Rootstock Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP software for manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain.

Product Overview

Rootstock Cloud ERP is a manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain software on the Salesforce Cloud Platform. The software integrates CRM and accounting with sales order management, inventory control, purchase order tracking, and standard cost accounting.


  • Designed with inventory and manufacturing in mind
  • Built on Salesforce platform
  • Tailored customization


  • Importing excel files for reporting can be troublesome
  • Reliance on external financial package (Financial Force)
  • Long process lengths requiring more steps and clicks

Target Market

Rootstock Cloud ERP is tailored for manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain industries. It offers specialized solutions for sectors like Aerospace, Cannabusiness, and High-Tech Electronics, ensuring comprehensive control and efficient operations.

About Rootstock Cloud ERP

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Rootstock Cloud ERP Features

  • Sales Orders: connect to e-commerce and product configurator apps
  • Material Requirements Planning - MRP
  • Scheduling and Capacity Planning
  • Bill of Materials - BOM and Engineering Change Control - ECOs
  • Purchasing for direct/indirect materials, services, and supplies
  • Connect to EDI systems
  • Multiple divisions, plants, and warehouses
  • Manufacturing Cost Accounting - Standard or Average Cost
  • Shop Floor Control: work orders and outside operations
  • Inventory Control: vendors, 3PLs
  • Project Control: - MRP, costs and inventory by project
  • Lot or Serial Control - item traceability by source or process
  • Integrate PLM

Rootstock enterprise apps share data and integrate with other native apps like Salesforce CRM and FinancialForce Accounting for a complete enterprise cloud-computing solution.

Inventory Control

Rootstock’s Inventory Control module is designed to streamline inventory management. It includes features for item inventories, valuation, and policy setting, such as lead time and MRP planning. This module also supports direct material item purchase requisition maintenance and supply-demand review, enhancing material planning and inventory management. Item Master maintenance automatically sets part policies and attributes. Inventories are tracked by item and location within divisions and sites, with specific attributes for lot control, serial control, and backflush locations. An audit trail for material movement and labor transactions is also available.

Lot & Serial Control

This feature manages item lot and serial numbers through various functions like Purchasing Receipts, Inventory, Shop Floor Control, and Sales Order Fulfillment. It ensures accurate tracking and compliance with inventory standards.

Manufacturing Cost Control

Rootstock offers comprehensive cost accounting with standard or weighted average costing. Eight cost elements are tracked, including material, labor, and overhead costs, with variance calculations in a standard cost environment. Rootstock’s system also integrates a detailed manufacturing accounts chart for financial tracking.

Material Resource Planning (MRP) Module

The MRP module uses sales orders and forecast demands to generate planned supplies for manufactured and purchased items. It supports multi-division and multi-site planning, efficiently managing resources and inventory across various locations.

Multi Division - Multi Site

This functionality caters to manufacturing companies with multiple locations, offering inter-division and inter-site capabilities. It allows efficient planning and transfer of materials across different locations, maintaining division-specific production and inventory.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Integration

Rootstock integrates with PLM systems to automate product data transfer, ensuring current and accurate manufacturing configurations. This integration enhances manufacturing efficiency and product lifecycle management.

Production Engineering

This includes Item Master Maintenance, Bill of Material Maintenance, and Engineering Change Control. It helps manage direct material item characteristics and tracks revisions and changes effectively.

Project Control

Rootstock Project Control adds an extra layer to inventory tracking, planning, and costing by project. It’s suitable for discrete manufacturing operations, allowing detailed project-level management within various manufacturing modules.

Purchase Order Management

This feature streamlines the entire purchasing process from requisition to material receipt, including vendor performance tracking and comprehensive reporting.

Sales Order Management

Rootstock Sales Order Management facilitates the processing of customer sales orders. It integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and other platforms for efficient management of customer and product data.

Scheduling & Capacity Planning

This feature manages work order operations’ schedules to meet MRP requirements. It includes advanced scheduling algorithms and capacity planning tools for efficient production management.

Shop Floor Control

Rootstock Shop Floor Control oversees the entire lifecycle of work orders, from routing maintenance to work order completion. It includes comprehensive functionalities for managing work operations and costs.

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Product Overview

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