An on-premises fixed asset depreciation software for Windows and Mac operating systems.

Product Overview

Asset Keeper Pro is a fixed asset depreciation software. The platform is continually updated for tax law compliance and offers extensive technical support. This on-premise solution supports various depreciation calculation methods and data import/export/backup. It’s compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. Key features include tracking multiple depreciation schedules for each asset, ease of asset entry and disposal, and generating detailed reports for tax prep and audits.


  • 30-day free trial
  • Supports multiple depreciation schedules for each asset
  • Calculation engine for diverse depreciation calculations


  • Some users find the interface slightly outdated
  • Limited feature selections in report generation
  • Does not integrate with Sage 50c

Target Market

Accounting firms and businesses managing fixed assets and depreciation. Its capacity to handle an unlimited number of client files and assets makes it particularly suitable for firms managing assets for multiple clients.

About Asset Keeper Pro

Asset Keeper Pro is a comprehensive fixed asset depreciation software, known for its cost-effective approach. It’s developed by CPAs and stands out in the market for its practicality and advanced features.

Asset Keeper Pro Key Features

  • Cross-platform support for Windows and Mac
  • Site license for multiple computers
  • Unlimited client file and asset support
  • Various depreciation methods (e.g., MACRS Personal, MACRS Real, ACRS)
  • Asset management tasks like duplication, splitting, disposal
  • Wide range of reports (tax, depreciation, management) with Excel and PDF export options
  • Import/export capability and data conversion from other applications
  • Comprehensive tutorials and 24/7 email support
  • Regular updates for tax law and technology
  • Free technical support with each purchase
  • Clear, well-structured reports

Pro-Ware’s support team provides informed and responsive assistance, including CPAs, programmers, and business experts. The software delivers value and effectiveness. Pro-Ware is committed to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement based on user feedback.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Asset Keeper Pro

Submitted on June 16th, 2023 by Anonymous

The overall appearance of the interface is dated compared to more modern systems. I also run into a great deal of glitches and bugs making the managenent of our assets a cumbersome process. We use Sage 50 for our core accouting and because Asset Keeper Pro does not integrate with Sage we have a great deal of dual entry. The pricing for the system is very reasonable but the overal functionality of the product is declining.

Submitted on June 2nd, 2021 by Richard A Buller

If you’re converting assets from other applications and you don’t want to grow old during the conversion process, look for another solution. If you’re starting out fresh and creating new clients and adding assets, this is a great program, very flexible and robust. It’s very affordable as well. Support is also excellent, but they aren’t always reachable. They do get back to you pretty quick though!

The Good…

Pretty easy to use. If you’re starting from scratch, it’s great! Very flexible and robust. Also very customizable. It’s a very feature rich program.

The Bad…

If you’re converting from another application, it’s not quite ready for prime time. It’s EXTREMELY labor intensive. So if you have a lot of assets, you will need a lot of time to convert the data. I mean a lot of time. It’s a shame too, because the program is actually very good. I uninstalled the program after seven months because of that.