A full ERP system including accounting, human capital management, asset management and more.

Product Overview

IFS Cloud is a versatile and user-friendly ERP software that offers significant advantages in terms of flexibility, stability, and ease of use. It stands out for its low-code/no-code approach, making it easy to customize and adapt to various business needs.


  • Responsive customer support
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable based on features/modules
  • Integration with 3rd party applications


  • Requires consult call for pricing
  • Can be a steep learning curve due to wealth of features

Target Market

We recommend IFS for organizations in the Aerospace and Defense, Energy Utilities and Resources, Construction and Engineering, Manufacturing, and Service Industries. The software is tailored for sectors requiring robust asset management, service delivery, and industry-specific functionalities.

About IFS Cloud

IFS Cloud offers a customizable solution with over 100 business components, made up of more than 6,000 software parts. Each component is designed for specific functions, allowing them to evolve independently without impacting others. Users can select only the components they need and add more as required.

Built on open architecture, IFS Cloud integrates easily with various BI solutions, forming part of a comprehensive ERP suite. It’s user-friendly, resembling a web browser with features like “favorites” and “back arrow” for easy navigation.

The software is also beginner-friendly, allowing customization of the user interface according to skill level, with the option to add more features over time.

IFS Cloud offers ongoing support, from selection through implementation, including online technical support and access to product experts.

IFS Cloud Key Features:

Accounts Payable

  • Simplifies supplier invoice and payment routines.
  • Integration with accounting and purchasing rules.
  • Support for self-billing.
  • Multi-currency and various payment options.
  • Follow-up and analysis capabilities.

Accounts Receivable

  • Simplifies invoicing and payment routines.
  • Automatic handling of regular transaction coding.
  • Integration with customer order and accounting rules.
  • Multi-currency capabilities.
  • Various payment options and analysis tools.

Asset Data Management

  • Engineering framework for managing plant, grid, and network data.
  • Tools for engineering processes and Internet-based project collaboration.
  • Support for large revamp projects.
  • Integration with other IFS components for lifecycle management.

Batch Process

  • Batch balancing and recipe management.
  • Functionality for yield, revision control, and alternates.
  • Planning tool for batch production.
  • Used in various industries like paint, food, and pharmaceuticals.

Budget Management

  • Tool for managing planning, budgeting, and forecasting.
  • Integration with enterprise-wide drivers and Microsoft Excel.
  • Support for continuous planning and rolling forecasting.

Call Center

  • Enables effective call center services.
  • Broad view of the client, swift case registration, and flexible routing.
  • Built-in knowledge base and support for SLAs.
  • Multi-channel interaction and thorough analytics.

Cash Flow

  • Flexible liquidity analyses based on various scenarios.
  • Analysis for individual companies, divided by currency, project, etc.

Complex MRO

  • Insight into cost structure of maintenance, repair, and overhaul activities.
  • Solution covers customer agreements, work scope planning, shop visit execution, etc.

Consolidated Accounts

  • Manages all companies within a group.
  • Handles actual and budget values, currency translation, and reporting.

Constraint-Based Scheduling

  • Production schedule optimization based on critical resources.
  • Interactive Gantt chart for scheduling.


  • Supports various cost schemes.
  • Graphical tools for advanced analysis and product costing.

Customer Orders

  • Handles customer orders at multiple locations.
  • Multi-site interoperability and global sourcing.
  • Advanced pricing options.

Customer Quotation

  • Creates customer proposals and quotations.
  • Automatic price calculation with multi-currency support.

Customer Schedules

  • Manages repetitive demand schedules.
  • Built-in reconciliation and planning support.

Demand Planning

  • Collaborative tool for forecasting and demand planning.
  • Internet-based collaboration and integration with IFS Planning processes.


  • Automates supplier invoicing workflow.
  • Enables invoice scanning and advanced authorization rules.

Employee Development & Certification

  • Defines organization’s requirements and maps them to resources.
  • Supports recruitment, employee development, and strategic HR processes.

Engineer to Order

  • Makes customer-specific design easier by integrating projects and product structures.

Engineering Change Management

  • Manages engineering change processes.
  • Single-entry data and integration with other IFS components.


  • Manages physical information about various equipment types.
  • Integrated with IFS’ plant design software for lifecycle management.

Equipment Metering

  • Enhances profitability and control of equipment requiring service.

Equipment Monitoring

  • Bridges gap between real-time machine data collection and management analysis.

Expense Management

  • Replaces traditional forms and simplifies reporting.
  • Manages various travel expenses and allows Internet-based reporting.

Field Service

  • Streamlines customer-focused business processes.
  • Enables field service and work force scheduling.

Fixed Assets

  • Integrated accounting tool for strategic management of fixed assets.
  • Supports a range of depreciation methods.

General Ledger

  • Gathers and records financial events from all systems and subsidiaries.
  • Facilitates project accounting, currency handling, and voucher updates.


  • Streamlines inventory process with extensive statistics functions.
  • Supports multi-site environments and external stock control.


  • Generates customer and supplier invoices.
  • Automated and integrated processes with advanced credit management tools.

Make | Configure | Assemble to Order

  • Manages production to order, from MTO to ATO.
  • Supports full-level pegging and APS functionality.

Make to Project

  • Unique concept for manufacturing in a project context.
  • Efficient material and cost tracking in project settings.

Multisite Planning

  • Manages materials and capacity planning across multiple sites.
  • Generates action lists and graphical displays of data.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

  • Analyzes equipment availability, performance, and quality of production.

Payroll Administration

  • Flexible tool for managing payroll procedures.
  • Reporting complies with official requirements.

PDM Configuration

  • Supports design and configuration control of items and products.
  • Advanced revision management and status recording.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Schedules and organizes tasks for regular preventive maintenance.

Process Automation Integration

  • Manages interaction with automation equipment from various vendors.
  • Built on OLE for Process Control (OPC) standard.

Project Delivery

  • Coordinates complex deliveries through their lifecycles.
  • Facilitates quicker estimates and control of progress and cost.


  • Offers capabilities for developing the purchasing process.
  • Handles all types of purchasing activities.


  • Supports workflow from personnel requisition to final candidate hiring.

Repetitive Production

  • Creates production schedules and supports manual/electronic Kanban systems.

Sales & Marketing

  • Handles information about customers for effective marketing and sales.

Sales Configurator

  • Guides through product selection and customization.

Sales Contract Management

  • Provides lifecycle management of sales contracts.

Scheduling and Resource Allocations

  • Graphical work order scheduling for resource and activity planning.

Self Service

  • Allows employees to maintain their own information, reducing HR workload.

Service Contract Management

  • Specifies and controls service levels for each customer and service object.

Shop Floor Reporting

  • Collects shop floor data automatically for time reconciliation and control.

Shop Order

  • Manages execution of manufacturing and assembly.
  • Supports material, machine, and labor operations.

Supplier Schedules

  • Ideal for high-volume manufacturing environments.
  • Improves administrative efficiency and communication with suppliers.

Time & Attendance

  • Manages employee presence and absence information.
  • Handles authorizations and real-time reporting and verification.

Training Management

  • Supports organizations with extensive internal and external training operations.

Vehicle Information Management

  • Key component for aerospace and defense industry.
  • Integrates fleet and configuration management for MRO.

Web Store

  • Web-based order management solution for spare parts sales.

Work Order

  • Manages tasks affecting maintenance organization.
  • Provides traceability and efficiency in maintenance work.

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User Reviews of IFS Cloud

Submitted on September 5th, 2023 by André Einaudi

We chose IFS Cloud for its powerful capabilities, with the goals of gaining efficiencies, improving decision making and providing a premium user experience for our teams.