Specialized roofing software designed for small to medium-sized construction companies.

Product Overview

RoofSnap is a specialized roofing software designed for construction companies and insurance adjusters. It offers an intuitive platform for measuring roofs using drone or map images, minimizing the need for physical measurements. RoofSnap can quickly create detailed estimates and material lists and provides billing, invoicing, work order management, and more.


  • Offers measurement ordering service called SketchOS
  • Utilizes both drone and map imagery for precise measurements
  • Allows creation of material lists, sketch reports, documents


  • Lacks comprehensive CRM management
  • Not scalable for larger companies
  • Occasional issues with image clarity in rural areas

Target Market

Small to medium-sized construction companies, particularly those specializing in roofing with an employee count ranging from 1 to 50.

About RoofSnap

RoofSnap is a measurement and estimating software solution designed for roofing businesses and insurance adjusters. RoofSnap manages material orders, blueprint and aerial measurements, contracts, and estimating.


  • Aerial, blueprint, and drone measurements
  • Inspection pins
  • Project estimating
  • Dynamic contracts
  • Material ordering
  • Pitch finding tools (Apple iOS)
  • 3D viewer (Web App)


Pricing is $99/user/month.

Discounted plans are available for multiple users (billed annually):

Plan # of Users Price
Starter Up to 2 $74/month/user
Pro Up to 5 $58/month/user
Enterprise Up to 10 $49/month/user


RoofSnap’s sketch ordering service, SketchOS, is available for an additional fee for subscribers of RoofSnap.

Two plans are available:

Half Snap

Draw an outline of the roof with predominant pitch. Pricing is $9/SketchOS order.

Full Snap

Draw all lines and create labels with pitch values included. Pricing:

SQ Price
0 - 20 sq $9
20 - 30 sq $15
30 - 50 sq $19
50 - 80 sq $35
80+ sq custom pricing

Video Overview

Starting Price
$49 /user/month
Price Range Learn More
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of RoofSnap

Submitted on June 14th, 2019 by Anonymous

I can’t believe how easy this is. I’m at my customer’s house doing a roof inspection, I pulled my iPad out, within 3 minutes I have all the measurements I need…AMAZING!!! The best part is, it only cost a fraction of what I usually pay. Who would have thought my iPad and this app could help my business this much!!! Very impressed.

Submitted on June 14th, 2019 by Anonymous

In my profession, I would normally have to go to the customer’s house, climb a ladder and hand measure their roof. Now with this handy app, I simply pull up the location, sketch the roof and enter the “pitch” all while sitting in the safety and comfort of my truck.