A budgeting, planning & forecasting application designed by PROPHIX Software.

Product Overview

Prophix is a multi-user financial software application with Budgeting, Planning, Financial Consolidation, Management Reporting and Analysis tools. This software also includes features for reforecasting, data mining, score-carding, and personnel planning.

Prophix offers the familiarity of a spreadsheet-style interface without the common limitations of spreadsheets. The financial and data analysis tools bring accountability back to the business process, so key internal and external stakeholders have access to relevant information. End-to-end offerings include products, professional services, education, and technical support.


  • Cloud and on-premise implementation
  • Spreadsheet-style interface
  • Supports all types of financial and non-financial budgeting
  • Powerful budgeting and financial reporting features
  • Tailored for large organizations


  • Could be more user-friendly for non-admins
  • Free trial is limited
  • Pricing details not readily available

Target Market

Medium to large enterprises that require comprehensive financial management, budgeting, and reporting tools for consolidating complex financial structures and providing detailed financial analysis.

About Prophix



Prophix brings income statement, balance sheet, cash flow and other company-specific budgeting requirements together for timely and accurate data manipulation, analysis, and management of the process.

Prophix supports all types of financial and non-financial budgeting.

  • Bottom-up
  • Zero-based
  • Activity-based
  • Top-down

The customizable budgeting templates allow your specific solutions to be developed, well allowing multiple user access controlled through workflow.


Providing better visibility and being able to predict future outcomes with confidence is the objective of forecasting. With the Prophix centralized database, periodic forecasts, i.e. monthly, mid-year, multi-year, and other forecasting needs are only a click away.

Prophix offers a number of options to improve forecasting accuracy. What-if analysis, inter-period forecasts, comparing actual to forecasts/budgets, developing rolling forecasts or based on various key performance indicators are all possible with Prophix’s flexible modeling capabilities.


Typical consolidations include managing data with:

  • Multiple Enterprise Resource Planning systems
  • General Ledger systems
  • Currencies
  • Product line level
  • Customers
  • Cost centers
  • Departments

Prophix consolidation does not require linking data together. It’s driven by accounts and then consolidates up through the dimension hierarchy. This approach is easier to use and provides the confidence that the data is accurate.

Data Analysis/Data Mining

Organizations have the need to go to detailed levels of analysis and reporting to project and forecast the future trends. Whether it is for your income statement, balance sheet or cash flow statements, organizations need to analyze and review this data for effective business decision-making.

The Scorecard module provides a quick indication of key results to indicate good/bad/neutral comparisons of the budget and historical. Prophix as a data warehouse tool for business intelligence and data mining is smart decision making.


Given today’s highly scrutinized financial reporting requirements, companies are required to produce accurate and precise reports. Prophix delivers a complete reporting solution to address the spectrum of your reporting requirement:

  • Financial statements generation
  • Internal management reports
  • Ad-hoc end-user reports

Built around a powerful, multi-dimensional OLAP database, Prophix provides you with real-time access to data. At more than just aggregate level data. Prophix provides the ability to drill down into your operational data at the transactional level, directly into your general ledger transactions or other data sources such as sales or inventory data.

The timely, easy to use report creation module is coupled with having the ability to distribute reports to key internal and external stakeholders.

Personnel Planning

Forecasting and planning for employees salaries, benefits, annual increases and raises can be a time consuming and cumbersome task. Having secured personnel scenarios feeding into your budget or reforecast can also tend to have a large effect on the bottom line. With personnel level data, such as tax calculations, medical expenses and salary information being highly sensitive, and highly complex, Prophix offers a Personnel module to calculate this.

The integration of the personnel database with the main Prophix database provides precise consolidated numbers for accurate data analysis. Having the capacity to create multiple scenarios of the personnel budget, grants the freedom for accurate forecasting and concise analysis.

PROPHIX Scorecard Module

The new Scorecard module (formerly PPM) is a management style, visual reporting tool. The intent of such a tool is to provide quick indication of key results important to various users within an organization. The layout provides easy navigation, icons and graphics to indicate good/bad/neutral comparisons, as well as visual indicators for line items schedules, P3 schedules, comments or attachments, as well as notes.

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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Prophix

Submitted on May 17th, 2024 by Anonymous

It is built do streamline and automate functions such financial planning, reporting, consolidations, account reconcilliation, ESG reporting etc. It is built to put more of a structure and controls around the process for the office of finance and give them more optimized solutions over excel based processes.

The Good…

Truly a software the FP&A functions in the system compared to other similar tools that are either just an excel add-ins or with limited functionality.

The Bad…

Can have bit of a learning curve since it is a fully productized tool but that is understandable because this is not just an add-in, it is built to fully optimize the financial reporting and planning processes.

Submitted on December 12th, 2018 by Anonymous

It is very difficult aside from the administrator to do anything in the system and there is no place to see all the information and run consolidated reports

Submitted on December 10th, 2013 by Anonymous
The Good…

Simplifies the budgeting process. Allows collaboration when creating budgets.

The Bad…

Could be a little more user-friendly.