Black Mountain Software Government Accounting

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An accounting software for government, public administration, and non-profit organizations.

Product Overview

Black Mountain Software is an accounting solution for government, public administration, and nonprofits. It features automatic generation of accounting entries and customizable reports compliant with governmental standards. Black Mountain Software also provides comprehensive asset and inventory management, including depreciation schedules and digital asset tracking.


  • Comprehensive asset management with automatic depreciation & digital photo integration
  • Full fund accounting with real-time ledger updates
  • Extensive reporting capabilities


  • Initial learning curve
  • Requires integrating multiple modules for full functionality
  • Pricing requires consultation

Target Market

Local governments, cities, towns, counties, utilities, special districts, and schools.

Black Mountain Software’s Government Accounting offers a suite of fund accounting applications, catering to municipalities, utility districts, and school districts with a dedicated product line for school district accounting.

Black Mountain Software for Government Accounting - Key Features

Key components of the main product line include:

  • Accounting
  • Business Licensing
  • Human Resources
  • Sales Tax
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Cemetery Management
  • Payroll
  • Budget Preparation
  • Asset Manager
  • Permitting

At the core is the Accounting Suite, encompassing General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Journal Entries, and numerous reports. It integrates Billing, Receipting, Payroll, Fixed Assets, and Budget Preparation.

The software supports GASB34 reporting, including the GASB Statement of Net Assets and the Statement of Activities.

Additional modules for Montana Counties encompass Assessor, Document Indexing, and Tax.

Black Mountain Software Modules

Budget Preparation

Budget Preparation offers various features:

  • Multiple Levels of Security
  • Quick loading of Revenue and Expenditure Line Items
  • Importing specific files
  • Real-time current year actuals
  • Adding new line items
  • Fund reserves and cash adjustments
  • Multiple budget scenarios
  • Easy transfer to Accounting 2.0
  • Microsoft Excel-based graphs
  • Instant ledger access
  • Various methods for adding preliminary budget figures
  • Integrated Payroll Budget Module

Reporting Capabilities

Report Options include Revenue Budget, Expenditure Budget, Revenue/Expenditure Summary, and more.

Check Signer

Check Signer module streamlines check printing, offering security and password protection.

Fixed Assets Management

Fixed Assets module efficiently manages inventory and capitalized assets with detailed information, accounting, depreciation, and digital photo support.

Numerous reports are available for asset tracking.

Government Finance

Government Finance boasts full fund accounting, multiple accounting periods, balanced entries, and integration with other modules, eliminating the need for manual journal entries. It supports various document-related tasks and offers security features.

A range of reports is available for comprehensive financial management.

Human Resources Management

Human Resources integrates seamlessly with BMSPAYROLL and offers comprehensive employee data management, including dependents, education, certifications, skills, evaluations, and more. Custom reports are available.


Payroll module offers leave management, salary schedules, deductions, electronic direct deposit, integration with Accounting 2.0, and extensive reporting options.

SAM/SID Special Assessment and Improvement District Manager

SAM/SID Special Assessment and Improvement District Manager handles special improvement districts and assessments efficiently. It supports multiple assessment methods, receipting, prepayment calculation, penalty and interest assessments, and more. Users can generate form letters and transfer data to/from counties.

A variety of reports and report variations are available for tax and assessment management.

Starting Price
$10,000 (perpetual license)

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Black Mountain Software Government Accounting

Submitted on April 29th, 2021 by Anonymous

You are absolutely great with help and understanding. Without your help and without your software I would be up a creek without a paddle and with many sleepless nights and would need to take some stress relief pills.

Submitted on April 26th, 2021 by Anonymous

I just received a call from the State Auditor’s office regarding my annual report. He said I get a Gold Star for a perfect submission — he’s never seen a perfect report before. No flaws! I contribute it all to Black Mountain Software.