A jewelry store management software featuring inventory management, accounting tools, CRM, and more.

Product Overview

wJewel is a software solution designed for retail store management in the jewelry sector. It offers features such as sales, appraisals, CRM, inventory management, repair orders, AR/AP, scrap gold purchase, store credits, and gift cards. The software supports integration with Shopify and other business websites, RFID technology, and can export data for use with QuickBooks.


  • RFID and barcode tagging
  • Multi-store inventory tracking
  • Auto-reordering of low-stock items


  • No support for Crystal Reports
  • Not fully customizable

Target Market

Jewelry retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers.

About wJewel

wJewel is a business software and POS system tailored for jewelry businesses, including retailers, manufacturers, refineries, and wholesalers. It covers various aspects, such as vendor consignment management and accounting. The software also facilitates data export to QuickBooks.

wJewel Key Features

  • Point of Sale: Simplified sales process, customer management, tax reporting, and appraisals.
  • Imaging: Item photo management and integration into receipts and reports.
  • Tagging: Supports RFID and barcode systems.
  • Inventory: Features multi-store tracking, automated reordering, and vendor sales monitoring.
  • CRM: Manages customer history, tracks important events, and supports linked accounts.
  • Repair Orders: Streamlines the tracking and reporting of customer repairs.
  • Accounts Payable & Vendor Consignments: Manages consignment items and vendor transactions.

Video Overview

Starting Price
$3,500 (perpetual license)
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Product Overview

User Reviews of wJewel

Submitted on December 25th, 2023 by Jowl W

We have been using Wjewel for a few years now. Their customization at a reasonable price, makes it worth a few times more than what you pay for it. Their support group availability is superb.

The Good…

Great software, intuitive user interface. Quick customer support. Best in class

The Bad…

No support for Crystal Reports

Submitted on January 29th, 2020 by Jeff

Lots of features, great customer support, reasonable price.

The Good…

The thought of switching software was overwhelming. But the ease of use was great, with one on one training provided by them it was easy to switch.

The Bad…

Add speech recognition?

Submitted on August 22nd, 2019 by Anonymous

Easy to use. Lots of features. Great support. I have been using jewelry software for many years. Features that I have found in wjewel , are usually found in software that costs a few times more than this.

The Good…

Ease of use. Easy to learn. Lots of great features.

The Bad…

It is not free :)