Sage 50 Nonprofit Accounting

A former software system designed by Sage for non-profit organizations.

Product Overview

Sage 40 Nonprofit Accounting software was designed to help donors, grantors, boards of directors, and regulators to better record donations, manage restricted and unrestricted income, administer expenses and provide solid reporting. It is no longer sold or supported, though Sage recommends Sage 50c US or Sage 50c Canada as a replacement.


  • Designed for the specific needs of nonprofits


  • No longer sold or supported

About Sage 50 Nonprofit Accounting

This product is no longer sold or supported. Sage recommends Sage 50c US or Sage 50c Canada as a replacement.

Sage 50 solutions for nonprofits facilitated:

  • Non-profit specific chart of accounts, including a United Way chart of accounts
  • Customized account segments to represent departments or individual funds
  • Ability to designate encumbrances and restrictions
  • Generate and email reports and financial statements including Statement of Financial Position and Donor-Grantor Summary List
  • Customizable reporting

Sage 50 came with Sage Business Care Silver, an auto-renewing program that provided automatically delivered upgrades, access to customer support, online training, customizable reporting tools, and more.


  • The software enabled efficient accounting essentials, including invoicing, bill payments, and tracking receipts while adhering to real, double-entry accounting principles. Users could quickly assess their business status through easy-to-read dashboards.
  • Business organization was facilitated with features like setting email alerts for important tasks and integrating with Microsoft Excel and Word for key activities. Customized reports provided deeper insights.
  • Cash flow management was enhanced with tools for analyzing and forecasting payments and receipts, ensuring sufficient cash for current and future obligations.
  • Payroll functionalities worked in conjunction with Sage 50 Payroll Solutions, offering options like printing paychecks or using direct deposit.
  • User access control and data security were prioritized, including checks for common accounting errors.
  • Inventory management was streamlined, allowing for the building of inventory assemblies, tracking customer orders, and using various inventory costing methods.
  • Multiple budgets could be created for different departments and cost centers, enabling detailed financial planning and the creation of “what if” scenarios.
  • For organizations running multiple companies, financial reporting was simplified by consolidating financials, including charts of accounts and transactions.
  • Report design and sharing were made more insightful with Crystal Reports 2008, offering advanced features like graphs and charts.
  • Financial statements could be printed by organizational department, and job profitability was aided through change order processing.
  • Serialized inventory tracking was provided, enabling detailed records for costing, warranty tracking, and recalls.

Nonprofit-Specific Features

  • Print a donor and grantor receipt report
  • Create fundraising letters with a Microsoft Word template
  • Print collections letters for member and pledge fees outstanding
  • Accept new donors with a welcome letter template
  • Produce accurate nonprofit-specific reports
  • Set up quickly with nonprofit-specific chart of accounts

Product Overview

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