An ERP software for the soft goods industry with EDI and product lifecycle management capabilities.

Product Overview

BlueCherry Enterprise is an ERP software for the soft goods industry offering features from advanced warehouse management to business intelligence. It facilitates complete operational synchronization from concept to sale, offering unparalleled visibility, efficiency, and control over the supply chain. BlueCherry Enterprise also offers EDI and PLM capabilities.


  • Advanced allocation engine and multi-level product hierarchy
  • Strong reporting capabilities
  • Integrated EDI with standard maps


  • Production Order module could be more intuitive
  • Some users report delayed support responses to non-critical issues

Target Market

Mid-sized to large apparel and fashion companies that require an ERP system to manage complex multi-channel sales, inventory, and customer relationships across multiple countries.

About BlueCherry Enterprise

BlueCherry is an ERP software for the soft goods industry, offering scalability across businesses of varying sizes. It ensures seamless coordination from design to retail, offering comprehensive visibility throughout the process. Leveraging established Microsoft technologies, BlueCherry is user-friendly, promoting immediate productivity.

BlueCherry Enterprise Key Features

  • Comprehensive ERP Integration: Aligning supply chain processes enhances efficiency, output, and reduces costs while fostering collaboration within departments and with external partners.
  • Enhanced EDI Management and Reporting: Streamlines processes with EDI mapping and automation for improved control, productivity, and customer satisfaction.
  • Centralized Management and Reporting: Offers complete oversight from start to finish, enabling innovation and opportunity identification through comprehensive visibility.
  • Proactive Event Exception Notifications: Automatic alerts for deviations help preemptively address potential issues.
  • Efficient Chargeback Management: Minimizes financial losses by managing discrepancies and defects effectively.

BlueCherry’s adaptability extends to both on-site and SaaS models, catering to evolving business requirements. Its suite encompasses applications for the entire supply chain, which can integrate with BlueCherry or function independently.

Advanced Warehouse Solution (AWS)

BlueCherry AWS, whether integrated with BlueCherry ERP or used independently, optimizes warehouse operations and provides real-time visibility into all activities, ensuring precise inventory tracking.

AWS Features:

  • Increased Productivity: Utilizes user-friendly wireless scanners for efficient warehouse navigation.
  • Enhanced Inventory Accuracy: Enables precise inventory tracking at all stages.
  • Labor Cost Reduction: Streamlines tasks and optimizes picking operations to cut labor expenses.
  • Faster Cycle Times: Accelerates warehouse data flow and operations, improving customer service.

Business Intelligence (EIS3)

EIS3 aggregates data to deliver a unified truth, aiding in quick, informed decision-making by revealing key insights into customers, inventory, and market trends.

EIS3 features:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Offers over 35 industry-standard KPIs for comprehensive analysis.
  • Customizable Reports: Enables on-demand report creation without IT involvement, with alerts for KPI thresholds.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

BlueCherry’s EDI solutions enhance efficiency by reducing errors and lead times, improving partner relations. It includes integrated EDI for seamless enterprise operations and offers consulting for compatibility with existing systems.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

PLM streamlines product development, manufacturing, and distribution, ensuring cohesive team operations and fostering innovation by reducing administrative tasks.

PLM features:

  • Innovation Enhancement: Reduces administrative tasks to focus on creativity.
  • Efficient Design Change Management: Simplifies tracking and communication of design alterations.
  • Barrier Elimination: Standardizes data entry across departments for improved accessibility and reporting.
  • Cost and Time Savings: Cuts down on redundant tasks and errors, significantly boosting productivity.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of BlueCherry Enterprise

Submitted on June 24th, 2017 by Kelli Knox

The CGS solution helped us overcome the fact that we did not have streamlined processes in place. We did not have one location to go to for our data. One of the biggest things that was a big challenge in the business was visibility to our width for production standpoint. Once we went live with BlueCherry, and were putting in all production and reporting, we were able to get our reports out of the system with no problem. It helped with efficiency—we did not spend time pulling data from various places.

We are also using the cloud solution for the systems we bought from CGS so that is one less thing to worry about.

We went with the CGS solution because it was a one-stop shop for us. We did not have to go to many vendors to get the necessary products we needed. From PLM to Solomon to ERP, everything was right there.

One word to describe CGS to us would be “partner”.