control center, the Planning Boards offer advanced dashboards that centralize daily, monthly, and yearly objectives, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations rather than wrestling with software intricacies.

Job Portal Application

The fully integrated ERP solution and centralized database include a Job Portal feature, offering customers convenient access to information anytime, anywhere, from any mobile or PC device.

Inspection Queue System

Aptean Field Service Traverse Edition’s Inspection Queue System allows configuration of multiple queues to manage job tasks performed by technicians. As work progresses, mobile devices facilitate the documentation of inspections throughout the repair process, ensuring completion in the correct order and proper documentation.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Aptean Field Service Traverse Edition

Submitted on September 4th, 2020 by Doug Moore

Moving from ACS to Traverse proved to be one of the best business decisions we could have made. While challenging, the implementation team at OSAS was there every step of the way, and our business has become much more streamlined because of it. The software actually paid for itself inside of the first year. I would highly recommend this to anyone serious about growing their Service Repair business.