A roofing software with comprehensive financial management and job tracking tools.

Product Overview

FCS Roofing Software is a cloud-based platform for commercial roofing contractors. It provides integrated job scheduling and customer management. FCS also includes financial management tools for tracking income and expenses, aiding business finance management. The software features job tracking and management tools to monitor project progress and ensure smooth operations.


  • Integrated job scheduling and customer management
  • Job tracking and management tools
  • Solutions available for commercial & residential roofers


  • Feature set may be overwhelming for smaller contractors
  • Some users find navigation confusing

Target Market

Medium to large commercial roofing contractors and distributors.

About FCS Roofing Software

FCS Roofing Software is available in three difference products to help roofing industry professionals increase revenue and get more work done. Different solutions are available for commercial and residential roofers, as well as building supply distributors.

FCS Enterprise Commercial Roofing Software


  • On-Site repair proposals
  • Invoicing
  • Service agreement and warranty tracking
  • Service reports
  • Automated repair status updates
  • Sales CRM
  • Lead tracking
  • Client portal
  • Online inspection reports
  • Sales reports
  • Aerial measurements
  • Scaled takeoffs
  • Project management
  • Safety reports
  • Percent-complete billing
  • Time tracking
  • Workflow management
  • Project activity reports

FCS Direct for Contractors


  • Online ordering and tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Aerial measurements
  • Estimating tool
  • Electronic signature collection
  • Inspection reporting

FCS Direct for Distributors


  • Material lists
  • Real-Time pricing
  • Document management
  • Lead management
  • Order confirmation
  • Pricing and delivery requests

Product Overview

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User Reviews of FCS Roofing Software

Submitted on June 14th, 2019 by Jimmy Stroh

With FCS we finish our reports and work orders before we even come off the roof, which eliminates having another to-do to finish the paperwork.