Famous ERP

An ERP system that’s optimized for perishable and fresh produce companies.

Product Overview

Famous ERP is a specialized software solution for the fresh produce industry designed to optimize operations and enhance decision-making. It integrates applications to manage business processes from inventory to financials and supply chain logistics.

Developed by industry experts, Famous ERP is customizable to each client’s needs, ensuring smooth integration with existing workflows. Its business intelligence tools provide real-time insights through advanced data visualization, aiding strategic decisions. Additionally, it connects with Warehouse Management and Integration Services modules for a comprehensive approach.

The platform also includes mobile apps, enabling on-the-go access to data and functions, vital for agility in the modern business landscape. Famous ERP aims to drive efficiency and profitability across enterprises.


  • Offers real-time data integration
  • Features are easily accessible
  • Can easily share between desktop and mobile apps


  • Customization options may vary
  • Limited to the fresh produce industry

Target Market

Enterprises operating in the fresh produce industry: wholesalers, distributors, growers, packers, shippers, brokers, labor contractors, and more.

Not Recommended For

Companies operating outside of the fresh produce industry.

Video Overview


  • Accounts Payable: Fast and easy system for check writing and managing cash requirements with automatic payables from purchase orders and manual check entry.
  • Banking: Handles bank activity, automatically updating from accounts payable and payroll payments, and includes cash receipt entry.
  • Cost Accounting: Flexible application for managing cost centers, budgets, and tracking revenue, expenses, and profit/loss. It extends the general ledger with cost centers and phases.
  • General Ledger: Integrated application for managing accounts, budgets, and financial statements, with immediate updating from transactions across all applications.
  • Payroll: Efficient payroll processing for any number of employees, supporting various pay types and distributing payroll entries across multiple accounts and cost centers.
  • Inventory Tracking: Tracks all products from the field to final purchase. Locate products in any warehouse and monitor stock levels.
  • Traceability: Trace products down to pallets and single cases for quality compliance.
  • Sourcing Management: Manage vendors and evaluate contracts and performance. Analyze supplier data and accurate source-to-settle transactions.
  • Sales Management: Access customer information efficiently. Create order templates and manage complex pricing and quantities.

Product Overview

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