Sunflower Asset Management

A fixed asset management software for organizations and government agencies managing diverse asset portfolios.

Product Overview

Sunflower Asset Management is a fixed asset management software. It caters to environments where regulatory compliance and accountability are critical. It includes specialized tools for managing every phase of an asset’s lifecycle. This includes acquisition, maintenance, financial management, and disposal. The platform is adaptable for federal and personal property, materials, vehicles, and IT assets.


  • Can manage personal and federal property
  • Integrates with Momentum for federal financial management


  • Pricing requires consultation call

Target Market

Large organizations and government agencies managing diverse and complex asset portfolios.

About Sunflower Asset Management

Sunflower Asset Management offers a central asset data hub, providing a unified view of all assets within an organization, including those in the supply chain and partner network. This system creates a consolidated asset knowledge base for both strategic and operational purposes, covering management, maintenance, inventory, and financial tasks.

Sunflower Asset Management Key Features

  • Single repository of data for strategic purposes including portfolio management, Return on Assets and predictive analysis
  • Ensures administrative compliance with all current and future regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley / A-123 OMB Memo, Basel II, SAS 70, HIPAA and other process-driven rules
  • Adds relevance and context to previously-disjointed processes and systems, enabling total asset visibility and intelligence

It centralizes asset data from acquisition to disposal, streamlining asset management processes.

  • Enhanced asset control and decision-making.
  • Optimized utilization of existing assets.
  • Compliance with asset control and accountability standards.

Sunflower Contract Reports

Sunflower Contract Reports enhance organizational and network-wide strategic operations by efficiently producing, adjusting, and storing financial reports specific to NASA or the Department of Defense (DOD)

This tool:

  • Streamlines the process of generating necessary contract-related data
  • Ensures the preservation of historical records for auditing and future reference
  • Facilitates the direct input of asset details into the DOD UID Registry
  • Reduces overall expenses in the federal contracting process, ultimately offering more economical solutions for government contracts.

Sunflower ExcessTrak

Sunflower ExcessTrak streamlines and enhances the management of surplus assets. Tailored for organizations that intensively monitor excess assets during their disposal, this tool aids in efficiently deploying staff in surplus storage and salvage areas.

  • Speeds up the preparation of assets for sale
  • Mitigates communication issues and misplacement of assets among stakeholders
  • Allows for the grouping of assets into batches while maintaining individual tracking
  • Reduces the resources needed for overseeing, managing, and disposing of surplus assets

Sunflower MobileTrak

Sunflower MobileTrak enhances both physical inventory management and mobile data collection. It’s specifically designed for businesses that require diverse methods for asset tracking and management.

  • Simplifies the scanning and verification of assets during inventory audits
  • Ensures rapid updates on asset status including additions modifications, or removals
  • Records asset movements
  • Allows for the efficient transfer of multiple assets simultaneously

Sunflower PackTrak

Sunflower PackTrak accelerates the tracking of assets in bulk during their packing, shipping, and receiving stages when transferred between locations. It removes the necessity for other high-volume shipping applications for assets managed within Sunflower Assets.

  • Allows for the precise packing, receipt, and monitoring of asset shipments through an all-in-one application suite
  • Ensures rapid and accurate recording of essential data needed throughout the shipping process

Sunflower Sentry

Sunflower Sentry assists businesses in overseeing the short-term movement of restricted assets to permitted personnel. It facilitates the monitoring of various assets, including electronic media, documents, parts, specialized tools, office equipment, weapons, and keys.

  • Ensures efficient handling of asset loans
  • Tracks the exact location and custodian of sensitive assets at any time
  • Restricts asset check-out to authorized users
  • Offers real-time data crucial for audits and security

Product Overview

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